Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Français 101

Yesterday was a tough one so I'm making up for it with some FRENCH silliness and it's not wine, art or macarons silliness. I used to think FRENCH POP stunk! Yup, I only listened to www.radioitalia.it But then I fell out of love with Tuscany and back in love with Paris. YAY In my little studio on rue Vavin I was expecting a TV, a computer...Hey, communication with the outside world, but there was zip. Désespérément, I ran to the nearest FNAC and bought a "combo" for 39 euros et voilà! The HOTTEST song my combo played over and over was JEUNE DEMOISELLE by DIAM'S, a jeune rappeuse (a young femme rap singer). Watch the video here. Just cliquéz the button, regarder la video. Here are some of the paroles (words). Google's translation leaves alot to be desired...
Jeune demoiselle recherche un mec mortel
Un mec qui pourrait me donner des ailes
Un mec fidèle et qui n'a pas peur qu'on l'aime
Donc si t'as les critères babe laisse moi ton e-mail Ok here's what [ Translate this page ] says: Young young lady seeks a mortal guy (mec)
A guy who will be able to give me wings
A faithful guy and who is not afraid that one like it
Thus if has you the babe criterion leaves me your e-mail So where are the so-called FRENCH leçons in all this nonsense? I believe in sleep learning / awake learning. The same goes when learning FRENCH. If you have FRENCH blasting day and night something will sink in - the process of osmosis. Oui, and the fastest, cheapest way to get to Paris is via NRJ, pronounced énergie, on your computer. It's the #1 POP station in France.
It's hard to paint without music blasting music? Everyone is blasting music anyway...Thank you i-pod. So it might as well be FRENCH music, pourquoi pas? On your AirFrance flight over you can hear NRJ top hits too.
cliquéz on NRJ. Then hit NRJ on the list. A big ridiculously, futuristic window will pop up. What's great is you get the song titles and album covers, so you can run out and buy your favorites. Plus there's a WEB CAM button - you can look into NRJ's studio!
I love it that NJR plays multi-culti music - Spanish / Italian / American / English / French / Brazilian / Rap, everything you can't hear on any one US station. And NRJ makes the transition to Paris so easy. You get there, turn on the radio et voilà! You'll feel chez toi, tout suite if you've been listening back home...
For some real FRENCH silliness. Watch any Jacques Tati DVD -> MON ONCLE or PLAYTIME from the greatest comic of French cinema. Tati made fun of the French love for le gadget and would have had a good laugh at NRJ bien sur. Now I'm listening to SHY'M - FEMME DE COULEUR and MISTIK FEAT. And don't ask me where they come up with these silly names SHY'M, MYSTIK FEAT, DIAM'S!? Tomorrow I'll get back to wine. I have a Riesling tasting this afternoon...à toute à l'heure


  1. My favorite french music right now:
    Anais - the Cheap Show
    Les Grands Corps Malades

    And you have to go to her website and watch the Wes Anderson-like video of Mareva - Ukeyeye! She is this generations pretty, sings ok and dating an older, famous, french gentleman. This is a particularly French thing. But "Pourquoi Non Moi" is an awesome song.

    I was going to blog about this but maybe now I don't have to...

  2. Oooooo Lady K,
    PLEASE do blog about it! French pop is a well kept secret outside of France IMO
    And you can pick up bits of language along the way surprisingly..I'll look up that singer..sounds familiar..can't wait MERCI!

  3. Whenever I spent a few days in France (haven't been to my homeland for four years now - bad health is responsible for that) I used to discover some wonderful music, like Lhasa de Sela, for instance.

    I well remember silly French pop songs from my youth.

  4. Y'know I think it was Maitresse's blog that introduced me to Ukeyeye! Bad not to give credit. But I was hearing it and seeing it all over the place. The same with Anais. The giant metro posters! Very effective advertising!

  5. It's funny about French pop music and it's export (or not) outside of France. I think in one's own country you just assume that the rest of the world hears it.

    On another point, have any of you listened to Paris Live radio?

  6. Great post! I've just moved to Geneva and need to learn French very quickly, I hadn't thought of listening to music to help me. A trip to the Caribbean many years ago lead to my discovery of the fantastic music of the French speaking world. I don't know why it's such a secret, music trancends the language barrier.

  7. Anonymous4:56 AM

    OK... I'm going to be a total dork because the Translated lyrics are driving me crazy:

    Jeune demoiselle recherche un mec mortel
    (Young lady looking for a mortal guy)
    Un mec qui pourrait me donner des ailes
    (A guy who could give me wings)
    Un mec fidèle et qui n'a pas peur qu'on l'aime
    (A faithful guy who isn't afraid to be loved)
    Donc si t'as les critères babe laisse moi ton e-mail
    (So, if you fit the bill babe, leave me your e-mail)

    Please forgive this anal retentive quality. I'm a virgo.

    I totally agree with the osmosis learning. French TV learned me lots and lots of French.

    I rarely listen to the radio (unless I'm in the car) and my house is so chaotic that I prefer quiet when painting, but I do love me some French pop too. Anais, CGainsbourg. However, my latest fetish is Sandi Thom (punk rockers and flowers)...

    And finally, PB, I'm sorry that Blogger Beta blocked you from commenting on my site. I've found that getting around this so I can post on your site, is clicking "Other" and then filling in the blanks. Maybe this will work for you?... I hope this is a hiccup that will be addressed soon by Blogger. Gar. Would have liked to know what you were going to post before finding out you were blocked... :)

  8. Hi Jennc AND A BIG THANKS for the correct translation though you can figure out what the silly song is about by watching the video..I did.
    I kind of like Google's idiotic translations - finally there's something Google does that isn't perfect. BTW Google is my middle name :)
    Hmmm...I could add yr text to the post..

  9. One thing more and I hate to clog up my own comments :(
    I used to listen to Bach, Beethoven, Handel etc..I wasn't always crazy for POP...course now I can't give them the time of day :)

  10. Anonymous2:12 PM

    I see you are always with your Vavin's traumatism about no TV, no PC !! it's very funny!

  11. Anonymous2:12 PM

    I see you are always with your Vavin's traumatism about no TV, no PC !! it's very funny!

  12. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Ma chère Carol,
    Tu devrais essayer de peindre avec du chocolat, des bonbons, et quelques gouttes de vin...
    Ton blog est superbe.

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