Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Version Scrap - Sugar Paris - Pari Fermier

Early last Friday I trouped out to Parc Floral for a trifecta of salons.
Parc Floral is a smaller convention center than Porte de Versailles at Metro Chateau de Vincennes. This serene setting is in sharp contrast.
To the mad mayhem inside the Salon Scrap show and that's an understatement.
Who knew at 10 am the first day would be so crowded?
Jeanne was our girl guide since she has all manner of crafting equipment at home like digital cutters etc.
I resisted this rubber stamp/tampon and have been regretting at leisure but the lines were so long to buy anything.
All kinds of demo classes were going on.
Who knows what they were making but they seemed to be having a ball cutting and pasting. 
I liked this sign - 100% Française.
At a rubber stamp stand there was a box labled, "Italian Stamps"
I asked the woman,"Where are the FRENCH rubber stamps?"
She gestured to all the other rubber stamps in the stand.
Knock, knock!
Anyone home Carol?
You're at a FRENCH scrap show. HELLO?
Oh well live and learn as they say...
I completely lost it at the ribbon man's stand. He let me in the back to tear through his wired 'Easter' ribbons !! I found loads of pretty patterns to put inside the April sketch letter going put today. Hooray! (See above)
Meanwhile other crazies were tearing through his buttons...
I've no idea how you use buttons in a scrapbook but then I'm probably not the one to ask since I completely forgot I was at a French show...ahem
Next on to Sugar Paris - a cake supply show for home bakers.
This was a much calmer, better behaved crowd. Bakers need their wits about them if a cake is going to come out of the oven standing upright. Probably why I can't bake...
Lovely carrot cookies...
I did go nuts for this pretty fem china from Pip/in France called, Le Panier d'Eglantine.
I had instant fantasies of giving up my 17th century decor for a pink floral look. I planned to return for the makeover but this never happened. The Paris Marathon got in the way.
Speaking of plates, I suggested we hop into the Pari Fermier expo for snacks and lunch. I worry about lunch a lot. I started worrying as soon as we met up and headed towards the Metro.
"Shouldn't we take a sandwich to the show?" I suggested.
"Oh there will be something in Chatelet Metro" they reassured me. There wasn't of course. Eating at these shows can be a nightmare - long lines, lousy food and high $$$. But at Pari Fermier we got a terrific plate of Perrigord products for a mere 10€
Meanwhile back at the ranch/studio I've been knee deep in French Easter chocolate working round the clock on your April Paris letter.
Ahh...the smell of it. Quite intoxicating and trés irresistible.
More Paris Easter chocolates coming tomorrow but you can get a sneak peek at the April Paris Letter going out today, if you check Etsy
Cheers Carolg and Bear


  1. April Sketch - Worth every minute-------love it.

  2. The pastry show was definitely more calm. The other felt too crowded until I found stamps I wanted then I was part of the frenzy. "Beat it scrapper! Get to the back of the line! I've got stamps to buy!" My Paris Letters are going to be soo pretty. It was only a minor blood bath to get the stamps.

  3. Carol,
    I immediately went to amazon.com to buy Janice's Kindle version. Yes, it came up as a "Kindle Deal" at $2.99, but when I clicked on it, it went into my shopping cart at the regular price, $10.78. The vagaries of the web or something I missed on the way to my shopping cart?

    1. Unfortunately it's a for the US ONLY Deal.
      I get the same thing in France (although I already have it)

  4. I am so glad I always read all your post:)
    I bought my Kindle in the US so thats where I get my Kindle books.
    Thank you.
    I like stamps..i do..have a box..I like different ones..French ones..etc..
    They are fun to decorate gits etc..
    Ta poule est coquette!
    Now..that baking shop?
    ToysRus pour moi.

  5. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Pictures of chubby French women-I can die un ashamed. Not that I could buy them - but what would the dishes cost? per place setting or set of 4? I do not understand why you do not weigh 900 LBS-is it the swimming?

    1. Believe me it is a constant battle here
      And working on the sketch letters I eat even more.
      I am currently surrounded by chocolate bunnies and fish
      Yes there were lots of non-stringbean Frenchies at those craft salons.
      Lots! All that sitting...

    2. The china is from Pip Studios


  6. So glad the three of you went together - I have you all on my computer - three different perspectives. And I love that you report in on different events in Paris that tourists never go to - so many things on my list of out-of-the-way things to do when I visit and tell other visitors about and dream about. Paris is my "other" city, the city in my mind where I escape my "real" life.

  7. Be still my heart! Who knew that scrapbooking would be a huge phenomenon in France, too? And the stamps in FRENCH are to die for! I try to use only my own hand-made stamps in my journals, but since I have a Silhouette, I am now inspired to make stamps with French words!!!
    As for your companions lack of concern over where luck would come from: You can bet when I go anywhere with you, we shall plan the food first!!!

    1. FOOD FIRST!
      First things first and to H with the rest of it.
      Sustanence is all

  8. I know they are teasing, but I really like to plan what we are eating. I hate eating bad/mediocre food just because you waited too long before you gave it a thought, and with my food sensitivities it becomes more important. But, really I thought there was no bad food in France. Is that true?

    1. Me too.
      Food is the only thing I'm capable of planning ahead for.
      Taxes, visas, bills, birthdays - forgetaboutit.
      Food never. Besides I get low blood sugary if there's no food around..
      Yes of course there is BAD FOOD everywhere in the world.
      That's a myth...no bad food in France.
      That's why they give prizes to the best baker etc. To keep them on their toes.

  9. De la vaisselle et des moules à faire tourner la tête !

  10. I refuse to check the etsy site -- I want to be surprised! Wish it included smellovision or the artistic equivalent.

    The stamp show -- you're talking my language, kid! I would have lost it all buying things I probably already have. I'd have been a goner at the ribbon guy. I finally got my ribbons sorted by color and have nine bins full. And I'd have loved the cake show, too. Such wonderful dishes! Oh, heavy sigh. You are living as I'd love and I'm living vicariously through you!

  11. Carol, both of these shows look like so much fun to visit...although I agree with you about not really wanting too much frenzy. Still, those stamps and buttons would have got me trying to have a good look.

    The baking show must have been a delight!

    Your drawings have such brilliant springy colors...the ribbons must have been fun to paint.

    Promising you to take some choc bunny photos in the coming week. Time and weather have not been kind to me recently. I trust that the future will bring some free moments under a clear blue sun lit sky.

    With bunnies, chocolate bunnies.


  12. I love the peacock & the food. Everything else is chaos :)

  13. Oh, I love the sound of those salons! (I probably wouldn't have been able to resist the French rubber stamps. And the ribbons.) Can't wait to see the chocolate!

  14. Gosh, that's a lot of buttons! I think you'd find me at the scrapbooking moulds area. I'm obsessed with all the different shapes and sizes for baking. On second thoughts, just as well I didn't go. I've saved a fortune!

  15. Winnie9:53 AM

    I like to scrap and am coming to Paris in June. What retail stores sell the paper and stamp supplies? Thank you in advance. I love your blog.

    1. I wish I knew Winnie..
      I never looked before the salon
      And now I need a rest ;)


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