Friday, June 14, 2013


Do these blobs say Monet's Giverny to you?
I went day-tripping since the sun peeked out today and it is just 45 minutes away by train (stop Vernon at Gare Saint Lazar - look for track 22).
It's so close I think I'll go again to get my blob colors right. The Navette is conveniently waiting when you get off the train (8€ round trip). Another 15-20 minutes and boom you're there.
Again I'd suggest going on a weekday and bring a nice picnic. Officially you're not meant to eat on the grounds but if you're discrete and mind you're manners ahem.
You'll hear every language spoken under the sun but no one can top the birds singing. It's quite serene.
Here's my attempt at capturing 'en pleine aire' a bit of Giverny. Pronounce that Gee-vern-E please. G as in George not Give-vern-E.
A closeup of my painting setup since some of you asked. There were tons of French school children visiting.
One of them passed by and said,
"Tres bien Madame!" Everyone giggled.
Shall we go inside Monet's house?
I can't resist these old photographs. They capture so much words can't...
Monet's painting atelier...
Et voila, voila...
The views out the house windows are spectacularly gorgeous
Don't forget to take a look.
Of course you're not to take photos inside the house.
I got yelled at by the American docent (quite loudly I might add). I think she was trying to make an example of me but she was barking up the wrong tree. I am on a mission and can't be stopped unless threatened with bodily harm.
Of course I found some ice cream,
Though I doubt very much it was 'home made'. The so-called 'Mango' was really vanilla. We won't go into what the pink stuff was but hey as long as it says ice cream it's OK with me.
More Giverny to come soon!


  1. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Been enjoying your day trips out of Paris. If you haven't been I suggest near Chartes Maison Picassiette the mosiac house--only open on certain days and limited hours
    I took a bus there from Chartes--not to many signs on the road but found it---the guards wouldn't allow us to take photos--think so we would buy postcards and brochure and they watched us every moment--
    Oh and I loved your blog re color green! of cours always appreciate the color red which I wear all the time.

  2. oh heaven, really!!!! no? was there in sept in the 90's straight off the plane from ny. so good to know that you can do it entirely on public transport. i love a woman with a mission snap snap snap!

    and agreeing w/ anonymous, you can't miss with chartres either

  3. Anonymous4:18 PM

    After being there in 1995, I promptly changed my kitchen colors from blue and white to blue and yellow! Thanks for "breaking the law" so I could get another peek :-)

  4. Oh Carol! This post is just the best. I love the gardens...I think I need to go. I was in NYC last week and thought of you often...guess I will have to come to Paris to catch up with you!


  5. I am SOOOOOO enjoying your posts lately!! All those colors, all that painting, all those Blobs, all that traveling into sensory delights! Would blobs be "Gouttes" or "taches" in French?

  6. So glad you stood up to the resident self righteous hall monitors and took your pictures. Good for you!

  7. Anonymous5:13 PM

    A million merci's~ I can't thank you enough for such a great post. Be still my heart. Monet's garden is the BEST! I love that place so very much. I also got yelled at: "Madame, it is forbidden!". I treasure the photos I was able to get. Your blobs are the perfect colors.

  8. Oh my went:)

    I love your aquarelle of it:)
    Ok this is LaTableDeNana speaking..The kitchen brings tears to my eyes:)Our kitchen is a pale Provençal yellow .. cabinets too~ 12 yrs here and still not tired of them..Walls a little different.. W/ blues etc..
    I adore his friends told me I would..
    I go on and on so I will cut this short..
    Even the gingham curtains speak to me and all the OLD photos..
    I love ours here..what few I have..
    I went and did it ...I absolutely wanted a tin box and ordered the ones I mentioned to you:).

    1. I remembered it as being egg yolk yellow
      But it's much paler...

  9. Patricia5:34 PM

    You and Vivian Swift are such photo law-breakers. And your readers appreciate your illegal but artistic efforts. Loved the blog. Brought back memories of having to hike back to the train station when no taxis were available. Good to learn transport is now readily available....

    1. Yes I went there early days and you walked through groves of Normandie apple trees...
      I remember eating one too
      I forgot that...tanks

  10. Who knew Giverny was so close to Paris? As moi. This makes Paris even more attractive. With sincere wishes that you do not come to bodily harm,

  11. Carol, I await your next Giverny report...this must be a grand time of the year to see the gardens. Wonder if the wisteria was still in flower?

    That custardy yellow with blue and white kitchen has always set a certain standard for coziness.

    I liked your photos of the garden from inside the house. Perhaps capturing something M Monet himself might have seen on a pretty June day.


  12. Cristina Speluzzi8:42 PM

    Oh, Carol, you should go to Picassiette. Years ago I bought a book on the story of the house with lots of pictures. It is wonderful and unique. Always enjoy your posts very, very much and I'm longing to visit France again. Nowadays it is quite difficult with the dollar issue here in Argentina. But I'll certainly go. Sooner or later, and hope to meet you in the flesh. Keep enjoying and posting. I travel through your eyes.
    All the best, Cristina

  13. This is by far one of my favorite posts. I just LOVE Giverny. If I could only go to one place in France it would be there. Love all the photos you snuck.. especially the one looking out the window. He would be so happy to know his garden is still going strong and being enjoyed. Every Garden I have ever done has been taken out by people moving in when I have moved on to my next place. Sad as they were so pretty. I have a rose bush like one in the second photo. Its called Simplicity. Wonder if its the same. Would be cool. Looking forward to your next post on this lovely place.

  14. Oh my!! Yes, your blobs are very Giverny. Just beautiful! Can't wait to see more from the garden.

    I'm loving your Provence adventures. Seeing Aix and Giverny - brings back wonderful memories! Also sent me running to the bookstore to try to find Cote du Sud magazine. Sadly, they didn't have it. Guess I'll have to come to France instead!

  15. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Another great blog today! We visited Giverney 4 years ago. I simply loved it. I also took pictures from the window in Monet's bedroom and sneaked a pic in his kitchen!!! Hehe!!! What a magical place.
    Can't wait to see your next blog on Giverney!!! And lucky you to live in Paris now and be able to run all around France!
    Have a very French day!

  16. Beautiful spot & beautiful pictures, Carol.
    I love the vintage photos of Monet & his studio.

  17. Thank you so much for sharing these photos!

  18. Foodwalker2:11 AM

    Quite a splendid jaunt and what a perfect escape from Paris!
    Must do this next trip by all means

  19. Another one for my bucket list. Wonderful blog today. Love your blobs.

  20. You got there and I didn't.
    Green with envy.
    Miss you.
    Saw Frances yesterday. Saw Merisi in Vienna last week.
    Hoping all is well with you!
    Buster sends love.

  21. Your colours always capture the beauty even when they are "blobs". I love Giverny and Monet. Did you read "Claude and Camille", a love story about Monet's first wife? Your blog brightens my morning every day. When I am at "home", I miss France so.

  22. Maria Gallagher10:31 AM

    I have so many photo books of Giverny...I will already know my way around when I get there (eventually). Thanks so much for the virtual visit!

  23. Noelle N11:56 AM

    What a life you lead going to all these wonderful places! : - )))))

  24. I got the Sheepfarmer away on his one and only (EVER) vacation to Paris Summer of 2011. I so wanted to get tog Giverny, now I have the perfect excuse to get him to Paris again and ONTO Giverny…sounds PERFCT. Thank you pour les trés belles images :)

  25. Anonymous12:11 PM

    You captured the colours perfectly in your 'blobs'. The day I was visiting that area, & planned seeing the gardens, there were coach loads of people so I gave it a miss for another time, don't think it was a Saturday though, as that's a day I usually stay at home, to keep away from the maddening crowds :)
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Barbara Lillian

  26. J'adore les blobs!

  27. Tut, tut. You naughty camera lady! ;-)
    Love the colour blobs - I love Giverny! Went there twice last year - you really feel that you're far out of Paris yet it's not that far.

  28. I went to Giverny in the 80s and it was so peaceful and gorgeous I had fantasies of moving there. The only sound was birdsong and cameras clicking. There were about 50 people scattered around. I went again a couple of years ago and there were hundreds of tourists waiting when the doors opened. Yikes! I still love it and will go back, but I have to recover.

  29. Have you ever seen this book, Monet's Table?
    It has many beautiful photographs and Monet's cooking journals. I think you would enjoy it!

    1. What a gorgeous book that is Joyce. Thanks for the reminder

  30. Carol, your blobs are absolutely gorgeous,and you so captured Giverny!
    (Also really enjoyed all the photographs!)
    Thank you for taking us there with you!
    We visited quite awhile ago and it sounds as if things (with the tourists) have changed alot.
    Glad we saw it when we did!
    You are one awesome lady to be able to get around to all these great places the way you do!
    PS Joyce is right about Monet's Table! It is wonderful!

  31. Jardin Majorele Flower Maplewood nj would like to thank Carole for sharing this post about Monet's Garden.

    Best regards

  32. OK, certifiably jealous, Carol. Beautiful! I've never been there and have always wanted to go. Thanks for taking me along...xo

    and yes, your blobs look like Monet

  33. I got nailed on taking photos inside before I got my first one. They were like hawks when I wa there. I'm quite envious of your kitchen photos -- I just wanted to move right in and cook in that kitchen forever. Oh, yes. I'd go back in a heartbeat!

    I love your blobs and painting set-up -- love to see how you work. I have to say it is the perfect spot, isn't it? Even with mounds of tourists, it's really a remarkable and beautiful spot. Oh, to live 45 minutes away!

  34. been there few years ago,in july,sunny and fantastic trip ...i had some sparkling cider in a pretty little garden on the way back ...


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