Friday, June 19, 2015

Homage to Canaletto's Pup and the June rue du Bac Map

The PARIS MAPS are turning into quite an adventure. I started off thinking I would focus on the wonderful taxidermy shop, DEYROLLE on rue du Bac.
A quick visit
Sent me back to the studio dreaming of zebras all over the map.
Then advance news of this week's BACSUCRE celebration came through
And the zebras took a back seat to chocolate, Mont Blancs and Saint Honorés toute suite.
The 1st step to drawing any map of Paris is to study closely those 'Exit' maps in the Metro.
I don't know why I thought because I love maps and collected them for ages, it would make drawing them easy. It doesn't. I let out an SOS to fabulous map illustrator, SUSAN HUNT YULE, who just happened to subscribe (!?). This complex map of LA on French journal, The Good Life is hers. Small world. Susan uses PhotoShop to put her maps together. She's a pro after all. Maybe some day...
A jump back to my visit in Aix. I saw signs for a Canaletto exhibit at the CAUMONT CENTRE D'ART.
Doesn't the scene above nearby the Caumont look like a Canaletto painting?
A few things you should know about the Caumont. They have a divine tea salon.
And divine cool gardens to take lunch in.
Their gift shop is huge filled with wonderful things.
Including these elegant summer plates, which just happen to be plastic and a mere 11€ each.
You might be wondering what sort of shoes should you wear when visiting the Caumont. Voila!
And don't miss the Baroness' bedroom. This is the luxurious hotel particulier of the Baron de la Tour d'Aigues, Marquise de Caumont, whho dies during the French Revolution.
On to the splendid Canaletto - Rome, London, Venice exhibit at the Caumont.
A map of Venice directing you to all the sites Canaletto painted.
I have always been nuts about his drawings. My teacher, David Dewey, started us off with him. It's his little whimsical figures drawn fluidly with a few pen strokes that get me. 
They pepper his refined architectural renderings and bring them alive.
He uses his little dogs to move your eye around the picture,
Is this a self portrait of the artist at work?
With his darling doggie at his foot? 
I couldn't resist adding Canaletto's pup to this month's map of rue du Bac. I was very tempted to pepper the whole map but settled for just two pups.
You can see more of THE JUNE MAP in my Etsy shop.
et Bonne Weekend!


  1. I love Canaletto - I went to Venice and tried to visit where he had painted. They have a wonderful selection of his art in the John Soane museum and Wallace Collection in London. His eye for details as highlighted by you with the pups show what a fine artist he was

  2. I love how you teach me much;)
    The plastic plates are adorable Carol.

  3. Canaletto is divine. I wish I could see that show! So many landscape artists of the period did lifeless or ridiculous figures, but his hold up under the tightest scrutiny. How did he do it!

    1. Ahh...don't we wish we all knew. Being a wonderfully fluid draftsman doesn't hurt a bit.

  4. Your maps are fabulous! Terrific idea.....
    I love the Caneletto pups & how they make the viewer scan the painting :)

  5. Carol, I've enjoyed seeing how your maps are evolving. Looks like you are having fun with this concept. Also loved the Canaletto exhibit views. Merci from a dog fan. xo

  6. 'Evolved' is the's a learning process Frances all the way!

  7. Bonnie12:13 AM

    love, love, love the puppies this morning...

    It is my birthday - what a lovely way to begin this day!!!

  8. John R12:15 AM

    wonderful post!

  9. Thanks for this fantastic stream of consciousness trip today...and it was A TRIP! I loved it

  10. I am addicted to your letters and now I MUST have the maps! I love your brings me such joy. Merci!

  11. Marie C.1:23 AM

    You really inspire me! I love reading about your life in Paris - great work!

  12. Suzanne1:33 AM

    Paris Maps is a wonderful idea!!! Hooray for you! Can't wait to get my first one

  13. Dolly8:08 AM

    Regarding the street map in today's blog (6th picture with the comment: "The 1st step to drawing any map of Paris is to study closely those 'Exit' maps in the Metro."). Are those maps available only posted in the Metro? Or are they available somewhere for purchase in order to have them at hand?
    Keep up the good work. You brighten up my mornings with your blog.

  14. Only available in the Metro Dolly.

  15. Sigh. Rue du Bac AND Canaletto in one post. A little bit of heaven!


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