Sunday, June 14, 2015


This past weekend was the 1st ever 2-day Paris-Basque event held in the 16th arr. along the Seine.
I almost didn't go but the last minutes decided why not?
Dress code: red and black
With lots of RED
Lots of dancing and singing
More dancing
And of course regional foods with a decidedly Spanish influence.
White gazpacho. I was too late for all the grilled meats unfortunately.
Local Basques cheeses.
Fried milk. So many free tastes.
They gave you whole tins of the best-ever anchovies from Salanort in Spain. i wanted to buy more. They kept giving me tins! These are smooth as silk and honey. No bones.
Do you know of Paries? They have a newish shop in Paris at 9 rue Saint Placide with classic Basques sweets. Kanougas are their wonderful caramels in 5 flavors.
Of course mini Basque gateaux. Or you could buy full-size cakes.
Their fabulous ice creams are a don't-miss but the line was too long. Do visit them in Paris.
A big plus visiting these fetes all over Paris - you see parts of town you might never get to ordinarily.
The architecture in the 16th is very Belle Epoch. I looked up and noticed the architect was none other than Hector Guimard for this atelier of sculptor Jean-Babtiste Carpeaux. Look at that row of windows at the top and imagine the light.
Belle Epoch restaurants like Le Methusalem too.
Looks very fun.
One thing about going to regional fetes - you find out about other fetes if you take note of the T-shirts.
Was Paris-Basques fun?
You bet. I hope it becomes an annual tradition in Paris.


  1. Looks like so much fun! I'm not very familiar with the Basque region and culture but you've piqued my interest! The culinary offerings look amazing.

    1. Basque cuisine is influenced by the abundance of produce from the sea on one side and the fertile Ebro valley on the other. The great mountainous nature of the Basque Country has led to a difference between coastal cuisine dominated by fish and seafood, and inland cuisine with fresh and cured meats, many vegetables and legumes, and freshwater fish and salt cod. The French and Spanish influence is strong also, with a noted difference between the cuisine of either side of the modern border; even iconic Basque dishes and products, such as txakoli from the South, orGâteau Basque (Biskotx) and Jambon de Bayonne from the North, are rarely seen on the other side.

      Basques have also been quick to absorb new ingredients and techniques from new settlers and from their own trade and exploration links. Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal created a chocolate and confectionery industry in Bayonne still well-known today, and part of a wider confectionery and pastry tradition across the Basque Country. Basques embraced thepotato and the capsicum, used in hams, sausages and recipes, with pepper festivals around the area, notably Ezpeleta andPuente la Reina.

      Olive oil is more commonly used than butter in Basque cooking.

      Thank you Wikipedia!

  2. Maureen7:22 AM

    Carol, I rented an apt. in the 16th arr. in 1999 . It is a very elegant arrondissement. We loved it. I noticed that many, many dogs were at street level but all the cats sat on roofs and window ledges high above the streets! We enjoyed our daily shopping at all the specialty food stores and stalls. It was a nice brisk walk to Palais de Chaillot and the Seine

    1. I must explore more in the 16th. Paris is a treasure chest of adventures!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun..what a pretty girl:)

    If possible I think you are even busier Spring/Summer:)

    1. Hmmm...a lot more outdoor things to do in Paris in Spring/Summer

  4. Ann K9:30 AM

    How fun!!!!

  5. Robin1:23 PM

    Hector Guimard apartment building in today's blog
    This looks very much like the apartment building that was featured in "Last Tango in Paris." Could it be?

  6. Foodwalker2:53 PM

    Are you talking about the anchovies from Cantabria or the Costa Brava? The ones form Coullioure are equal to these , I think.

    1. No idea? These are from Getaria.
      The best I've ever tasted but then I dont get around much in Spain these days.

    2. Foodwalker8:20 PM

      That's Cantabria. They are prized! I do love the jars of Coulioure anchovies. Yum.

    3. Ahhh...OK. Those are French! I could be persuaded .
      Coulioure is supposed to be a beautiful town to paint.

    4. From Amazon:
      The Bay of Biscay where the Cantabrian Sea kisses the shores of Northern Spain is rich with sea life and renowned for having the best anchovies in the world.
      These live up to their reputation with a fantastic flavour and flesh that melts in your mouth - we haven't found better.
      Unlike many tinned anchovies that have an overpowering flavour, these little fishes are so delicious you could eat the whole tin!
      Each and every one of these anchovies is processed by hand. They are skinned, boned and trimmed before being cured in barrels of salt in the traditional way. You will not find better quality taste or texture than this.

  7. Isn't the color scrumptious~ and such beautiful people.

  8. Vicki2:58 PM

    we are mere kilometers from Pays Basque. This really shows it in a nutshell and you photographed our favorite foods. I love the graphic of the Tour Eiffel combined with the iconic Basque red and white and pelota symbols.

  9. Carolyn9:37 PM

    Hey, what was the white gazpacho? I can't imagine what is in that.

    1. White gazpacho is a classic dish from Spain, earlier versions dating back to when the Moors controlled Andalucia. This version is made with bread, blanched almonds, green grapes, cucumbers, olive oil, and garlic. There's no dairy.
      I Should have gotten it!

  10. Annabelle10:02 PM

    That piece of brown bread looks like Jaws about to gobble up the anchovies!

  11. Hmmm, I don't know if this would be for me, Carol.
    Fried milk? White gazpacho? Anchovies?
    I did love the ending shots of the buildings - the architecture. And, of course, the girl :)

  12. Cristina Speluzzi11:04 PM

    Hello, Carol, I read this and immediately thougt you might like it.
    A painting workshop at Gien faïence factory.
    Enjoy it!!!
    Love, cristina Speluzzi (Argentina)

  13. Cristina Speluzzi1:24 PM

    Hello again. I also found this article in the New York Social Diary. Very interesting indeed!!
    Have a good day!!!

    1. Thank you! I was invited to try ot but was going to Aix and could not ;( another time I hope..


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