Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mini Interview

Jennifer in Australia requested help with her essay for art class..."we have been asked to choose 6 Artists to include in our essay, I would like to include you"
1. What inspires you to paint?...especially the food side of it.
History has to come into it, since I used to sneak down to the pantry at 6 AM and steal cookies when I was 5. Who knew I'd end up painting those cookies? I did start out painting coffee cups and petit dejeuner here at PB, but swiftly moved on to desserts. Now it's mini desserts! Less calories...

Fantin-Latour - Roses and Lilies

2. What three artists have been your inspiration?
Odilon Redon - Vase of Flowers
This one is easy, though the list is much longer than just 3 artists.
Chardin - Brioche

Manet - Brioche

David Dewey

Hmmm...a lot of brioche and flowers, but not a cookie in the bunch?

3. What would you call yourself?...You probably don't like being tagged, if not I will completely understand, eg- impressionist, contemporary, etc...purely to satisfy my essay.
I have no clue what to call myself - Obsessed mini-dessert-still life-watercolorists? You tell me.
4. I also have to analyse/describe 3 of your paintings...I'm never going to be able to choose.
You'll have to do that one on your own Jennifer.
Anne Corrons said...macarons seem to be always close to me! A key analytical clue to my paintings...


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Ah Fantin-Latour's Roses and Lilies is wonderful. Good choice. As are the rest, but alas they do not paint the macarons that Carol Gillot is famous for painting. :)

Janice C. Cartier said...

A life long obsession with cookies leads to fame and fortune...:)

Lovely choices for inspiration, they painted life intime very well.

Isn't it hard to label ourselves? We look, we drool, we paint. Not quite veni vidi vici, but it works for me. :)

A Brush with Color said...

Sweet, Carol! Great post! and she'll probably get an A+ now for her interview.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, I think that one of your Venezia paintings would be my favorite.........though, they have no macaroons.....

Anne Corrons said...

All my Parisian friends are also impressed to see what you do with macarons. Hope we can eat macarons together next time you go to Paris!!!! For now, I'm eating Spanish tapas!!!!

Anonymous said...

Really LOVE all the "water/glass" blogs, and yer cute little lessons, and your responses to your little school-girl fan.

Anonymous said...

damn girl, you have ALOT of macarons!

Manger La Ville said...

I love your interview. That must be such an honor. It is great seeing the still life that has influenced you.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you were trying to be wholesome for the sake of the schoolgirl reading this post....but I deplore the advent of MILK at Paris Breakfasts. The only milk on PB should be that very little milk in chocolate chaud or in cafe au lait. Milk is NOT fit to be drunk with macarons-one of the most sophisticated cookies ever conceived! Non! Non! Non! Macarons must be accompanied by an exquisite double espresso or perhaps an estate darjeeling, either of which must be served in a china cup with saucer and of course some nice shiny silverware. Please return to your senses and pull out the mini champagne bottle!
PS perhaps the glass-painting homework has made me a tad cranky. Crankier.

Anonymous said...

Morning Carol,

You're wonderful...thank you so much and I feel extra special that it was included in your ParisBreakfast blog.
I loved the "Obsessed mini-dessert-still life-watercolorists"
I'm sure in years to come you have just invented a new era, right up there with the post-impressionists.

I am sure to get a distinction in this exam now!!!!!...................

Kind Regards

Parisbreakfasts said...

There is nothing wrong with milk + macarons Jeanette.
Milk and cookies is a classic combo and a macaron is after all just a glorified and deified Oreo sandwich cookie.
We must not lose our perspective here...ahem

Dee said...

Great blog! I completely agree re. the macaron+milk combo :) Unfortunately, I still can't get macarons right :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

How nice to get back from vacation and have a mailbox full of Paris
Great watercolors of glasses!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

How nice to get back from vacation and have a mailbox full of Paris
Great watercolors of glasses!

Anonymous said...

eh? i see a re-ment set of miniature macarons and milk... why have i not seen this before??