Thursday, October 05, 2017

Chanel Spring 2018

The grand finale of Paris Fashion Week. Chanel at Grand Palais. I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Too much fun to watch the parade of harried invitées in their Chanel finery.
The day started with Paris drizzle. By 10:00 the sun was wrecking shots right and left. That's Paris weather for you. Be prepared. *Note bag and back bow.
Plenty of shine and dazzle always at Chanel shows.
Love this Anna Magnani type woman with great hair.
Another beauty in a stunner beige coatdress.
Love love love
Golden snakeskin booties
The best. Chanel golden, quilted of course fingerless gloves iPhone ready.
The envelope please. And your passport. The guests take pics too.
White is huge. And fluff.
Guys wear Chanel quilty bags plus Chanel classic gold-trimmed jacket. Why not?
Hurry up Cinderella. Its almost show time.
Les girls in their tweedy Chanel jackets, bags and shoes.
One bare shoulder, ruffles, a fur. Ready, set, go.
Shall I paint the Grand Palais? Or your cat at Chanel?
What fav Paris monument shall I paint next? 
Any in London? Bear is going to London tomorrow morning!
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  1. All it takes is money and youth!

  2. I saw beautiful Older Women in Provence..delightful to see..:)
    One thing that seems popular is a foundation that is orangey/gold and thick..saw many in Paris and in Provence..on all ages..
    Honestly..paint can do it all:)Love your palette box..all messy and real.

    1. Orangey/gold? That's their over- sun-tanning me thinks. I see it in the pool too in Sept.

  3. I love everything you paint so you choose. Quite some characters at the Chanel show, but it's certainly interesting people watching.

  4. If only I could talk Bill into the Chanel quilty bag....then it would only be half the cost for me to buy :-)

  5. thanks again for sending me Paris every day!

  6. Loved seeing your recent post and art on the Opera Garnier. I just returned from my first trip to Paris & I stood outside that building for 1/2 hour, just studying it. I was not able to go inside, so your inside photos were much appreciated

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  8. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Anna Magnani she was not blonde at all and too much chic to go at that circus .its not fashion anymore poor Chanel !!! ..

    1. This woman is no natural blond either...more a feeling about her. She's been around the block a bit. A survivor.

  9. Brenda5:04 PM

    Have you ever been to Persephone Books on Lamb's Conduit Street? Their display windows might be of interest. I'd be interested in a painting of some of that. One of your maps of Bloomsbury would have popular appeal I would think or have you already done one?

  10. The French always look so "French"

  11. Kathleen3:07 AM

    The Chanel offering! What fun. Oh, dear Carol, you are making it happen. I know it isn't all it seems, nothing is, and there is a lot of hard and intense work involved, but with some steps back to reflect, you have to love it. Look at where you are living! I am impressed and inspired.


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