Saturday, July 22, 2017

Profile of Avignon

Yes I'm in Avignon, one day early for my watercolor workshop (attending not teaching).
2017 has been the year of ramparts for me. I am done with them!!
But life in the festival d'Avignon takes place in the street. Not to worry.
International performers entice visitors with snippets of their acts
Hoping you'll buy a ticket for the show later on
An endless parade of get-ups
National costumes
What ev. Please can I buy your parasole? It is HOT here!
A great little band...why didn't I buy their CD?
Signs are put up all over town for the multitude of acts.
More signs
There are plenty of quiet square to sit and read a book or drink an apéro..
My biggest fascination was the ice cream of JEAN LE GOURMAND.
All flavors are churning so absolutely fresh
Pistache, passion fruit, mango, coconut. I can attest all are excellent and 2€ a pop.
Def bring a fan or pick one up. You'll need it!


La Table De Nana said...

Your architectural sketches have become a thing of envy for me:) They have YOUR them..

Avignon:) I think it looks charming..howdhedothat?
I know..I buy the CD now..if I like the music:)
I did not in Bonnieux..regrets..I've had a few;)

Taste of France said...

You really capture the spirit of Avignon. Lots of summer fun. And now I want ice cream....

robinita said...

This looks like the best fest ever! Food, music and costumes! How much better can it get!

Parisbreakfasts said...

You would LOVE it Robin!
A free for all + gorgeous food pas cher.
A food post to come soon..

Kathleen said...

Picture 6 down????
For real?

Parisbreakfasts said...

I know!
Unbelievable!! So much so that prep were not impressed as much as other more splashy acts.

Kathleen H said...


sukicart said...

If you were hot, how were those femmes in the wigs bearing it? They definitely needed those parasols. The ice creme looks amazing - can't wait to see the food post.

Yves Fey said...

I was there last year, but not for the festival. It was in the 90s. The Papal Palace was fascinating. I kept thinking of The Name of the Rose.

Helena said...

What is the festival called? Thanks!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Oooops Didn't I say?
An annual event

Jeanette, Mistress of Longears said...

Please don't give up on the ramparts.... Love them!

Kirrabelle said...

What a fun looking festival! At least if it's hot you can live of that tasty looking ice cream!! Hope the course goes well too.

Marjorie R said...

I wish I was there even if it is a little on the warm side!

Robert said...

Perfect, we would like one of every flavor. Do they ship well.

Paulita said...

What a joy to be in Avignon during this festival. All of the music and the acts would make walking the streets magical.

Anonymous said...

This looks like the best fest ever! Food, music and costumes! How much better can it get!


cuirsex said...

avignon c est 1 glacier le goeland agrumes cactus reglisse les autres dedion fade amorino ruineux sont a eviter dis moi carol a tu des nouvelles de la sublime louise