Monday, September 25, 2006

Guest Artists

Anyone else change their desktop wallpaper 6x a day? I invited some guest artists into the pigment shop this week. A friend told me about Duane Keiser's Painting-A-Day blog. WOW!The master creator of P.A.D.s, Duane Keiser made it with his perfect slice of cucumber. That cucumber got us all thinking. Hmmm...a painting a day. I jumped into the blog pool and then pushed Luis in. Other guest artists have dropped by the shop. This week Peter Yesis told a funny story of his venture into the great outdoors, pleine aire painting. I couldn't resist putting his landscape setup on the desktop. Luis likes drama, entrails and Carravaggio paintings. I find them too dark, and when he's not looking I'll switch them. On Saturdays I'm in the shop alone, so I go to town. With all the Painting-A-Day blogs out there, the options are huge. Paul Hutchinson paints gutsy oils on the other side of the globe on the North Island, New Zealand. He told me his island is so small they only have cows, no sheep. I live on the island of Manna-hatta and have not seen a single cow or sheep outside the Children's Zoo... R. Chunn spent the last 4 years traveling around Latin America. His Morandi-like still lifes are brilliantly colored.He quotes Lucian Freud, "I paint the way I can, not the way I want to". Yesterday, I was trying to clean up the floor - why do I mistake any flat surface for a shelf? I came across an artist's web address from 2001. With Google's help I found Tom Wood, a British artist who now lives in Hong Kong.Do drop in on these artists: