Sunday, July 16, 2017

Paris Epicerie map

Food shopping in Paris is an obvious joys when you visit. Who doesn't have a favorite thing they long for when away & stock up on insanely while here?
La Grand Epicerie Paris at 38, rue de Sévres, 75007 is top of any shopping list.Very good for people watching on Saturdays. Where the chic love to shop.

For some unknown reason La Grand Epicerie recently decided to start their own house brand. Part of the fun was always the plethora of obscure products on offer. They are still there but less so.
For sure their chic et pas cher shopping bags (15€) have always been worth collecting. They change designs monthly.
You may think you didn't come all the way to Paris to shop at British chain, Marks and Spencer's. You would be wrong. They are all over Paris and much loved. I like the one next to the Apple store 7, rue Mabillion in the 6th arrondissement.
The French embraced M & S with devotion. I read somewhere more BLTs are sold in France daily than anyhere else. I am a big dévotée. I take it home & grill open-faced. Also terrific - their prepared Indian dishes and correctly spicy. Marks and Spencer's may be the only place in town with marked-down labels (yellow). I captured a haul of BLTs late on a Sunday eve for €,75 centimes each. True I had no idea what to do with 4 BLTs but its the thought that counts.
M&S is another good people-watching place.
FYI bet you didn't know cheese danishes do not exist in Paris. Except for these British twists made with cheddar. Très delish IMHO.
Grand Epicerie's biggest competition is Galeries Lafayette 'La Maison Le Gourmet' on 35, blvd Haussmann in the 9th. If you're mad for French pastry and chocolates this is the one-stop shop to hit. All the top brands under 1 roof: Pierre Hermé (macarons only), Alain Ducasse chocolates, Satoharu Aoki, Jean-Paul Hevin, Christophe Adams l'Eclaire du genie, patisseries Dalloyau. Plus new popup shops every month.
Instant gratification aplenty here.
A smaller specialist eoicerie for all things Breton is Le comptoir de Breizh,109, rue Veille du Temple
The same products we found in Brittany can be found here..cidres, Bordier butter, salted caramels.
They've recently created a new line, La Maison du Sarrasin, all from buckwheat including very tasty cookies, sesame crackers and even a tea of sorts.
I'm a big fan of Greek gourmet store, Mavrommatis near rue Mouffetard.
Their 1 kilo buckets of out-of-this-world made-in-France yogurt from Greek cows 🐄 is heavenly, if you ❤️ yogurt. 

Not at all chic but still fab is warehouse-sized Tang Freres at 48, Avenue d'Ivre in the 13th, in one of Paris's Chinatowns.
Loaded with exotic ingredients at bargain prices. Mellon-sized pomegranates were a mere 1,20 each. If you're into coconut water or its very hot was...nothing is better then a fresh coconut. They drill a hole while you wait. Its an easy walk from Metro 7 Porte d'Ivre stop. Try it. You'll be surprised. The July epicerie map has other must-visit shops on it, Swedish, Lebanese, etc.
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  1. BLT lover11:25 AM

    Thanks for the Grand Tour!
    Great fun.

  2. I gained 5 lbs just reading your blog. BTW: when i was in london in 2015 my londoners told me that Mks&Spncr was excellent for take-out sandwiches/small meals 2 eat on spot. like Whole Foods in US. but i wound up living at Byron's Better Burger

  3. Barnaby2:14 PM

    Where did the American idea of the 'danish' come from? They don't exist in Denmark either. in Copenhagen i saw nothing that looked even close 2 a 'danish'. hmm, must google the question.

    1. Voila!

      Danish Pastry History

      Although today known world-wide as "Danishes" these pastries did not originate in Denmark, but were brought to Denmark by Austrian bakers, particularly from Vienna in the 1850's when Danish pastry workers went on a long-term wage strike. These bakers were unfamiliar with Danish baked goods so they used their own traditions with flaky, buttery dough filled with a variety of custards, nut, fruit, jellies, and almond paste. It did not take long before these pastries were popular throughout Denmark and the demand persisted after the strike ended. This is why these types of pastries are called Viennese (wienerbrød) in Denmark.

    2. My absolute favorite resides on 600th and 5th Avenue coffee cart.
      A cottage cheese or ricotta pocket with a slather of apricot jam on top. I've begged on bended knee but so far no one will bring me one. So tristess.
      In the US, Danishes are typically given a topping of fruit or sweet baker's cheese prior to baking.[17] Danishes with nuts on them are also popular there and in Sweden, where chocolate spritzing and powdered sugar are also often added.
      C'est la vie

  4. If I were coming from NY I would bring you one, Carol.

    1. At this point I'll take a Danish from Anywhere Sukie!
      Desperately seeking...

    2. If you can wait until Sept, I'll bring you one as we're not too far from you.

  5. Little face are so hard to do..I just practiced some..and each one is different and wrong..very cute French girl profiles..and ..well you ham jars..have always always been faves of mine.

    I am a grocery store food shopper/stalker while away..loe that.

  6. I purchased salted caramels under La Grande Epicerie brand for my family on the last trip. Upset I had not purchased a lot more. They have no idea what all I would like to bring home. I will be studying the map when it comes seeing what all epiceries are there. With mouth watering I will close.

  7. Love this, Carol. Too funny - yesterday got sandwiches for my daughter leaving at the Gare de l'Est and was upset to discover that she could have got them from M & S who are now in the station there too! Ah well. Love the July map - spot on!

  8. One of my most favorite things to do in another place is go to a grocery store! Some people may think I'm mad, but it tells so much about the culture of that place! I miss M & S soooo much! I think you are so lucky to have them in Paris! Lovely watercolors as always, Carol!

    1. I'm addicted to M&S!
      I wonder if there is an M&S Anonymous? If there is I need to join.
      I'm sure I would not be alone...maybe too many Frenchies...

  9. Jane G.2:55 PM

    You always make me realize I have more, more, MORE to see and eat!

  10. Clarity Artists3:06 PM

    Alright! Stop! To read any further, we need bibs.
    Love the water colours.

  11. Lynn S.3:09 PM

    As usual, I just love this bit of street/shop life in the summer. I love your work, Carol.

  12. I wish I could just come to Paris! I'll have to read your blog instead. Merci encore :)

    1. I wish you could too Kirrabelle!
      I'd show you the town 😀

  13. GwenEllyn11:57 PM

    Merci bien for these photos! How timely - I'm working with my adult conversation class on shopping and markets, so these will be a perfect 'up-to-date' sample for them!

  14. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. My husband and I were in Paris in late June during those "canicule" days, but it was still a fantastic vacation for us. We stayed in an apartment on the place Saint-Sulpice, and Marks & Spencer was just around the corner. We, too, took advantage of their markdowns, including tuna and corn sandwiches (bizarre sounding, but good!) for less than a euro. I've been inspired by many of your posts, including ones about the Grand Palais (and the café of the Petit Palais) and Anne Maisonneuve's shop, where I bought several pairs of earrings and two t-shirts.

    Keep those posts coming!

  15. Great watercolors, photos, and pastries, Carol.
    I love the shops, like Mark & Spencers.

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  17. I'll never forget my first visit to Grand Epicerie in 2003. My wife and I treated that store like a museum, spending several HOURS there. In the end, all I bought (because I was travelling) was some strawberry preserves with real gold flakes in it. I still have the jar, unopened.


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