Saturday, April 19, 2014

Malmaison Visit

Thursday I went to Malmaison, Empress Josephine's residence near Rueil. Just a short ride on RER A or ligne 1 to La Defense and then bus 258 upstairs in the bus terminal stops right at the chateau. A nice walk down the lane. Entrance is 6.50 euros.

Et voila..

You're there and it's not as crowded as Versailles but every bit as beautiful.

And possibly more serene.

The décor inside is just as riveting. I thought the available audio added a lot of details(2€) You'll know the architects of the Empire were deeply.

Inspired by their time in Egypt. There are obvious Egyptian influences throughout.

We followed the couple in period costume..

They seemed to know the ropes.

Many, many fabulous beds

The golden swans decor on the bed are simply divine.

A Creamy tarte citron decor in this bedroom.  

Remember to look up at exquisite Empire ceiling decoration.

The stripped ceiling draps are the gorgeous

Josephine was fond of Teal green and expert at billiards it's said.

She looks quite glamour immortalized

In the many portraits.

And Napoleon is included of course

As Roman busts 

The Corsican makes quite a handsome sculpture.
Did he import cedrat citrons for the occasional snack from his homeland?

Yesterday I visited La Bonbon au Palais and noticed something new.

 cedrats confits was new to me. Instantly Georges was unwrapping the preserved candied fruit.

Some citrus come as big as melons or footballs.

The top comes off and it's filled with aromatic confit on the sides.

Georges insisted I try a bar of Corsican nougat with cedrat bits adding an acidic touch to the sweetness of the almonds. Do take a short but very serene trip out of Paris to visit Malmaison. Then pick up some Napoleonic, Corsican snacks at Le Bonbon au Palais 19 rue Monge 75005.


Louisa S said...

That Cedrat fruity thing looks an awful lot like the bust of Napoleon non?!

Louise said...

OH, how gorgeous. I really wanted to get to Malmaison last visit but didn't get there- it looks fascinating. I love how you find such fascinating things like the cedrats- they're new to me too.

teawithonesugarplease said...

That looked like an amazing place and you do have the knack of seeking candy anywhere! I love historical places where they have characters in costumes it really does seem to bring the place alive. I recently went to Hampton Court Palace and we followed 2 ladies in wimpoles wearing wides dresses with corsets :-)

La Table De Nana said...

I always enjoy where you take us:)

Had never heard of that lovely little puckered green thing:)

Merisi said...

What gorgeous place this is, thank you for taking us along!

My mother used to bake Christmas brioche bread with candied cedrat. Fresh Cedrat is quite common in Italy. I always try to take at least one large fresh fruit home with me. I forgot about the last one and it dried out. I may just apply some gold leaf, its shape is so beautiful (it shrank quite a bit), with the stem still attached. Next time you are in Venice, look for it at Rialto market!

Harriet said...

Thank you so much for the photos from Malmaison. I am a terrible photographer and my photos didn't turn out well. Merci encore. Happy Easter!

Laurie said...

One of my hopes is to visit Corsica or la Corse one of these days, hopefully soon because the world best glacier is there. He makes his ice cream using all of Corsica's bounty and they say that he is a genius. I forget his name and where in Corsica but I will find him.
If ever you get an opportunity to visit la Corse don't pass it up, it is breathtakingly beautiful

Marilyn Miller said...

Oh would I ever love visiting both the candy shop and Josephine's beautiful home. Thanks for the visit. If I ever make it back to Paris both stops must be on my list.

Parisbreakfasts said...

You know I have seen it and was mystified by it.

Barbara L. said...

How lovely, I think you made a wise decision Versailles was so crowed on the two occasions we went I was't prepared to wait and Malmaison looks much more elegant and free from the maddening crowds. Your friend George has introduced you to many new delightful different from all the chocolate for Easter.

sillygirl said...

On our trip to Sicily our guide fixed us some cedra - after paring the outside (he said you could candy it) he cut the rest into small chunks - I suppose you could also do slices - and dressed it with a mix of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt. It is a cold summer salad - and the white part is not pithy - you cut up all the rest including the tiny fruit inside. It isn't puckery. I'm trying to find it in the Seattle area - think I'll be successful?

Jeanette, Mistress of Longears said...

Glorious eye candy! I've never been drawn to antiques...have always told my antiquing friends that someone has to select today's future antiques. :-) But seeing everything together as it once was reveals the appeal of these pieces.

Solli said...

So many castle's in France that I would like to take one year off and visit them all <3 Malmaison seems to be a good choice since it's possible to get there without a car so it's now on my list, thanks Carol!

Cris, Oregon Artist said...

What a fun place to go visit. Love that chandelier.

Parisbreakfasts said... idea never having been to Seattle
Try Venice? I saw it there..not much help I'm afraid :)

Parisbreakfasts said...

I've always meant to do Hampton Court...
Yes following costumed people can be fun!
Especially when dressed like a bunnie rabbit and carrying a basket of chocolate eggs

Kathleene said...

Thank you for today's post - I did not know about Malmaison. The website has a fabulous virtual tour! I will be sure this visit this special place the next time I visit France (this September, hopefully).

Nikon said...

Very beautiful photos, Carol. Quite a joint :)
I wish that we had some of that spring green over here.