Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Visa Day

Tick tock.
Today is the day of the 'postponement' appointment for my visa.
Ta Da.
A torrent of papers required.
Nothing gives me more aggita then organizing pieces of paper .
AND they are mostly in another language...it's all Greek to me.
You do it please.
Calm isn't in my repertoire.
Will I be waiting for 5-6 hours?
Qui sait ?
Will I get to wear Teal
This summer like my ex-L.L.?
And ride a pink scooter?
I hope.
Everything will not be coming up cherry blossoms.
Padam Padam Padam...
NO, Bear didn't get it.
He forgot to wear his bowtie.
We have a postponement end of month with positive assurances provided we find the missing paper, get it translated and remember to dot our i's and....
DO NOT use a paperclip on your 3 required photos.
You will have to redo them.
It makes a dent on the photo.
5 hours spent n the visa office = nogood.


  1. Good luck, best of wishes, may everything come up roses!

  2. Good luck from me, lying in my hospital bed, getting my back sorted. Hope it's a short queue you get to wait in.

  3. All fingers are crossed for you... which is making typing this comment really difficult!

    Good luck!

  4. Just randomly reached your page while looking at french bakery pics online, like your French drawings

    Derek from HK

  5. Bonne chance!
    J'espere tout va bien. C'est exactement pourqoi nous jamais prenez les papiers officielles a Maroc....
    Buster says HI and wags his tail wishing you well.

  6. Love the little girl with her fingers crossed..had to Pin..

    I have a positive thought right now:)

  7. Sending you the "corner fairies".

  8. It's hard for me even in my native language, so I love your courage. Love that it sparked such creative post. So, Good Luck!
    PS Though of you while watching a documentary on DVD, "The Powder & the Glory". Nicely made with some historic commercial art included.

  9. If you get it, the best day will be tomorrow, which will be the day furthest from next year when you have to do it all over again. Bonne chance!

    1. No of course I didn't get it
      My top button was not buttoned
      I got a postponement with many assurances

  10. I am rooting for you. This too shall pass.

  11. You will succeed Carol. Next postponement will do it. I assure you. xo

  12. Fingers crossed! And don't keep us guessing....
    Just received my latest letter from Paris (Breakfasts) and am overjoyed with the ribbons etc!

  13. Marilyn10:51 AM

    By the time you read this hopefully your appointment is behind you and all went well. I received my letter yesterday and my letter has a postmark of the 8th. Six days not bad.

    Love the letters. Trying to decide how to display them. Trying to not tell my daughter what is coming.

  14. I get so many french blogs, but I so look forward to getting your. Feel like I'm there with you experiencing everything

  15. Ah, no. So sorry for the delay, but you'll get it! Why in the world would they not let you stay? You are good publicity for them, and they need you! My fingers were crossed for you all day.

  16. Sorry for another delay - I will keep many positive thoughts, crossed fingers & anything else that might make you experience better & sucessful.

  17. Of course it will come through! Of this I have no doubt. You are, after all, an ambassador!

    1. I could be the Queen of Sheba and they would still find a 'ding' in my passport photos.
      However did Scarlett do it ???

  18. Bonnie L8:16 PM

    Paris is looking SO lovely!

    When you finally have your visa in your hand, all these hoops you are jumping through and all the waiting and delays will have been SO worth it.

    Bon courage, Carol!

    1. mais non....c'est pas comme ca

      you must think about making the NEXT APPOINTMENT SIX MONTHS IN ADVANCE
      ! ! ! ! !

  19. Love that opening shot :)
    Good luck with the paperwork!

  20. So sorry you had all that wasted time getting visa renewed. David Lebovitz had some harrowing tales in his book and maybe on his blog also about his application process! Desole !

    1. Hmmmmm....
      there is not a person on the planet without a harrowing experience at the Fr visa office
      Ho hum

    2. OOoops
      I doubt she had to go...she is NOT like the rest of us..no waiting for her I'll bet
      She ain't seen Fr rudeness till you get to the Prefacture. though my lawyer says it does make for great comradery among the poor attendants.

  21. Urrrgh, so sorry you have to go back.

    Love all the photos, but especially how you illustrated the torrents of paper required for an application.

    1. the torrent of papers was a lucky window shot.
      I thought somehow or other I will get to use this one!!

  22. once you have the Visa it will be easier...For me is was a another new paper that I needed- translated!, (somehow one paper was always missing on the list that they give you!), to get a driving licence was the same, I went back 4 times...eventually I took every paper and extra ones too! just incase... and yes French time is different to the rest of the world's time... good luck!

    1. Ahhh...so true. Fortunately I did take some extra papers with me.
      But there are those papers you left behind.
      And THEY KNOW exactly which ones these are.
      They have spies who visit when you are out and hid papers so you forget about them
      Honestly it's true I promise.

  23. Bonjour chère amie,
    J'ai pris un retard fou ! Je viens de passer un excellent moment en votre compagnie.
    Je cours après les heures sans jamais les rattraper ! Cela me rend folle...
    Votre dernier billet me fait me souvenir qu'il faut que je renouvelle mon passeport...
    J'ose espérer que vous ne perdrez pas trop de temps dans ces bureaux administratifs... Je les fuis tant ils sont ennuyeux !
    Vos photos sont splendides.
    Gros bisous à vous et joyeuses fêtes pascales... Si attendre est trop long, mangez du chocolat !

  24. You make your nightmare into a dream for us. The next time will be the charm

    1. I just hope the NEXT time is the last time for this year !!!!!!

  25. Your pictures are so beautiful, and with a great taste!!

  26. Maureen9:34 AM

    Just saw the VIsa problem piece! NO way can THEY turn you down, Carol . You are their number one fan! You make all of us want at to rush right over. Unless of course they do not wish for any more touristes? Non, c'est ne pas possible.


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