Friday, March 31, 2017

A pig in Paris

Seeing a pig in Paris is not an everyday event.
There are certainly many pink meringues...but pigs? Non.
When I got off the train in Dijon (or any new town I land in) I always head into the first boulangerie in comng home.
Now Dijon had pigs. In marzipan. Sitting right next to the chocolate rats..
Monoprix has their big Lindt bunny out...sitting on the ham case. Why?
Bunnies have invaded Paris big time.

And hens of course a-laying.
Even sheep abound in dark and white chocolate. If you haven't been to l'Atelier du Chocolat you're missing out. They are a terrific chain from Bayonne, the original French chocolate city. Their closet-sized shops are all over town the Marais on rue Saint Antoine or rue de Rennes for example.
Leave it to artiste chocolatier Patrick Roger to present a curled-up hedgehog for Easter. Always a surprise.
Panda bears in Monoprix's new Asian Kawaii makeup promotion.
Regular teddys too. Irresistable.
The only pigs in town are at Plastics on rue du Rennes. Why the sudden search for pigs in Paris?
Yesterday running late to the pool, my houseboat neighbor was walking his pig.
I had to stop and admire, as did this cyclist.
Madame Grignon should really be named Madame Grognon (grumpy). Not the friendliest pig on the block. In fact she's down-right recalcitrant. I know. I once had the opportunity to try to walk her in the park. She is neither obedient nor polite. True she does not bite. She just makes unpleasent loud grunts and insists on going the opposite direction. Still Madame G does seem to fascinate.

The weather in Paris has been glorious. Yesterday hit 80 degrees.
Its been hard to tear Bear away from the window. If you have a pig or a pet who would like to go to Paris (figuratively), look in my Etsy shop full of Paris portraits, letters, maps and watercolors


  1. your neighborhood pig is too funny!
    happy Easter!
    from rainy, wet NYC

  2. Kathryn DM10:02 AM

    Glad to see you are in the Pink! Bask in Spring! xo Kathryn

  3. It's been Easter City around here with all sorts of pretties but none so pretty as your beautiful Paris!

    Mme. G. is quite the pig! From the rear she just looks like a fat dog, doesn't she? I like the idea of a recalcitrant pig, though probably not so fun if it's your recalcitrant pig!

    Happy weekend!

  4. Clarity Artists10:08 AM

    The pig is okay, but Bear is the cat's meow.

  5. Alexa G10:42 AM

    you Brilliant person.....Taking your talents to Paris....
    I LOVE pigs

  6. Lynne S10:43 AM

    Delightful, absolutely delightful. Oink

  7. Did I miss it or did you mention how you got to Dijon? Did you take a train and if so, how long did it take to get there?

    Your pig is so much cuter than your neighbor's pig. :)

  8. Madame G1:05 PM

    so funnyyyyy

  9. Love the coloring of that pig as she fits right in with the dogs.

  10. A few people here have pigs as pets..
    pas pour moi:)

    Love the hedgehog!
    And your petit cochon rose♥

    Snowin' here!

  11. Love the opening watercolor of the pink pig, Carol.
    The the chocolates, and your neighbor's pig :)
    Good to see Bear, too.

  12. I am still in shock from my recent trip to Florida friend's neighbor has a 350 lb pig that sleeps with her! I will take one of your pig paintings or pig pastries any day over that!!! Ughhhh

  13. I see it is that time of the year when you think you can misdirect my attention away from the bunnies with a few pigs. Only yesterday, I spotted a baby bunny in the garden and, knowing that where there is one, there are at least five more, I told him to SCRAM! And spread the word there's a wild woman loose in the garden.


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