Sunday, June 23, 2013

Salon Int. de la Maison de Poupee

Are you obsessed with dollshouse things?

Then you should have been at Espace Champeret today for the 1-day only Salon International de la Maison Poupee.

Bear was quite insistent we go. After all there were 100 dealers from all over the world present. Including PBer Marie-Paule who made these exquisite woven straw bits and pieces.
Isn't it fun pretending Summer has arrived? Miam miam
So many miniature-smitten, obsessed visitors.
One obsessed visitor couldn't take her eyes off this jam jar cupboard.
Look! French cheese-making was going on onsite.
Brit craftswoman, Angie Scarr gives classes in Andalucia (where Summer has arrived by the way, a very good reason to go).
And a perfect miniature of a patisserie tradionnelle with glass paintings to boot!
Many amazingly detailed miniatures like I've never seen before...
Teeny, tiny hand-cut silhouette pictures to hang behind your spinet while you pound out the Mozart.
I fell head over heels for these little puppet theatres.
Don't they look just like this real one in the Butte Chaumont park?
These were brought to the Salon by Argentinian Reina Mab.
Bear fell head over paws for these handsome mini bear musicians...
You could so easily break the bank at a miniature salon like this. At least there are no calories to count...
Wouldn't it be nice to pack up all your things in these mini Vuitton trunks?
Guess who will be packing pretty soon?
Guess who finally found another apartment to move to?
Guess who will be having A Watercolor MOVING SALE on Tuesday on Etsy? 3 guesses? Stay tuned.


Connie said...

Miniature Bonne Maman jars???? Trop mignonne!!!!!

rosanna said...

this was the first time that I miss SIMP
I have been an exhibitor for 3 years and a visitors for another 3... I missed it today ans now I regret it even more.
I think you had fun ;o)

Madonna/aka/Ms Lemon of Make Mine Lemon said...

So glad you found an apartment. I am in the process of making apricot jam, but I am thinking maybe I should have just bought some Bonne Maman. I don't mind the work, but I think I picked an inferior recipe or maybe I am just impatient.

Jeanette, Mistress of Longears said...

Bear was right! What a show!

La Table De Nana said...

Your aquarelle..:)as a very young girl..Bécassine..was one of my favorite heroines:)
I loved her..and you just brought back a flood of memories..must go Google what she has been up to:)

I do love miniatures..still have our daughters 2 dollhouses in the attic w/ some furnishings and even a small dollhouse in my kitchen..on top of the cupboards..should refresh it:)

Those miniatures are all such beautiful works of art..
We must do a housewarming for you when you move!
Bear looks positively huge beside the minis..(sshhhh.. don't repeat's all in the perspective of things:) )

laSeineMiniatures said...

It was a pleasure to meet you today. And of course bear! I love the photo with the aquarelle and the cherry in the basket. What a great idea Carol!

Parisbreakfasts said...

My niece's wrecked my dollshouse ;((
It was my pride and joy at one time...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Did they sell any miniature edible croissants?
Just wondering

La Table De Nana said...

Bear..I know that..that is why I said it was the perspective..
You are perfect..just the way you are..if I was in a house of miniatures..I would be the Friendly Giant.
Truly Bear.. x
Plus you are dressed to the nines in Paris w/ your black and white..and stripes.
Je t'aime.

Bill said...

Those little puppet theaters are fantastic! Those trunks are pretty inviting, too. I wonder if it's easier to dream in miniature?

Miss Holly said...

Oh my gosh...I would have given anything to have been there!!!-
The wicker and the favorites!!!

365 Dresses said...

Love the wicker and the trunks---but the cherry in the basket, is definitely the best!

Nikon said...

Very cute, the little pitchers are my favorite for some reason :)

Parisbreakfasts said...

That cherry/cerise needs to STOP eating French patisserie. It could barely fit into the petite pannier ;((

Anonymous said...

I think etsy is how I discovered you. You have inspired me to have my chef aka my husband become a great maccaron maker:)

Parisbreakfasts said...

What a smart cookie!

Anonymous said...

As usual a great article.
Have a great summer in Paris!
Cheers xxx

sillygirl said...

So glad you will still be living in Paris!!!!

Sue said...

Those do like good fun! Love the harpsichord or piano or whatever...charmante! Your sketch up top is wonderful--is she Breton? love it...

Jeanie said...

I couldn't talk Rick into going here, but my ever-increasing list for the next trip already had this spot on -- but I hadn't seen photos, so extra thanks!

cyndid from SD said...

I too am so happy that you get to continue your wonderful life in Paris.Yayyy!!

NataliaR said...

Oh! today's post just steals my imagination!
I could easily spend my day in this glorious Salon de Poupee!
(just have to remember to leave my purse and cash at home!)

Anonymous said...

I love this one!
Is it an annual event?

Parisbreakfasts said...

I believe so Lynn
You'll have to check the site SIMP

Prairie Jill said...

Oh, I'm glad Bear made you go! He has such great ideas.
What wonderful miniatures. I love the puppet theatres and the bear musicians, but oh the boulangerie!! Hope you gave in to temptation and bought something. After all, they are miniatures, so they won't be hard to move!

Parisbreakfasts said...

I bought one teeny tiny radish (2€)
See above bottom right