Sunday, September 18, 2022

Journees du Européennes Patrimoine


This past weekend was the annual big event in France in September. Journees du Europeanees Patrimoine,
when many private and public institutions, including the Elysées Palais (you must reserve way in advance for the Elysees) open their doors to public viewing.
On Sunday I went to les Garde Republicains, 5 minutes from my house, on boulevard Henri IV. They did not require reservations. Attendees dress accordingly like this woman in red jacket and navy pants to co-ordinate with the garde.

Another in red and navy. I wore head-to-toe navy blue. White tents circle the inner courtyard informing guests of procedures and traditions, of which there are many. And offer recruitment.
It’s all about pomp and circumstance.
French children adore the opportunity to view the guards upclose in all their splendor and ask a million questions. They receive a signed, stamped diploma for attending. I, unfortunately, was not eligible for this diploma.
The Garde’s museum has an extensive collection of past elaborate outfits and  antique toy soldiers. 
Their orchestra is famous, performs monthly for the public and show up at official occasions like the presidential handover (Macron here) to play the 
La Marseillaise. Their next concert is on 28 September.
In 2014 I went inside Hotel de Ville for journée du Patrimoine.
On Saturday I was too late to get into the Garde so I went across the street to the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, a center for urban architecture. 
‘Concurrent to the restoration of the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, the municipality has turned its eye towards the exterior’. Their intent is to reimagine the surroundings of the cathedral’ with models redesigning grounds or parvi 
by a competition of 4 architectural firms.
Plus a fascinating exhibit of posters and photographs of various past disruptions to Notre Dame, like the Seine flood of 1910. 
Or when they wanted to run an auto-route on the left bank by Notre Dame. 
Or the pope’s visit in 1980. 
Or the effect of Victor Hugo’s novel, Hunchback of Notre Dame, reviving an interest in the renovating the sadly deteriorated cathedral. 
All of which inspired me to walk back to Les Marché de Flottants for another look at Notre Dame in its current state of renovation. 
And discover some gorgeous, delicious ruby red plums/prunes.
We all hope and pray 🙏 for the best for Notre Dame’s speedy recover. 
Bon Monday PBers XXX from Paris❤️🇫🇷🍷


  1. Jean Gabin7:15 AM

    I loved your picture of Queen Elizabeth II!

  2. Anonymous7:45 AM

    The French know how to put on a show! Great pagentry

    1. Absolutely they do! OTT almost at times

  3. We were there during Patrinome in 2017 and went through Hotel de Ville - very interesting experience.

    1. Yes Suki, a behind the scenes view of these grand places

  4. Eugenia12:48 PM

    Thanks a lot, Carol, for today's very interesting stories, especially the latest photos of Notre Dame. Loved your watercolor illustration!

  5. Bonnie L4:15 PM

    I would love to be in Paris for Journées du Patrimoine. There are so many interesting places to see that are not generally open to the public. Love your Notre Dame watercolor. ❤️

    1. Carolg9:25 PM

      Thank you Bonnie ❤️

  6. Anonymous9:31 PM

    We live in Paris with you. Thank you!


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