Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Frederic Desessard of Giverny

I used to be quite obsessed with miniatures.
So in the massive gift shop at Monet's Giverny
When I came upon a miniature version of his atelier.
I was smitten.
Never mind. As I headed back to the bus for Vernon
The very road I'd been in such a tear to get to Monet's maison looked completely different.
Well I hadn't noticed it at all.
Or the enticing signs for B and Bs along the way.
Sometimes taking the road less traveled leads you past the bus without realizing and you make wonderful discoveries.
Like this little shop of Frederic Desessard, full of miniature tableaux.
Each more charming than the next!
Lots of little greenhouses and conservatories of course.
All very Victorian of course.
Full of British bits and bobs.
An Eiffel Tower is required.
Mini painting sets anyone can afford if you can't spring for the full room.
Every single item is made from found objects.
In M. Desessard's own words:
The miniature life scenes that you are going to discover in this gallery are made from waste-materials such as cork, plastic, metal fragments, wood, cloth, paper and cardboard.
I hope you will be surprised to see what we can accomplish with these every day objects.
My work is usually concentrated in the years 1940s and 50s.
During that period there was a multitude of original objects found in houses, barns, garages and on verandas unique in their style.
Please enjoy you visit and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me.
Bonne visite a tous
F. Desessard, Giverny
Sometimes it works out for the best to wander a off the beaten path. Of course I found the bus eventually.
Frederic Desessard
L'Universe Miniature
81 rue Claude Monet
27620 Giverny


  1. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Vraiment charmant!

  2. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Ooh LaLa!
    What a nice post.The little village of Giverny is so wonderful. When I went to France I stayed there in a B and B for 4 days to get over Jet Lag. It was a nice way to come alive.In the latter part of the days after the tour busses leave the gardens are so quiet . And there are artists who have gotten permission to go in and paint . I can just see you there! Its a very fun place after hours.

  3. OMG! L-O-V-E. Takes me back to when I was eight...there was wonderful doll furniture then. Bravo Monsieur D.!

  4. Your first watercolor is just wonderful, you have captured the little birds personality when I did not know he had one since he is glass. I say he because he has such color.

    Assemblage is usually not my "cup of tea", but in this case M. Desessard is quiet talented.

    Love the aquarelle..I painted a small bird in Les Alpes Maritimes:)I still have it in my journal..I thought of it right away..
    Those conservatories and greenhouses..
    So so charming..Lovely post.

  6. What glorious finds! I'm totally smitten with the garden tableaux. Way better than a fairy garden!

  7. Who knew getting lost could be so fun. :) Love the miniature of Monet's atelier. Love the miniature store as well as the views along the way. Sure enjoying your visit to Giverny.

  8. Carol, I can see that your Giverny discoveries on the way back from chez Monet were a lovely gift from fate. M. Desassard looks to be a kindred spirit of yours.

    Do you think that you might return to Giverny for a longer stay in one of those B&B places, to have a longer time to experience the charm of the area?

    It does look tempting. xo

  9. How fabulous! what a great post with such charming pieces. I love the little painting sets!Just lovely Carol, Fran T xo

  10. These miniatures are adorable, Carol. Missed these last time we were there. We live only 40 mins drive from Giverny but honestly, these B&Bs are rather tempting and with so many gorgeous little picnic spots along the river, too. Love this place! You've inspired me to pay another visit, methinks!

  11. Tis trés beau
    Stop in the tourist office for kid stuff to do..it's on the road to the Maison

  12. Oooh, I love miniatures as well! Doesn't the Smithsonian have an amazing collection? Would love to visit it!!!


  13. What a fantastic little shop and the beautiful things he makes. One thing l noticed is that he didn't have his name on the shop and what he did. Might have got more customers if he had. This is number two newsletter l am answering from, still getting three each day.lol

  14. So glad you got to visit more of the area after you dashed off to Giverney--the whole place looks charming--I can certainly see why Monet was so inspired to paint in that environment. The little shops are quaint, too.

  15. I love miniatures too---and have a wonderful big dollhouse (which is in storage now as I have moved--sorry you never got to see my grand house and my Paris room). In case you do not know of this artist Joe Fig and his wonderful art work--the studios of artists



  16. Wendy in Baltimore1:15 PM

    Thanks so much for the lovely posts about Giverny! I’ve been there, and it was wonderful, but I never knew about the miniatures that you saw there. I thought that you may have bought the atelier, but on closer look at the photo, I noticed the 800 euro price tag!!! I started collecting miniatures on trips to England & Wales, where I have found some exquisite items. I have forced myself to stop, after filling a lighted, corner cupboard with them, and also putting together a greenhouse full of veggies, tools, and all sorts of garden implements, plus a pair of “wellies”. I guess I can blame my mother for my addiction, as she once worked at the Washington Dolls’ House Museum, which was down the street from our house. She had a British accent,
    which came in handy for the birthday tea parties that they would put on for children. It’s closed now.
    The next time we get to Paris, we’ll take another trip to Giverny, and L’Universe Minature.
    Thanks for the gorgeous pictures!

    1. I used to paint from miniatures all the time but not dollhouse minis (1 - 12).
      The bigger Japanese ones. I had a big collection I foolishly gave away except for a few pieces.
      It still drives me nuts to think about..
      But I thought I needed to pair down for the move to Paris.
      They filled a shoebox so really didn't take up much space : (
      C'est la vie...

  17. I've been a sucker for minis since I was a kid. As an adult I resisted the urge to get one of those giant houses and fix it up to be my own little mini-palace, just because I didn't need one more hobby... but I wanted to! I didn't know about or discover M. Desessard, which is quite a shame -- though probably better for the budget.

  18. I love miniatures also & these are fascinating - would love to wander around his shop. Does he sell pieces?

  19. Wow! What could capture our imaginations more than miniatures? Escaping into a tiny world all of our own!?
    What a fantastic post,Carol!

  20. Anonymous3:19 AM

    so cool - I've never noticed those shops - I'm always in such a hurry to get to the garden, and then find a place to paint (usually on the square) eat....Thanks for the info! Next time! Jerie

  21. Charming. I love miniatures, too. In a past life, I used to love making dollhouse furniture and textiles. Sigh...I still love them. I wonder if my little granddaughter will want to have a dollhouse?

  22. Anonymous8:18 PM

    OMG, I LOVE miniatures - there's a whole fantastic collection at the Chicago Art Museum.
    I'll definitely go this way when I go to Giverny, probably next Spring. thanks for sharing.

  23. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Ha! The exact same thing happened to me at Giverny - I thought I was losing my mind!! Unfortunately, I did not handle it as calmly and as observantly as you. Another lesson .. Don't panic! So happy you are loving France. We love it that you moved!

    1. Why panic?
      There will always be another bus.
      On the train they don't even check yr ticket. I went back early!?


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