Friday, September 29, 2006

Inside The Box

P Hermé's Emotion IsfahanHave you heard of "thinking outside the box"? Well I'm thinking about inside the box. Imagine you're in a Parisian pâtisserie...
I did these 2 paintings this morning..which do you like best? You've taken hours to make your choice, not to mention the angst you felt just entering the place. You anticipate that moment back at your hotel, gently opening the boite (box).. The chocolate icing still tasted yummy..You open the box et voilà. Your precious pastry is smooshed inside. This is not a happy moment. You've come a long way for this "cupcake". Maybe you even dreamed about it at length. Maybe you showed up first thing Monday morning and found the pâtisserie of your dreams closed.
It happened to me :(
Perfection awaits youThis is why Pierre Hermé is king of Parisian pâtisseries (except for the bit about being closed on Mondays). He's thought it all out and planned for these mini-catastrophes. His pastry box has a specially fitted inner lining so almost NOTHING falls over.

And nothing get's smooshed either in transit. No yummy chocolate icing wasted. And you don't have to make a fool of yourself, licking out the box, even if no one is looking.
Hermé's boxes are a wonderful soft dove grey just like Paris' grey skies.

I want this sac du boitesThe phrase "thinking outside the box" means to "think creatively" or "be original". Pierré Hermé thinks creatively inside the box in every way. And he has something else up his sleeve. A new online collection is coming out soon. Go sign up at his site

Do you think customs will let me bring back Paris' beautiful boxes to show you? Hmmm...


  1. OH MY GOSH! Yep, I'd be disappointed too -- but you can bet your boots I'd be licking the box without a moment's hesitation!! ADORE the painting, Carole!!!!

  2. Are you coming to Paris?

  3. I gain ten pounds just looking at your posts everyday.

  4. there is a lot to be said for well designed packaging but even more, tender loving care for edible art! ne c'est pas?

  5. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Delicious looking paintings!
    And those boxes look yummy too.

  6. Inside or outside the box is fine with me, Just let me eat cake!

    Herme, might think of the inside of the box...but, you paint both worlds beautifully!!

  7. Anonymous3:40 PM

    You painted the same thing twice! And both versions are lovely. Of course. Pierre Herme, here we come!

  8. Anonymous4:12 PM

    I painted it 2x because I wasn't satisfied and I may have to do it more times to get it RIGHT!

  9. Anonymous6:33 PM

    YES! Finally, a box to prevent edible art from SMOOSHING... Love it!

  10. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Is that an Emotion Ispahan I spy? I am so jealous!

    Did you know I brought back boxes from all the patisseries I visited in Paris, all carefully flattened and packed away in my luggage? They are precious souvenirs!

  11. Oh Anita! A girl after my own heart. Now why didn't I think of that? I came back with a dozen small chocolate boxes - not as interesting as those cake boxes. I will do it this trip. The French box industry is witty and inventive. And yes that's the lovely Emotion Ispahan :)

  12. Excellent thinking indeed.

    Haha, when I was in NY for fashion week, I planned a whole day around going to this famous bakery, only to turn up and find it closed... merde.

    Those Parisian cupcakes are so exquisite.

  13. your whole post is one delicious eye candy with wonderful watercolors and yummy pasteries.

  14. oh how yummy can a blog be? here it is all 2500 calories of it! love ly!

  15. Oh I hate those "smoosh" moments...doesn't stop me from scooping out the remainders though :)

  16. When I go home I spend hours looking at packaging and I want to bring so many back, tucked away in my suitcase! And to think they even have engineers competing to produce "zee" packaging of the year! It's a whole different mindset over there, and I like it. It makes the whole chosing, buying, opening, eating much more like an experience than just a moment in time.

  17. Anonymous11:47 AM

    I looked at your, Inside the Box!!! Always "élégance". 3 days ago I bought a "tarte au citron" chez Hermé. I thought of you, even if it wasn't a chocolat gâteau. In fact, you're right. When I got home and began to open the boîte, it was a moment of pure magie. But too short because I ate much too fast, not like Fastfood but like fastwoman!

  18. Anonymous2:20 PM

    what a marvelous post.

  19. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Any of these cakes, real or painted, inside or outside.....yes please, give me one of each!

  20. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
    I like your superimposed the real against your drawings.

  21. Carol,
    I am coming over
    right now,
    I'll bring
    an entire suitcase
    of French cakes,
    I'll make sure the
    packaging is in place,
    you can paint them,
    and I'll eat the leftovers.
    Should I bring violette tea
    or champagne?

  22. great googly moogly..

    I can't wait until you come here and then we can...OVER SUGARIFY OURSELVES!!

  23. Anonymous10:14 PM

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