Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Poisson d'avril

April 1 is the French equivalent of April's Fools day with an emphasis on fish jokes of all sorts.
I was on my way to swim with the fishes this morning when I took a spill on the cobblestones.
I turned around and came home, but the only thing I had to put on my sore knee and lower lip was a piece of frozen fish from Picard. Once it was defrosted I ate it for lunch. You're supposed to eat fish on Poisson d'avril.
Teal blue seems to be the color many fish prefer this Spring.
Jeff de Bruges has a witty concept at play in their windows for April 1.
Chocolate fish filled with ganache is traditionally the seasonal candy of choice but these are sushi instead of the usual sardines in a half-opened tin.
The happy cat green bowl was very tempting.
I brought my Happy cat from New York to Paris though I left behind an awful lot of other things I wish I'd taken. We all had a fishy dinner tonight.
Sushi pens at Gilbert Joseph.
Jean-Paul Hévin always comes up with innovative ideas for Easter. Here the fish is on the outside of the bowl.n
La Mere de Famille orange ribbons are very becoming on their chocolate fish. Orange is a classic color in the French chocolate world.
popped in just as they were unpacking chocolate critters from the box.
All of these large animal shapes are hollow and filled inside/garnis with the little fish or friture as they're called.
When you find a mixed bag or box of chocolate fish/friture grab it. Usually the dark, milk and white chocolate fish are sold separately. After the salade de crevette Happy cat polished off a good number of milk chocolate poisson/fish. The Easter season of excess chocolate has begun. Spring is here!


  1. I had no idea it was so big there!
    We used to stick paper fish on each others backs..even during our " drapeau" playing days.
    The little filled fish..love that idea..
    Your dinner looks delish..love the way you spun humor around your booboo..
    Take care..

    1. Ahhh...that's what they do here too though I've yet to see it...

  2. Does France have nationalized healthcare? Will it cover you? Are they properly grateful that you took care of your knee yourself with incredible sagacity?

  3. Sorry to hear about your knee. Hope it's better.

    I had no idea of the fish on April Fools day. Love your photos. Particularly the chocolate versions.

    I recently got goldfish but they didn't make it:-(
    Salut from London!

    1. Very fishy here at the moment
      Windows full of FISH !!

  4. Oh Poisson!!! So sorry you fell but what a great story.

  5. I hope that you are recovering from that fall.
    I love the photos (as always), & I wish I had Bear's plate of food right now :)
    Chocolate fish? I don't know..............

  6. BRILLIANT! Sorry that you had to fall, but otherwise your donation today was wonderful. Brava!

  7. Caroline1:26 AM

    So sorry to heat about your fall. Hope you heal quickly. Smart thinking to use fish then eat it!

  8. Anonymous9:21 AM

    What a fine kettle of fish, taking a spill on the cobblestones and ending up with a sore knee and injured lower lip ! I hope you are doing better. I very much enjoyed reading your story on Le Poisson d’Avril.

  9. Anonymous9:52 AM

    ooooooooow-I hope Bear was properly solicitous-although Bear seems more the type to convey, with a somber look, the need for care when one is walking on cobblestones. Hope you are feeling better and enjoying lots of chocolate because everyone knows it's absolutely critical to a rapid recovery. xxoo

  10. Love those "Sushi d'Avril" and Jean-Paul Hévin's witty fish bowls with the cats (drooling, I imagine).

    So sorry to hear you took a bad spill! Hope the knees are healing fine and you are feeling well.

  11. This is fun! My character Averill makes a joke of this in my mystery, playing on his name. An he makes a boutonniere of the paper fish people stick on his back, also part of the holiday.

  12. So sorry you fell & hope you heal very quickly. Love the color orange with chocolate - they just seem to compliment each other.

  13. Oh, so much chocolate!! Yumm.
    Hope your knee and lip are feeling better.

  14. What are five things you wish you would have brought with you to Paris from NY? Just curious. All those luscious chocolates . . . Yum!

    1. A very good question!
      1. I thought I left behind my Timex travel clock-radio but then I found it.
      2. A plastic grid ruler does not exist in France. Friends are bringing me 2.
      3. Kleenex is not good here...at least not for watercolor.
      4. Chewing gum costs a fortune and so do nail files.
      5. I miss lots of good art reference books I left behind but I'm finding many on Amazon.UK
      6. I miss NYC cheese Danish.

  15. love those dishes !

  16. Carol, hoping your tender knees are recovering from that cobblestone encounter.

    So interesting to find out the April 1 fish connection. We have finally got some spring flowers blooming over in Central Park. It hasn't snowed for two days in a row...no fooling.

    My return to chocolate is getting closer as Easter nears. Meanwhile, I am being tempted by lots of choc visions, from Cadbury creme eggs to extra luxe chocolate lapins.


  17. I thought I read somewhere that the origin of April Fool’s day is French. April 1st used to be the beginning of the new year and when it changed to Jan 1 it took the French a while to catch on. Thus, the English called them April fools??? Maybe you know the real story?

  18. Hello, there!
    Have the fish stormed the Bastille?
    I hope you are alright,

  19. It must have been a nasty fall to keep you from that beautiful pool. Ow! Hope you are feeling better now. Love hearing the April 1st traditions.

    1. Thanks I went back in the pool yesterday and enroute today.
      Not that nasty a spill fortunately ;))

  20. I'm glad that you're back up and around after your fall, and that it wasn't too serious. I love your colour and seasonal themed posts- they always make my day.

  21. Next year I am going to try to introduce this concept to America! I love the fish bit -- so benign but fun!

    Hope you're fully operational soon!


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