Sunday, August 30, 2015

Paris Bleus, Saint Severin, les Pommes Rouges

The intense blue of the French tricolore
Is everywhere in Paris. Have you seen this this witty card by Camille Soulayrol?
The same illustration is in Leslie Jonath's terrifically visual compilation of Paris illustrations, EVERYONE LOVES PARIS. Me too. Loads of fun and a great gift book.
Practicing my blue notes in Leslie's book.
Mariniere blue stripes in Paris. You can't miss em.
Perfect metaphor for la mer at the marché fish stand. You see blue stripes? You get fish.
Cobalt blue worn with blue denim. Or dress your date in red.
A red and blue ensemble can not go wrong in Paris. People worry too much about wearing brands. Just wear blue and you're covered.
Toute en bleu.
Should be in this bleu shoe shop.
Or this corner shop on rue Montorgueil.
Why is a lemon blue? You tell me.
Café Etienne Marcel has turquoise tables, chaises.
Am I at the piscine?
No, Metro Jussieu.
To improve your stroke in bed you'll need blue sheets. I have to try this.
Blue shirts look good on everyone.
I was walking by eglise Saint Severin for the 800th time and decided to look inside. Beautiful blue, blue stained glass windows by Jean Bazaine (added 1970). Note the unusual twisted palm tree-like pillars. Perfect examples of the 'flamboyant' Gothic style (flaming according to Malcolm Miller).
This is a lovely, intimate church I'll bet you've passed by in the Latin Quarter behind Shakespeare and Company. On rue Saint-Severin not far from Notre Dame minus the crowds.
Just bring along some choral music for company.
The pale blue out my window at dawn - a lovely distraction while I slave away on September's red apple SKETCH LETTER. Many apples were eaten.
Back to work.


Anonymous said...

Carol, have you seen this website?
I have not explored it yet because you are first!
But, I thought you might like to see it if you have not already done so.

Barbara Lilian in France said...

So lovely to see all this blue, it won't be long before everyone is back to winter black. with just a dash of colour from a scarf tied around the neck.

La Table De Nana said...

J'aime le first day on the boat I has red and white stripes:) The and white.
I owe my stripes to you.I do!

Love the apples Carol..and how charming does that book look?

Cute Croissanthair..very witty..

Parisbreakfasts said...

Thanks Caterina B
I didn't know!!!

cyndi from SD said...

Another beautiful August day in Paris.
Love seeing what the locals are wearing.

Lynne C. said...

The blues on the buildings are fab...wish we did this in U.S. ..

Parisbreakfasts said...

But it' so French.
Or Could be British maybe...

Cyndy said...

Love it! I bought same croissant card a few years ago.

Leslie H said...

you are always my "first read"....great post. i love that you, as an artist, are making people aware of another artist. No jealousy here

Parisbreakfasts said...

Ahh..But I am honored to be in the same book as Camille.

Diane said...

Speaking of Bleu ! Found a blue feather in the yard this am

Parisbreakfasts said...

A French bluebird still on vacancel...

Parisbreakfasts said...

Me too Cyndi!

Frances said...

Carol, your Paris blues are so varied, so saturated with ... Paris.

Lots of striped tops over here in NYC this summer, but most of them were, as you'd expect, black and white.

Cute close up of M. Bear.

Now, may I tell you that les pommes sont superb. I am still celebrating les peches...not painting them, just enjoying their delicious flavor.

Confession...still no ice cream cone. Time is running out. I will compromise and have some sort of glace ordinaire. Bad French, probably inferiour ice cream...but summer is escaping us, day by day.


Anonymous said...

Lemons are Blue because their attitude is sour. Aw..... I know, terrible but I couldn't resist...Should I rethink a career in stand-up comedy?

Parisbreakfasts said...

If you lived in Paris Frances, the ice cream is on too many streets.
No escape. Till then yr off the hook.

cherolson said...

Have you been to Saint Louis church on your island? Can't be far away, it is a very special place

Nikon said...

Blue is my favorite color, so I automatically love this post :)
Beside the blue stripes and blue shop fronts, I love your people shots sprinkled throughout the post. Great candid's of people wearing blue or swimming!
Nice one - & the watercolors, too!