Friday, June 05, 2015

Cote Sud Salon Vivre - Aix en Provence

More ice creme
Today fron Aix en Provence at the Cote Sud annual Salon Vivre.
Pink Aix rosé
The fabulous Fabre savon de Marseilles.
Even the bus schedules are in brilliant colors.
One of my favorite fabric companies,Les Toiles du Soleil
Beautiful stripes everywhere at the Salon.
If you didn't bring your Panama go home. I left mine in my hotel room. Why?
More Hippie patterns that look so chic and easy here.
From Baobab.
Bennsimon shoes I fell in love with instantly. Not my size ;(
It is HOT here...30 degrees
Lots of print flowy sheer dresses.
The shortest line (not very) was for truffles omelette with crunchy truffle slices on top the salad
Or you could get a quartet of tartes savory and sweet (line definitely too long).
Not the Aixoise favorite sweet, Calisson by the tartes.
A nymphet tries to convince a gent he needs waterfalls round his outdoor pool
Beautiful Provençal ceramics from PPP (Premiere Presson Provence)
Their packaging says Provence to me. I'm here through Sunday so more sunshine and color to come PBers. Stay tuned.


  1. Oh yes...I would love to be there.

  2. Wait...the truffle omlette had the shortest line?!? That would definitely have been my first choice. Looks like you're having a wonderful time! Profite bien !!

  3. Anonymous2:59 PM

    really nice report but nothing comparing with Expo in Milan ,you must go there its amaaaziiiing!!!!

  4. Amazing!!! We had 31 degrees in Paris..but when its this hot you rather be in the south..were you are now :-) I'm missing out BIG TIME! The food..and the sweet tartes and the giant strawberries...I'm drooooooling now!! Enjoy darling, you are so WORTH IT :-)
    Looking forward your next post, Xx

  5. Carolyn6:25 AM

    I agree, Aix is so fabulous! The markets are so beautiful with their colored umbrellas! Just a beautiful place!

  6. Lynn C8:17 AM


  7. Cyndy9:44 AM

    So excitéd! Will be in Aix in July!!!!!

  8. Kay Q9:45 AM

    I love Provence! Have vacationed there 3 times with some artists, one in St Sauterin near Apt and twice in Gault. Since I am not an artist, I did the driving as I can do the stick shift!

  9. Carol L9:47 AM

    Your beautiful posts make me smile and tear up at the same time. I want to be right there, right now and taste and buy everything you picture! Thank you so much for the beauty you bring into my life through Paris Breakfasts!!!

  10. Love the color, the omelette, the tartes and the mec in the blue stripe shirt slicing truffles.

  11. So happy to ride your coat tails to this beautiful place. I have bought issues of Cote Sud for decades (though they've gotten a little stylistically austere lately). There is nothing austere about your posts and for that I love them!


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