Thursday, October 19, 2017

October Paris letter wip

The October paris letter went out on monday...I think. Maybe Tuesday?
First several trips to Bastille marché with some inspiration from David Lebovitz Fall marche post thrown in.
The market oranges and creamy yellows inspire
Nuts and hunky Fall champignons
Marron, chataignes, chestnuts. Call them what you will. Sure signs Fall is here.
Today I saw Borsolino-style winter hats at Bastille going for a song
I pass bouquinistes by the Seine every day. Something inspirational always catches my eye.
This yellow quince print took 2 visits before buying
The Larousse legumes et plantes potageres was an instant purchase last summer. No hesitation at all.
All the bits are cut out like paperdolls, ready to be glued down
Ta da. A continuation of the seasonal foods series. You can get them all so far and Receive Parisbreakfast letters, mapand watercolors in your mailbox. 
Follow my INSTAGRAM for more Paris Fall. Three guesses what the October map will be?


  1. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Fabulous! And Fun! Wonderful water colors, as always.I now want to go to Paris in Autumn. I appreciate your hard work eating croissants and visiting beautiful markets. Thank You! Fan from Oregon

  2. October perfection! I can feel the whole atmosphere of Paris in the Fall.

    1. Everything is tan and golden that pain au raison.
      How dare I let that in the house. Shame on moi 🙁🙁

  3. Jill Butler12:42 PM

    Beautiful fall drawings - truly
    and I agree on les bouquinistes.

  4. I love those autumn colors in the produce. It is all so harmonious. Enjoy, enjoy.

  5. ♥ Vive l'automne..I was surprised at how many tilleuls were falling into fall already in Sept in Provence!

  6. Allie in NYC1:51 PM

    Another great blog and newsletter!!! I love your vegetables and squirrel.!!!

  7. Love all those fall colors - they weren't quite that vibrant during our visit as they were watered down due to the weather.

  8. William6:15 PM

    gorgeous. just had breakfast in albuquerque. they need Paris!!

  9. Love everything you do.

  10. Thank you for your talented self and letting me see Paris through your eyes and words…

  11. Love the orange color! Terrific combination.


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