Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Paris Map Diet

I went on the PMD back in May so begin your Paris Map Diet with Baba au rhum as a starter
At Maison Stohrer. By the way you can eat your Baba any time of the day. NO time restrictions on this diet.
L'escargot are a must for lunch and do not miss one iota of buttery sauce please.
The toast points will reach into every nook and cranny of those darling little shells. 
A fabulous deal on rue Montorgueil of 5 different hunks of cheeses for a mere 9€
At Fromagerie La Fermette No. 86.
There appear to be dozens of cafes on this long pedestrian street.
Frankly I couldn't tell the difference one from the other.
I will say my lunch of 'Roman' tartine at Café du Central was amble enough to feed a party of four.
Moving right along, there must be 5-6 places to buy ice cream on rue Montorgueil (an essential ingredient on the PMD).
I tried Charles Chocolatier though they are especially renown for their fab hot chocolate a l'ancienne served from a copper pot in winter.
When I see the two words citron + framboise offered together in the same cone I can not simply walk on by.
How did I miss this 'Petal Rose' ice cream?
Or fruit de la passion?
Since I started drawing the PARIS MAPS there has been some serious belt loosening.
It seems required to research and taste the 'fruits' of my labors even if my scale doesn't like it.
These two French girls are NOT on the Paris Map Diet obviously.
They get their 'glace'/glasses at this street cart selling fancy lunettes/glasses.
This Frenchie IS on the PARIS MAP DIET with her heaping cup of gelato from Grom. Plus she's training future PMD converts.
As Oscar Wilde said, 
"The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it...I can resist everything but temptation" 
And there is no better place to start than on rue Montorgueil.


Vivian Swift said...

So much fun! This map is a feast in itself! And of course you have to taste-test the subject matter. . . these maps are as much an insight into our Dear Correspondent's exquisite palate as they are charts of a territory.

Your photo of the three hopeful chien-meringues is priceless. (And thank you for the cat, front and center, at Charles Chocolate. Makes a cat person's day.)

La Table De Nana said...

I hope those girls are 13.
Enough said.
That lunch was for you?
I would have shared:)
We love escargots...many ways..must make the tomato ones ..soon..since I have so many tomatoes:)
Comme toujours..♥tes aquarelles.

Parisbreakfasts said...

I was crossing rue de Seine last night and couldn't believe my eyes. I pulled out my ipad and started blind-shooting. The girl didn't care a toss like any sensible person eating a Grom gelato.

Parisbreakfasts said...

No way. They are average THIN young French women, maybe models in town for Fashion Week but not necessarily..

Gr8fulTed said...

I'm actually going to be staying on rue Montorgueil for a week in about 9 days as I do a photo safari of Paris. It's fun to see the place on your blog. Thanks!

Madonna/aka/Ms Lemon of Make Mine Lemon said...

Your idea to paint maps has been so brilliant. They are so fun.

The gelato/ice cream - so tempting. Maybe just a trip to France would be a great diet.


Parisbreakfasts said...

THANKS Madonna!
They are getting a little bit easier to do though not in the eating area..

Parisbreakfasts said...

You will love it. Very lively street in Paris. Loads to shoot!

Vicki said...

Yummy, Carol! We are ready to hit the cobblestones!

Karryll said...

OK. I'm sold. I'm putting it on my must-see list for next spring's visit!

Lynne C said...

Loved your art work and I would not turn down any of those treats..the three white puppies were adorable..

Foodwalker said...

Absolutely Fabulous!

Nikon said...

Boy, this post is outstanding! The delightful watercolors are everywhere!
Great opening shot of the arch leading you in, the cafes and delicious food and people enjoying themselves.
Baba au rhum is stylish, the snails look good, that 'Roman' tartine looks like heaven! The same could be said of "The girls......
Great one, Carol.

c'est Jeff ici said...

Carol, There is a great pizza place on Montorgueil at the lower end near St Eustache. They give free samples and are very friendly. Jeannie and I love this street!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Very Yum Jeff. I had a taste of their truffle pizza but in the end went for the falafel sample shop.

Anonymous said...

The street has such a friendly feel to it, exemplified by your wonderful Artwork that includes les animaux which obviously have great taste too! ;o) Do you own a bicyclette...there are so many wonderful areas in Paris you could relax along, on a quiet Sunday, to work off your PMD diet. As for the food, can't go past the first pic, but nof for the rhum baba but that confection to its left...YUM!

sheilaa131 said...

Love the book bags w colored pencil design. Where can I buy it?