Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Les Chocolats Foucher

Une petite visite today to an old fashioned candy shop Les Chocolats Foucher Just across the street from La Grande Epicier on 134, rue Bac, when you set foot in this tiny intimate shop you return to the 1920s. Still family-owned since 1819, Foucher has cleverly kept their original Arte Deco graphics on the packaging. Why do so many shops feel they must modernize?I love chocolate maps, but I love all maps and this one is a winner A charming example of one of Foucher's box covers...they even have post cards of all these designs.Foucher's boîtes de chocolats "Prestige" I was first drawn to Foucher at the Salon du Chocolat by these irresistable art deco wrappers on their tablettes de chocolat, so I was delighted to find their shop. A PB reader sent me there. But all of their candies have an old fashioned feel to them - it's the kind of place where your grandmere would have shopped... And don't forget les petite bouchees! Bouchée means filled chocolate in a big version. The French sometimes skip lunch and have one entier bouchée instead. And if you have a big mouth, you can eat it in one bite, vous en faites une seule bouchée. Here's a menu with all the details. They have tea too at Foucher and bien sur, les macarons. In fact there's a tiny tea salon at the back of the shop for poor weary L'Epicier shoppers to come and recoup, but that's another story for another day...
Bye bye Foucher. See you in October


  1. Oooooh--I love their packaging, Carol! I can see why you fell in love with those. Fun post--I feel like I've been there now. Thanks for taking me!

  2. My kind of lunch!!! I want that one with the nuts and goodies exposés. Gorgeous wraps...sigh.

    Merci. Now I must have chocolate today....too tempting are these. ;-)

  3. A chocolate map!
    Oh, temptation,
    now lurking in the glove compartment?
    Does it melt in summer's heat?
    Freeze in winter?
    Ah, the worries!
    Better it right away.
    No more worries.
    Only ounces.
    To the glove department.

  4. Better eat it right away.
    (See, what chocolate does to me?)

    I shared a little Rose Macaron today.
    There's a little lychee (litchi?) in its middle. Did you know that? (I ususally don't eat my props, but this one was either ditch or savour. Guess what.

  5. Love the packaging on the tablets...vintage beauty! It's been ages since I've been there...hopefully I can swing by thos Christmas! Thanks for the virtual visit!1

  6. Hand to heart--because of you I am having a piece of chocolate with my coffee this a.m. I hope you feel good about inspiring such debauchery.;-)

  7. I love that chocolate map too. and the packaging. but even more I love whats inside of the packaging. :))

  8. Wow just look at the sweet. Love the tins for teas as well. :-)

  9. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Carol, a wonderful blog, as always. Thank you so much for continuing Petit Dejeuner Paris. :> I like it because it's so feminine and pretty. Your post on Foucher reminds me of ma grand mere-- when we visited Ohio on holidays my favorite treat was the Petit Fours she always had. Are Petit Fours indeed French and have you done any blogs on them? Thanks so very much.

  10. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Those candy bar wrappers! Next trip you must buy one of each, EVEN if you just throw all that chocolate away! (Did I just say that?)
    I have long maintained the tradition of trading a special treat for a dull meal...! Absolutely worth it! :-)

  11. LOVE this! Especially the chocolate map.

  12. Anonymous1:11 AM

    Thank you for your nice comments. We are very proud of our quasi bicentennial history and our collection of Art nouveau and Art deco wrappers and boxes. Did you know that many of them have been made by famous artists. One of your photos represents a box made by Madeleine Lemaire around 1900. A few of them have been made by Vasarely before he was famous. We could show you more.
    Your photos are very good. I hope we will see you again at Foucher's. Please let us know when you come.
    Bernard Grangé, President, Sixth generation.


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