Friday, March 03, 2017

Mille et Une Orchidées, Walasse Ting - musee Cernuschi

You can take Bear out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of Bear. All week Bear was twisting my arm to take him to the annual month-long orchid exhibit at Jardin des Plantes, Mille et Une Orchidées.
I've been to the NYC orchid show but this is held in a huge Victorian conservatory at the Jardin.
You are instantly immersed in the jungle.
Tropical birds are practically yelling. I was looking around for them. Of course it was taped bird song.

Everyone was in a state of awe and delight. The orchids are ingeniously embedded into the greenery.

Orchid venders are in a white tent outside. I was very tempted.

After the jardin we went up to the 16th. The last days of the Walasse Ting exhibit.

At another one of Paris' small museums, the Asian arts Cernuschi next to Parc Monceau, 7, Ave. Velasquez.

Beautiful big, lush paintings, Walasse Ting (1928-2010) born in Shanghai, A.K.A.'The Flower Thief'.

The colors sing. His background training - traditional Chinese calligraphy, influenced by Matisse, Action Painting, the Dutch group, Cobra, Pop art, you name it.

He traveled and lived in Paris, New York, Amsterdam.

None of this matters. These paintings are so engaging and poetic.
The perfect follow-up after wandering in the Jardin des Plantes lush tropical jungles.

An ongoing poem throughout the exhibit of Ting's recording his first this and that...
Immediately after we went to Marks & Spencers to get our weekly BLT. 

And they had orchids we could afford! The paint has been flying.

What delicate creatures these orchids are. Fortunately the water stays chilly by the window so they've lasted.

Time to dream of orchids and Spring. Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. If you like this post and want to support it, do buy Paris letters and orchid watercolors or forward to a friend.Bonne/Bon Week-end PBers!


  1. Kathleen H10:59 AM

    never heard of that artiste...very the orchids (your watercolors quite lovely!)

  2. WOW! Just WOW!

    1. Haha I know..
      Its not too hard to have a Wow day in Paris.

  3. Unfamiliar with that artist and, honestly, I much prefer your watercolors.

  4. Ruth S2:47 PM

    Love this! It's a great mixture of real and painted beauty! I have to read up on the artist!

  5. great post on Ting... yes too bad i didn't go....
    loved your marmottan....Pissarro....
    nice orchids.....

  6. Isn't that Cernuschi Museum a dream of Parisian architecture?

    1. It is! A little treasure chest..hidden away.

  7. Barb S9:01 PM

    Once again my heart is being pulled by your wonderful lens of Paris. Small Museums were a joy that I loved in Paris and neighbouring communities. You captured my memories and feelings perfectly.

  8. I really love the orchid/Ting blog. exotic. and lush.
    Your orchids in the glass paintings are very appealing.
    Keep 'em comin'!!!!

  9. Having received a beautiful "Bright Lights " specimen that is formingat least a 24 inhch arch w/ huge stellar blooms..I am once again hooked on them:) Love your renditions!

  10. Dear, I've been taking a little blogging break, while still doing some IG posts, but am delighted to have stopped by your place today. So many treats to be found!

    The orchid show looks completely gorgeous, and the exhibit you visited made a great follow up. That Bear is a wise one!

    I also was happy to learn of the Pissarro exhibit. xo

  11. We always love how colorful your entries are, as well as your own art work!!

  12. Thanks for teaching me about the orchid flower show, little museum and new artist! All in your everyday Paris. Great paintings too!

  13. I have an orchid blooming now on my lanai. It's wonderful to live in Florida, especially if you're not blessed to live in Paris.

  14. OH I enjoyed this outing so! Wonderful combo--orchids & Ting. Inspiring! Hope you visit Cernuschi again.Bear must have been pooped after that full day.
    Your watercolor orchid is lovely.And cherry blossom photo, too.

  15. Ahh…Bear does indeed poop out after I drag him around to so many places. So little time!


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