Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dress Yourself in Reds

Do we eat apples because they're sexier?
Yesterday the Guardian said red art sell for much more at auction than non-red paintings and that they're 'sexy'. According to Sotheby's art expert Philip Hook, the colour red also sells. Plugging the upcoming sale at Sotheby's of Mondrian'spainting Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue, he told reporters that the more red a painting flaunts, the higher the price it is likely to fetch.
I'm now on the lookout for Aixoise emigres like this gal in the Metro. Mille Red Riding Hood is a long way from home. Hope she doesn't meet M. Loup/wolf...
There was TONS of red at L'Art du Jardin in Grand Palais - Merci's red car loaded with complimentary colored greens...
A red tomato/carrot bouquet...
And a red 'flower' chair at the show. Just don't sit on it. You'll crush it!
Mom and son look-alikes toute en rouge
Dad is matching bébé at the show. It would be appropriate to dress yourself in reds at a garden show full of greens. It makes color sense doesn't it?
Though it seems odd that a 'Keep Calm' sign would be in tomato red?
Red trench coats are out in full force in Paris. It poured today...
Friend Patricia looks swell in front of this turquoise wall.
Provencal strawbs last night.
And sighted today the 1st fraise du bois/wild strawberries of the season at Maison Stohrer on rue Montorgueil

Just a touch of red will do in Paris. Looking very rouge et noir with this smidge of a red skirt and black boots.


  1. rouge, red, rosso est la couleur que j'adore!

  2. Love la pomme..the red Fiat..(I think)..the bouquet..
    I am such a neutral beige..white black that when I wear a touch of color I feel..too out there now..yet I like it..quite a bit... and an art teacher I had for a few classes..Mr Helmut Gerth..said always add a touch of red to every painting..
    Patricia does look swell~
    POURED yesterday.. better today..sunshine....but casting over now.
    My daughter bought beautiful shoes today and would approve..such a sense of style.

  3. HArd to believe the weather is such that people are still wearing long leather boots! We're full into summer temps here. Still, it's a great shot!

    1. I did say they wear boots here forEver!!!
      And I don't own a single pair.. ;((

  4. I wear red as a power color. It brightens the complexion and makes me feel good about myself.

    I guess the French are not afraid of color?

    1. Oh no...The French are MAD about color!!!!!

  5. I'm not a fan of red :)
    I love that car, though. I'm always amazed at how Europeans squeeze into those things.
    I love the shots of the food, too. I'm hungry...

    1. I Love red and never wear it...just a bag maybe...

  6. I don't know about eating apples because they're sexier(?!) but I love the color red and wear it whenever I especially need a lift in spirits.
    Our rainy season is long since over and it's fun to see someone enjoying dark skies (and rainbows)(!)
    Another wonderful post,Carol!
    PS Where do you find such adorable dogs???????????

    1. Rainbows you say?
      Those I have yet to encounter in Gris Paris..
      Cute dogs?
      You fall all over them..
      So many in Paris

  7. We saw two rainbows over Hotel de Ville when we were in Paris. They do happen---you just need the sun. Love the red! I always feel better when I am wearing red. Try it!

  8. I've recently started to experiment with wearing red. I really think that you've helped open my eyes to the colour. I've spent a good many years not liking red, but it really is especially striking- thanks for showing the way. I'm very surprised to see you say that you don't wear red yourself, I guess I'd assumed that you would given your gorgeous red lunettes. I am a little disappointed that it is still boot weather- I'm looking forward to a summer holiday!

  9. Anonymous11:03 AM

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  10. Love red & always feel great when I'm wearing it.

  11. Loving the photo of the tomatoes and carrots. I think I have to go home and make that arrangement today. Or tomorrow. I need to buy the carrots first.

  12. Love your paintings here, Carol! Reds are bautiful

  13. haha, yes red is 'sexier' and instills a feeling of life! magic!


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