Monday, June 03, 2013

L'Art du Jardin

When I got back from Fontainebleau Saturday, I returned to l'Art du Jardin.
Experiencing the exhibit on press day was very much 'serenity now'. But I wanted to see how it felt with loads of people everywhere.
And there were loads. Plus a very long line outside waiting patiently. Yet it still felt peaceful and serene within.
Quite a few unusual structures were created to help compliment the Grand Palais' high ceilings.
The most interesting was this tree house. Again long lines waiting for a chance to climb to the top - just 4 people at a time plus the guide (who mentioned she was getting vertigo!).
The French are very good at waiting and evidently not afraid of heights. I'm neither of these so I didn't wait. There was another tall pillar-like column filled with intense scented plants and flowers and almost completely dark inside. That I experienced on Thursday fortunately. But lines were again long.
Back down on terra firma, beautiful roses...
Of all kinds and all for sale for your balcon or terrasse.
Or if you have room for a lilly pond...
Buy these!
If not you can make do with lilly pad earings.
Everyone was shooting like crazy.

And there were artists showing work that hadn't been there on Thursday. French families were present en mass from the tiniest bebe to all ages. No dogs though ahem. Paris Chronicles said if your first name was a flower or plant you got in free!  There is to be a l'Art du Jardin next year, by the way, so plan accordingly.


  1. Ad there I thought you had shot the rose from the tree house top! ;-)

    I still love the woodland scene best, the most serene in my eyes.

  2. That would definitely be on my list of places to see..
    No heights for me either anymore..I would rather look up here and see your watercolor:)
    That is quite the pond..

  3. Love the garden vignettes! the French do everything better!

  4. Being in Paris each day via you makes me so happy, thanks for sharing the beauty & fun.

  5. Now I want a lily pond. That's what you need, Carol. Monet style paintings with macarons in them?
    Don't know if I could manage that tree house, though. Did you go up it?

  6. Beautiful, Carol. I'm sorry I missed this show. I would have loved it!

  7. Carol, this exhibit looks tres magnifique! So many contrasts amongst the artists' garden approaches. The setting itself is rather lovely, too.

    No wonder everyone brought along a camera. I truly would not mind seeing more photos, if perhaps you've got more to show.

    I am making a note of the tip re the show going on again next year. Merci! xo

  8. Replies
    1. There is a 6 hour difference d'accord Hon...

  9. An exhibition I would have liked to see, thank you for sharing!

  10. Anonymous3:20 PM

    I love your water colors..bright and beautiful...

  11. If only we were making it to Paris while it was still open...They'd have to let me in when they heard my name translates to *prairie*!

  12. I love your paintings, Carol. They make me smile. And the show would have been fabulous!

  13. Great opening sketch, Carol.
    Lots of great pics, it looks like a fun event.
    I wish I had a tree house!

  14. Love the sketch, and love the lilypad earrings. Sounds like it was fun.

  15. Oh, my!! I am loving your life in Paris!! Gardens. Pastries. Marches. I'm still thinking about the beautiful painted ceilings in the bakeries. Ducking into courtyards with Cara Black. Wow. How cool!

    (By the way, have you ever been out to Giverny to see Monet's Gardens?? I had a chance to go there once and loved it.)

  16. Jardin Majorele Flower Maplewood nj finds the lotus image magnificent.



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