Sunday, June 30, 2013

Les Grandes Eaux et Jardins Musicales de Versailles

'Last night I dreamt I went back to Manderley' wait it was Versailles
The plan was to visit the marché Notre Dame in town and look up a few patisseries. The musical fountains were an afterthought. *Take the Direct train from Gare Montparnasse. No fancy trellis decor but just 13 minutes et voila. Get a free 'plan' or city map (not a carte as yours truly called it. Carte = menu ahem) at the welcome desk in the Versailles Chantiers train station. Then take the B bus across the street and more voila. FYI the above watercolor is mainly Burnt Sienna _ Fr Ultramarine blue (Winsor and Newton watercolor paint).
See! You don't need 60 colors.
I did this tracing on top of my iPad.
From this photo.
BIG MERCI for supporting Parisbreakfast dear PBers! Just a few more watercolors to ship out. Now back to those delightful fountains.
The weather cleared up so I headed to the Versailles gardens. You'll need to buy a ticket. Some cafes even sell them and have signs outside. No free entry when the water is bubbling (3:30 to 5pm, 8.50 euros). I love these hole-in-the-wall entryways leading you down a long dark passage. Then suddenly...
You're in a grand enclosure.
'Conceived exactly as open-air drawing rooms, the groves in the garden contain superb examples of 17th and 18th century decorative arts.'.
Other fountains are out in the open. The negative ions are all over the place so you'll feel positively delightful. (or is it positive ions?)
Long passage ways lined with cherubic fountains.
This little girl is keeping her fish wet - very sweet I guess...
You do begin to have delusions of grandeur after a bit...
These guests are completely ignoring the fountains!?
The grounds are so huge it doesn't seem too crowded. The music is of course Vivaldi.
You have many areas to yourself
Serenity now!
Lovely no?
You are NOT supposed to picnic in the gardens except in designated areas - this was not one of them. But a Corcheval from Maison Guinon must be ok no? Draped crepe over a vanilla concoction with rasberries intermingled.
And the box is sooo pretty. I bought the pastry mostly for the box I must admit... Follow my blog with Bloglovin


  1. gardens.. was in ine all day doing a system restore after 1 week of deluges..

    That watercolor is formidable:)

    And that box..I fear if I do go I will need a carry on simply for small cute boxes and napkins etc:)
    It almost looks like a crêpe.. the pâtisserie?Would a Corcheval be one?
    I shall Google..

    I am so afrraid of missing any of your posts I clicked again at the bottom to join you on Bloglovin'..
    They must be saying enough're joined.. many times.. email..Bloglovin Feedly..

    Bloglovin' seems to work VERY well.

  2. Bonjour from Paris (for a change!) -- I will be heading out to Versailles on my own and plan to spend most of my time in the gardens, and Marie Antoinette's Hameau of course. This post put me in the mood! :-) Merci, Carole! -- Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. MA's hameau?
      I have not been there....ooopla

  3. Vivaldi? They've thought of everything!
    and please, the Corcheval is new to me...looks like a crepe wrapped around something... but what?

  4. Wow! Great presentation! Your opening sketches are great & then the fabulous photos of the grounds & the tourists, humor included!
    Very nice!

  5. Anonymous8:28 PM

    I was wondering what app you are using for drawing on the ipad. I love your blog> I read it every day. Thank you for all that inspiration.
    Rebecca D

    1. No app Rebecca
      It's a trick I came up with
      I create an 'album'
      Drop one photo into it
      Then in Settings I make that album my Picture Frame
      And set it for 20 seconds
      I turn off the iPad & turn it on again
      But hit the flower icon on the screen
      Instead of having a Slideshow I have ONE photo that doesn't move.
      Et voila. I can trace off it.
      My own lill' invention
      I wish there was an app for tracing...Hmmm

  6. Anonymous8:44 PM

    OMG what a cute box is that a crepe?
    Love that look..
    And the watercoloor?
    Tu es formidable.

    1. Yes it's a draped crepe believe it or not!
      Over a vanilla concoction with raspberries mixed up inside!
      De trop definitely.

  7. Beautiful.... I love going to Versailles, it's so magic!!!!


  8. The Huntington Gardens have copied the view - the delusions of grandeur pic. The minute I saw your photo I knew I had seen it before, then I remembered where. It is such of magnificent site.

  9. Carol, what a fine day you chose for your return to Versailles! It all looks so elegant. I imagine there is a vast gardening staff that keeps it all trim and green. The fountains and statues are definitely better than most contemporary versions...or so I think.

    I completely agree with you about the possibilities offered by those two paint colors. I also love them.

    And let's see, what else...of course, the pastry looks rather scrumptious, but as you say, the box is definitely to be savored and saved. xo

  10. Love that sketch/wc today, Carol! Sounds like an idyllic day--and that crepe thingie looks fabulous....

  11. ps:
    I say that as I dutifully munch on my exciting pumpkin seeds for magnesium....;))

  12. cyndi from SD11:30 AM

    I love Versailles.Last summer I went to the night time event there.It was absolutely beautiful.There was music,colored fountains, people dressed in period costumes strolling and mingling,and fireworks over the pond.I highly recommend this summer event.

    1. Ooooo
      Now I'll have to go bak again
      How yummy C!

  13. Anonymous11:56 AM

    That pastry box is wonderful...and the tour, you can imaging the women dressed in their fineries and walking the grounds..and the food mainly the desserts....oh my!

  14. Pastry box worth the trip :)

  15. Anonymous2:30 PM

    I read Daphne du Maurier years ago.
    Rebecca was my favorite.

  16. These pictures of a return trip to gorgeous Versailles were just exactly the balm to soothe sagging spirits after a sweltering and stressful day!Happy memories galore and daydreaming of such a fabulous pastry box....
    Thanks, Carol!
    PS I love Daphne Du Maurier,too!
    My favorite is Frenchman's Creek!

    1. So glad you had that reaction NatalieR
      I was feeling,
      "Aren't i the luckiest person in the world to be here" at that moment..
      Such a glorious place!.

  17. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I also went to Versailles at night last summer,
    like cyndi from SD. It was a very amazing event. Don't miss it, this summer!

  18. More beauty! Sigh.

    I'm hoping you'll have another sale around the time I retire so that I can give myself one of your either macarons or paint boxes for my retirement present! I'm glad it was successful. They're so lovely!


  19. We were at Versailles that afternoon, but had to leave before the evening spectacle. It was an amazing experience as always. Your little picnic looks fantastic.


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