Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Monet's Garden

Another morning in Monet's gardens at the crack of dawn thanks to Art Colony Giverny.
I'm influenced by Bonnard's patterny sketches.
It's quite cold and looks like rain.
Dinner plate-sized Dahlias in deep rose.

And lots of mist over the garden paths.
The colors change moment to moment...

Dewdrops everywhere...
La Grande Allée is looking as grand as ever...
At 8:30 I head back for breakfast.
While others like Sybil paint (in acrylics) up to the last minute. I'm envious of all the work she's produced.
I'm still grappling with preliminary studies.
Today we head back to Gare Saint Lazar, Monet's station. An engineers office is painted like a stack of artists canvas. 
Do you want more Monet/Giverny?


  1. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Yes Please! And what did you eat there? I am so loving this trip back to Giverny. I thought I did the BEST trip ever when I stayed in Giverny for 4 days. You certainly have topped mine! I photographed the artists walking into the green door on my first day there, pulling their supplies . Such a heart warming sight that was!!!Yes, more please! and Thank YOU!
    Fan from Rural Oregon

  2. Yes, more Monet. Love all the sights of the garden. Love remembering visiting there a few years ago. How I yearn to return.

  3. Oui, oui! Visiting your blog feels almost as if I am there with you in Monet's garden.

  4. Yes please:) Of gardens are tiring right is lovely to see that even in Monet's gardens..time passes also.
    The beauty of those staggering.
    Love them.I am sure Giverny would be a place I would love.

  5. Yes, more Monet/Giverny. I am loving your posts.
    Please and thank you.

  6. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Yes, more Monet/Giverny, if you please. You are returning to your roots and absorbing all that beauty!

  7. yes please......

  8. There can not be too much Giverny. Those rose petals , falling oh-so-casually on your sketch pages are amazing! I don't know how people like Sybil does it, generating real work on site. Somehow, I'm always overwhelmed by the sheer muchness of it all.
    We have had - the weatherman promises - our last super hot day for the week and tomorrow will be mere 80's. Whew! What I wouldn't give for a chilly, foggy morning, especially in Giverny!

  9. I love the photos of the garden & the house. I could take more :)

  10. Oh, yes, please - more Giverny!
    I love the first photo - the petals on your sketchbook. Absolutely beautiful.

  11. more more more pls..Iam addict to your wonderful blog

  12. Linda1:07 AM

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of the gardens!
    I would be overwhelmed I'm afraid and not able to decide what to paint.
    Did your classmates paint oils or Watercolors?
    I was just curious!

    1. They are all painting in Acrylics which dries very fast.
      Watercolor (my medium)does not like the damp.

  13. Carol, I would love to see as many Giverny pictures as you would like to share with us. It is so clear, even in that early morning mist, how much you are enjoying this stay.


  14. Yes, please post more. Thank you for brightening my day!
    xo, Lissy

  15. Giverny with the mist is so lovely. I have shared your blog with my painting friends. We all enjoy it so much each morning!

  16. Carol, I love your sketch book doodlings, thinkings, searching etc, I would to see and hear more. What size is you sketchbook?

  17. I am loving this Monet's Garden! so, yes, more! I need this lovely respit in Giverny, please! I am nursing dear DotC back from a copperhead snake bite just below her ear & partly on her jaw. She is the silver roan goatie in the portrait you did of her , Onyx & Winsome, in Paris at well known pastierre. She wishes she were in Monet's garden too, as she sees some delectable munchies along the pathways.

  18. YES (more and more....)
    love how you 'spilled' rose petals on your drawings - makes them even lovelier!
    evokes such wonderful memories and for those who haven't been - I'm sure it makes them putting this on their 'what to do' programme.
    kind of like that last photo from the train station... goes well with the theme, doesn't it?! :)

  19. Oh yes! Loving your travels in Monet's garden! Hope to get there next time I'm in Paris, it looks just incredible!!! Thanks for your amazing details about the daily life and your travels.

  20. Encore, encore - can't get enough of the very best! There is a small book published in 2000 by Vanessa Potts/Parragon publishers (titled MONET) that is delightful; gives history of Monet; rest of book are illustrations of his paintings plus a brief description of each painting. I was blessed to see Monet's home and garden in 2005 - one of my most favorite destinations! Return, I must.

  21. Anonymous12:14 PM

    I spend time each day looking through your archives. I am in love with French Impressionism and the history behind these men and women who gave us so much of French life in the 19th century. I have especially enjoyed these last few days in Monet's garden and ,yes, I would always love more! Your watercolors are beautiful and I love to read about your experiences. Passez une bonne journee! (I wish my keyboard had french accents!) Au Revoir! Mary

  22. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Can we ever get enough of Monet'a garden? Never. It is heavenly. Thank you.


  23. Giverny Plus!! We want the bonus posts, Carol. Wonderful. Can smell the air with you. Admittedly it was pretty cold this morning but who can complain when you're in the footsteps of Monsieur Monet?

  24. I've been saving you all day! Oh, I love stepping into your world. Your sketchbook is beautiful!

  25. Loved seeing Giverny from your point of view. Oh yes, would love more!

  26. Anonymous2:05 AM

    we stayed in the village a block away from the gardens where they raised those white chickens with the feathery legs, at the Hotel Baudy and for a week at Le Trou Normand, on a little side street. We would buy our food at the market in Vernon.
    We, too, had the opportunity to visit the gardens on the clean-up day. My husband painted and I photographed. What a memorable experience!
    We also met William Welch, an American artist from Nantucket. His photo is below in a familiar spot. He also stayed at Hotel Baudy.
    And a neighbour of mine, Sheila Wyebrow and her sister, Janice stayed at Gale Bennett's place as Janice knew him well.
    It truly is a small world, is it not?
    Thanks for recalling pleasant memories.
    Cheers, Merle

  27. Anonymous6:41 AM

    I visited the garden for the first time ever last Sunday, but was not as fortunate to have it all to myself... I adored it though, even though I had to struggle my way through what seemed the whole of Japan, the US and Belgium!
    Simply loved the atmosphere and the colours everywhere. How marvellous it must be for you to be able to paint there.

  28. To answer your question: Yes! It is always your art posts that are my favorites.

  29. Love this post too and would love more Giverny. Love seeing the painters set up painting. The La Grande Allée. Wonderful photos.


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