Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bac Sucre on rue du Bac

Yesterday evening you could have tasted Angelina's Summer version of their fab Mont Blanc. Hint: it's got raspberries inside.
If you had wrangled an invite to the inauguration garden party of BACSUCRE.
Held on fabulous pastry street, rue du Bac in the 7th arrondissement.
The partners participating in 6 days (16-21 June) of tastings and foodie contests
Many of Paris' top pastry and chocolate chefs like Patisserie des Reves, Des Gateau et du Pain, Jacques Genin, Foucher, Chapon, Marcolini, Dalloyau and of course La Grand Epicerie, the Mecca of fine foods at the end of rue du Bac.
Definitely a reason to celebrate
Super pate des fruits from Genin that taste almost better than real fruits.
Patisserie des Reves' viennoisserie
Angelina's pastry chef Christophe Appert demonstrates hands-on how to eat his new framboise Mont Blanc.
Chefs Philippe Conticini, Jacques Genin, Claire Damon, Philippe Urraca, Patrice Chapon had a ball goofing around.
Chef Clair Damon has good reason to beam. She's the first woman chef invited into the Relais Desserts.
Time to toast the guest of honor:
Mayor of the 7th arrondissement, Rashida Dati.
What a dynamic, vibrant woman
Chalereouse (warm)
And approachable. Here next to Jacques Genin and the director of BacSucre.
Simply dressed. Stunning. So chic.
You know I had to get her shoes.
Other attendants shoes at the garden party
A guest arriving in a soigné sheer summery dress with backpack.
And here's SOLLI chatting with Monsieur Mad-About-Macarons, Jill Colonna's French husband. It just happens the latest PARIS MAP is of rue du Bac. More info coming tomorrow. Here's a sneak-peek.
Can you find Wally..I mean Solli?


  1. My favorite?
    Your map.Love.
    Hands down.
    Les pois de senteur..second.

  2. yay! love it! and its my green dress :-)

  3. Carolyn5:36 PM

    LOVE! Great map!
    Love how Solli can look so good with that bit of lace showing.

  4. A pastry street? Oh my!! Now that's a place I'd love to live!

  5. Love, love, love your map! You finished it! It's amazing, Carol. Stunning. Ah, so Solli is in green. She is so chic, so lovely. Thank you for introducing us and telling us about the event in the first place! I won't breathe a word to Antoine that he was spotted ;-)

    1. Thanks Jill.
      Monsieur is very cute. You've been hidding him under a macaron.
      Trés charmant!

  6. You got so close to Mayor Rashida - amazing!

    1. They checked us out before we entered. You had to have an invitation.
      Not a SPY movie Haha

  7. So, the Mont Blanc is basically a REALLY fancy cupcake? Yum, now you have given me another place to visit this fall!

  8. Carol, this looks like such a pleasant gathering, with elegant people and pastry, appropriate for the 7th..

    Your newest map is another winner! xo

  9. What I would have given to be your
    partner at this event!!!! Love the chic Dati look!
    Must mirror that look somehow!
    Black vest & shoes.

    1. OMG if anyone can do it, its You Barb.
      You have the same bod.
      Totally nothing white T and zero blk cotton vest.
      Just the shoes were a tad unusual.
      At 1st I was shocked. And then I saw how simple and subtle it was. Savvy woman.

  10. Wendy2:13 PM

    I can’t wait for my next Paris Map delivery! Love your preview picture! Your photos always seem to capture the most wonderful places, people and colors. You certainly do get invited to great soiree’s all over Paris!

  11. Kathy2:19 PM

    i’m really trying to not go back home fat. 8 weeks down, 2 to go. my street, rue de seine has so many gorgeous chocolates and patisseries it’s driving me nuts. this photo is just making it worse. but thanks for it anyway...

  12. Vicky9:44 PM

    Today's foray into the sucre was fantastic! Thank you so much! Your map is wonderful. They should hire you to do the pub next year.

  13. You got Angelina's pastry chef Christophe Appert at "the decisive moment."
    Nice job!

  14. Mmmmm....what a wonderful street! I cannot imagine a whole street of pastry shops. Wow Paris!
    And, of course, here comes the question again, "How do those Parisians stay so slim and eat all those fabulous sweets?" Who knows?

  15. If you could only go to two pastry shops in the 6th or 7th - what would they be?

    1. Impossible question. Why limit yourself like that ;))

  16. You go to THE most fun things! I love your answer about why limiting yourself to two pastry shops! That tells me that there are plenty of wonderful ones!


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