Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Paris Chicks

A not-to-be-missed essential icon of French Easter is chicken little
Why ever did I leave my chicks back in New York?
Last years egg chase poster
Almost every window has hatching chicks present
Some are sitting in their nid/nest admittedly.
Hatching chicks of marzipan at La Mere de Famille
Just because it's the day after Easter doesn't mean the fancy eggs are 1/2 price or marked down. We have another week of vacance here. And anyway I've yet to see a chocolate egg go on sale. They must all be eaten up.
While checking out an apartment for a PB reader I was stopped in my tracks by this adorable hatching chick eggcup. I was taking pics for the renter but I'm sure the owner thought I was nuts shooting her egg cup. *Let me know if you'd like me to check out a possible future Paris rental for you.
The kitchen supply shops on rue Montmartre are full of relaxing chicks.
This one is vacationing in Tahiti.
By the way these little chicks are called 'Piou Pious'
It's the French sound they make of course.
Here's a hot song about Piou Pious on Youtube. With 40 million hits it's got to be hot no?
I'm very tempted by these bunny night lights but that's another Easter story.
La Tour d'Argent shop has beautiful Limoges eggs purely for decoration. Baker Eric Kayser has a box of a dozen mini Piou pious in dark and white chocolate. No one can top the French for Easter goofiness in my opinion but what do I know?


  1. Love your aquarelle..the 6 insert egg crate..and I spy great blue and white spice jars!
    Tomorrow..here in QC the children go back to school..
    The holiday is over.
    That's why the rains..started falling today in torrents.

    1. There are tons of 6- egg crates full of praline here and they can be quite pricy if from the top chocolatiers.

  2. You chicks are cuter than all the others...but I do like the bunny night light.

  3. IMHO those rabbit night lights are a recipe for insomnia!
    The chicks on the other hand can do no wrong! I have a collection of them (from the now deceased Borders) and they march across my counter every spring.

  4. Very cute photos, I like the hatching chicks and the bunny night lights the most :)

  5. Anonymous12:09 AM

    I'll bet Bear would like a bunny night light.

  6. What wonderful wonderful chick paintings. I am always enthralled by your watercolors.

  7. Thank you!
    I keep telling her to get it !!!

  8. Kathryn1:32 PM

    Carol I was just struck by the thought that your heart must glow a brilliant light with all that you take in. These chicks are deliciously delightful! Ooh, an onsite apartment assessor. The mind is jumping ahead. xo K

    1. Big Merci for naming my newest Paris profession

      Onsite Apartment Assessor !

    2. PS I did as a kid has two little chicks (Pick and Peck)
      Could be why these little critters turn me on ;))

  9. Carolyn2:43 AM

    Your chicks have inspired me! I just got VERY carried away at Blick this afternoon. Bought my first watercolors and an assortment of brushes. (did you know that the squirrels that die for those brushes are disappearing?) Too many artists I guess :) Have not a clue what to do with all of my supplies but should be fun playing!

  10. Now those are really delightful chicks! They enchant me in every single way! Might we see chicks in our letter sometime soon?!


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