Friday, December 27, 2013

What Marie-Antoinette ate for Christmas

Living in France, it's a year since December 25, 2012, everyday is an epiphany. Light bulbs 💡 go off all the time. 

Food windows like this leave me amazed and transfixed.

Some French people (not the marche locavores or bio-crazy) want to eat like Marie-Antoinette.

Maitre chef Antonin Caréme set the bar high for wildly imaginative cuisine both visually and flavor-wise. The tradition continues today.
Guess where I found this extravaganza on Christmas Eve day. Monoprix! It is a good day to shop by the way. There were not so many last-minute crazy shoppers. Most French have been planning this meal since November. It begins at the Salon du Chocolat.

Sumptuous dishes The Royals wouldn't turn their noses up at.
These pretty jelled creations are from the town of Vernon close to Giverny, Monet’s home.

An exquisite layered affair spotted in a rue Saint Antoine's vitrine
Back in Paris at none other than MONOPRIX.
Are you planning a banquet? The ex-king of Spain is coming. Where do you go for provisions? MONOP.
I'm painting Chris and Steve's portrait in Paris. They invited me along while they picked up their specially ordered büche at Laduree I didn't say no.
I didn't resist a mini version of their order- Büchette Paeva, four red fruits with almond and vanille creme inside. (8,50€)
They invited me demolish this little puppy. Perfect for 3 bites. No more. That's a smidge of raspberry confiture inside as well as flavoring the outer cake casing.
Marie-Antoinette's OTT style isn't limited to the dinner table. Nail polish ads are just as fabulous. BHV had posters/affiche all over town deconstructing the traditionally elaborate Christmas Büche with a gold-leafed real log topped with meringue mushrooms. A clin d'oeil/wink to French traditions. Yes there are still plenty of buches in Paris until New Years.
But nO day-after-Xmas sales here.


  1. The little buche looks so cute! I don't think I would've wanted to cut into it!

  2. Remember there are many other büches waiting around the corner.
    Live dangerously!

  3. Lucinda5:19 AM

    Food glorious food
    Love this epifanie

  4. So happy to have looked at your blog today. Love all things Marie Antoinette related, and this post was pure eye candy.

    Also, love your new look Carol!

    1. My New look?
      Oh my butterfly phase...yes for the New Year....definitely!

  5. Your MA is priceless:)
    I was so tempted by lobster tails..maybe for NYE..Just J and I..look at the way they did it..Do you know what they are sitting on?

    THose buches are so tempting have not found a Demerle mold lookalike here..for the dome molded of art!
    I would definitely stop at a Monoprix.. I ahve heard so much about them..
    You had fun..

  6. Happy Paris Anniversary to you, Carol! You've certainly been very generous in sharing that wonderful place with the rest of us...throughout every single season.

    Best wishes for a fabulous 2014! xo

  7. What would we do without our Paris fix.
    It sounds like you are going to be a Parisienne for a very long time...wonderful for you and your loyal followers.Can you still be spotted at a Starbucks uploading (?) your blog?
    best to you

    1. NEVER at Starbucks
      Only at the Apple store.
      They have a cot for me when things get entangled. I should have given them all Xmas tips or made choc chip cookies for them it too late?
      Can I bake? Noooooo

    2. LOL
      I should have known that you would pick the "healthier" option (apple)

    3. Where did I pick an apple though I do love em!

  8. Foodwalker2:28 PM

    Oh dear. Those awful concoctions in today's post. I just don't understand that kind of food at all and that's what so many of the culinary schools teach- it's hotel food of the most old fashioned sort.
    You have a tough job!!!!
    Big hugs,

    1. So many of them look like Aubusson rugs to me!

  9. You've pushed me over the edge so many times this year with all of your incredible photos of food. But your first painting in this post put a big smile on my face! :-)

  10. OMG :) What a feast!
    The seafood would be just right for me right now!

  11. OMG , OMG. This is the top of the Christmas tree...I don't know what to eat first!!!!!!

  12. That incredible food is all the more incredible to me because they cook it on spec, just trusting enough people will want and can afford it! It's perishable for heaven's sake! Do you think a little dumpster diving would turn up some pearls?

  13. Oh my it all looks so luscious! All so OTT, and well suited to Marie-Antoinette.


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