Sunday, December 31, 2017

Painting the Eiffel Tower

Painting the Eiffel Tower seemed a good idea for January's Paris letter.
First off get some Eiffel towers to observe in the studio. 1€ each Pas mal.
This too would have made a good model
You can wear your Eiffel Towers over at Boutique Anne Maisonneuve 112 bvd Raspail
I was after the wild fireworks effect that takes place every New Years in Paris.
A macaron box lent a helping hand.
Step 1.Prepare background watercolor washes just in case I don't pull it off first time. I did not.
Step 2. Experiment many times over.
Ta Da! et Voila
Now for the last of Paris Noël pictures
Saint Sulpice
Street lights in the 6th arrondissement
Always plenty of bears around Paris.
In Cartier's window last night at Place Saint Germain des Pres.
I've fallen back in love with macarons. These are from RichArt, rue Bonaparte
Bear drops into Le Bonbon au Palais19, rue Monge for some marron glacé..
Enjoy your champers tonight PBers!
Turns out this year's fireworks will be on the Champs-Élysées. Nobody told me.
Have a wonderful celebration and a fabulous 2018 PBers!! Thank you for stopping by all year.
Xxxx Carolg and Bear


  1. CAROL YOU HAVE OUTDONE YOURSELF!! Night time , fireworks Eiffel Tower-it is perfection-HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU BEAR and ALL YOUR READERS/ADMIRERS!! To 2018!

  2. Very impressive Eiffel Tower fireworks effect.!!!
    I now remember creating an explosive illusion by sucking up.paint in a straw and blowing it out on the paper. It is fun to do.
    Have a great New Year!!!

  3. Thank you for a wonderful tour of Paris at New Years Eve. I have been in Paris for the Eve and it was fun. I hope I can do it again sometime.

  4. Love w/ the dark wash! Very special ..HNY!

  5. I have never been to Paris for Christmas/New Years. It looks like it would be a wonderful and festive time to visit! Love your artwork! all the best in 2018!!

  6. Oh, I love this so much! Thank you. I have never been to Paris for Christmas, but it is now on my list.

  7. OOPS! And by the way - Happy New Year, Carol!

  8. Bonnee Annee! Love the paintings....are any available for purchase? I would love to frame and keep in my bathroom to remind me every day how wonderful this year will be.

    1. Hi Holly,
      They are all on Etsy

  9. Anne K1:19 PM

    You are the Best!! Happy New Year!

  10. Such lovely paintings and photos. Thank you so much
    Happy New Year to you. I went to bed at 8:30
    California time!!what a party pooper

    1. I went to bed even earlier 😳😳
      Didn't mind a bit 😀🎈

  11. Anonymous2:58 PM

    I love that painting of the tower with fireworks! We went to bed early, too, but were awakened by a big gunshot and then fireworks going off. That's what is done way out here in the country. The neighbors down the road had a party according to Facebook but "the old folks," namely us, were not invited. Ni modo. Happy New Year, Carol, from Colorado.

  12. I saw the light effects on the Arc on You tube, it was quite spectacular along with the fireworks. But your Eiffel fireworks are a smashing success. My first trip to Paris was at Christmas time, billed as a shopping trip, 3 days and I've been hooked ever since. Too cold for me now, though.

    1. THANK YOU Janet!!
      I'm adding a link to the post. Fun!
      The weather has been mild here mostly btw 😀

  13. Clarity Artists9:21 PM

    Happy New Year, we so love all that you do and all that you are. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself through what you love!!

  14. Kimberly9:42 PM

    Happy New Year Carol!!!!

    Thank you for keeping the spirit of Paris alive and near!

  15. Melinda12:27 AM

    Another delightful post! Your Eiffel Towers are wonderful, Carol. Happy New Year
    to you and Bear!! You two make MANY of my days really fun and inspiring.
    Rock on!

  16. Kirrabelle12:29 AM

    Happy New Year Carol! I loved this blog and all your Eiffel Tower research.

  17. I hope you will stick with the ET despite whoever the fireworks were this year. Oops, I see that you did - I bought one. Thanks.

  18. I've enjoyed every single one of your Christmas posts, even when I have been on the fly and not commenting! And I love the Tower and all you went through for it! Happiest of New Years! Perhaps 2018 will bring a visit to Paris for me. I hope so!

  19. Wish you all the Best for 2018, Carol..Your art and your processes that you share light up my days.

  20. Ooooh, that night photo! Good to see the macarons again! And your still life watercolors...And the Eiffel process. A little packet for you should be coming, maybe in a week or more....Below zero in Maine and blizzard coming...Paris has mellow weather, yes?

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