Sunday, December 08, 2013

La Vie du Chat

Cats are king in Paris not just those little dogs you see everywhere...
Paris windows are full of chats/cats.
I need a lion armrest on my office chaise me thinks.
A cat purse pour toi?
Is this a rug for your cat?
Cats and bears are quite chummy in French kids books.
You do not see many cats in the Metro except in Posters...
Though I did see two otters or gerbils or some kind of furry creatures in the Metro last week. You tell me.
Is your cat requesting a holiday in Paris?
Or perhaps both your cat AND dog would like to take a trip. Sophie and Jack went to none other than Polly Porchen's Parlour?
Let me know PBers. There's still time before Xmas.


  1. Replies
    1. Debbie6:16 AM

      I agree, pretty sure they are ferrets.

  2. your post on le chat (we brought my sweet girl with us from SF), anyway, I bought French monopoly for my sons for Christmas and guess what the new game piece is??? Mais oui, le chat! So now there is a chien and a chat. Needless to say, everyone in our household will be fighting over who gets to be the cat. =^..^=

  3. Ah for the life of a Parisian chat!

  4. That opening shot is quite a grabber!
    As long as I've been looking a photos of Paris, I never would have dreamt that cats were right up there with dogs in popularity. Your watercolors are great, BTW :) And, I think that the subway critters are ferrets - but one is pretty plump & otter looking.

  5. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Haha! I think those gerbils might be

  6. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Ferrets! I love your paintings

  7. Oooh love the cats, Carol! I actually saw the cat purse in Paris in October and didn't buy it. Now, I regret it! Love, Jamie

  8. Your awnings pop out so nicely!
    You would like my grandfather's dining room set that we have for your post..Lions heads..

  9. I do so love my Beaux in front of Ladurée! Merci, Carol!

  10. Hi there, the light tan is definitely a ferret ("furet") though ot so sure of the darker one, I'd dearly love a ferret. specially taking walkies, but doubt my whippet and Jack Russell would approve ~ they chase anything that moves, and then it doesn't move any more!! Poshepoche

  11. I love the cats. Love 'em -- but then you know that! Glad to see they are getting their due in Paris!

  12. Whatever they are, they look enough like rodents that I am amazed the dogs haven't gone for their throats. It truly must be the season of the lion and the lamb.

  13. Nancy C4:15 PM

    Those weasely looking critters are ferrets. Some people keep them as house pets, like cats. They have to be de-scented, and they still are seriously slimey looking. They have been known to bit babies.

  14. Yes, I think they are ferrets.


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