Friday, May 21, 2021

Yesterday on the way to the pool..


Yesterday my blog post broke in 1/2 😳 I re-sent the 2nd half. look hereYesterday on the way to the pool I loved❤️ seeing cafe chairs and table with a ‘Reserved’ sign on it.

Yesterday on my way to the pool in St.Germain, I saw these gorgeous kids dresses hanging outside. Its a first in 6 months. I’m thinking I’d love to wear these jolly prints🍒 Wouldn’t you?

Yesterday I got to the pool and they were fermé/closed 😳 even though it said they were open online 😕 Today is the beginning of another ‘bridge’ holiday weekend (Pentecost).

Yesterday I fell in love ❤️ with these peach tea boxes, on my way to the pool. I went inside Jugetsudo (45 rue de Seine) for a closer look. The tea boxes were 21€ each.  I quickly fell out of love 😕 

Look! Even the teashop has chairs outside for tea tasters ☺️ Across the street is Patisserie Mulot with the pink-striped awning.

I confess I cannot pass by Mulot without a peek inside. They had new lovely citron vert/lime moussy things next to their classic pancake-flat, divine citron tartes. I waltzed inside and bought zero🤸🏾‍♀️ Victory. 

Outside, waiting patiently the sweetest doggie.

Last night, by chance, I saw a stunning doc on Elsa Peretti on YouTube. We lost her last month. Do watch. What a genius.

Yesterday PBer Shannon sent me a box of her fabulous handmade chocolates, La Chatelaine Chocolate Co . She and her Parisian husband moved here from Montana. And they have the only chocolate-covered caramel bonbons you’ll find in France, among other delights. I know about these things. I’ve been looking for ages.

The day before yesterday was la réouverture/ reopening. I didn’t get out of the studio until 8 pm. It felt like Liberation Day! Toute Paris was enjoying the sunny evening. All the waiters were rushing around. 

I caught one waiter racing across the street with a tray full of dinners at La Rotisserie de la Tour. He waved and tipped his tray in greeting 😃

It made me think of 2 favorite Paris letters with sketches of French waiters. Are you dreaming of a Paris breakfast today? Waiter! Monsieur?🙏🥐☕️
This morning in Paris at 5:51 am out my window...


  1. The French blue table and cafe chairs look so yummy..
    Happy to hear Paris is open!

  2. Carol..that waiter all in blue and running!!! Eager! Makes me tear up. Thanks.

  3. Such a refreshing sight to see. Paris open and Carol happy!!

  4. Very upbeat and joyful post! So many good things to look forward to. Re: chocolate covered caramels - I thought Henri Le Roux did those, but looking at the website, it's hard to tell. Best to go to one of the shops to inquire!

  5. So glad Paris is open again - please, let's keep it that way.

  6. I would love to have aprons (yes I still do wear them!) in the kid’s dresses fabric. Perhaps now that Paris is open perhaps you will continue your having breakfast out and sharing with us. Would be fun.🥐🧇🍳🥓☕️

  7. Why aren't the French fatter, with all those tempting patisseries! They have will power,
    that's why. Or maybe more vanity than we have? Vanity can be a health aid!!

  8. Well...they smoke for one thing. And many are not as thin as they used to be, since McD’s came on the

  9. And They take pills too and only eat desserts on the week-ends...

  10. Hi Carol-the chocolate place shows they’re still in Bozeman,MT.

  11. I think they are both...or planning to stay in France.

  12. KIWI, Henri Le Roux does many, many things with caramel but not chocolate covered bonbons. There is a Paris chocolatier who makes chocolate-covered bars of caramel. And also a caramel the chocolate salon who also does bars...very yum. But the standard chocolate-covered caramel candy...I never seen it here. I was the kid who picked out all the caramels in the candybox before anyone got a chance. One of my areas of expertise. The French don’t t do flavored filled chocolates either. Only delicately flavored ganache is the standard. I remember lemon and strawberry bonbons. They were pink and yellow inside. But not in France. N’existe pas 😢

  13. PBer Sarah8:52 PM

    Carol, fabulous letter and photos. Can’t wait to get there. Maybe this fall? Can you suggest a good time? I know it can be grim in the winter, but it’s Paris and might be less crowded.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  14. Cathye8:59 PM

    Great post & photos!
    I’m so jealous... from my sunny little corner of SW Virginia.

  15. Gee, if my route to the pool was anything like yours, I’d be swimming all the time! Loved the YouTube on Elsa Peretti. 🙏🏻

  16. Great post! I want those dresses - is right ! :-)
    It looks like it is still chilly out - but everything looks the same - so wonderful to see!

  17. Colorful Pics ! Love the photos. Glad to "participate" in the PARIS RE-OPENING!
    Merci, enjoy ...le bon weekend,

  18. What a stunning sunset view in that last photo. Yes, it does look like Paris is open for business -- and what lovely sights to share!

  19. Love the waiter and seeing people out ..every time I see Little girls clothing I think MAKE SOME FOR US:) The shoes too!

  20. Suzanne12:55 PM

    Your blog takes us all over Paris, etc without us having to take hours of travel (and $), though wish we could taste and smell the goodies

  21. Ah...Nana/Monique there is someone in Sweden making them
    S. Gudrun..playful prints etc. They are even on Etsy I will check her name and get back!

  22. Gudrun Sjoden
    Ooopla...backwards as usual silly me :))

  23. I am often jealous of the little girls dresses, I wish I had one for every day!
    Thank you for the breath of Paris you always send me, I so look forward to your posts and the savior them like those tarts and chocolates you are tempted by!

  24. Thank you ROSIECARO ! Come back to Paris soon 🇫🇷

  25. Merci mille fois, dear Carol for including our chocolates in your post. You are one of my earliest inspirations in the chocolate journey!
    I hope you enjoyed the chocolates. We have quite a variety from everything to Morello Cherry cordials to praline! USA Today recognized La Châtelaine as one of the top ten spots in the US for gourmet hot chocolate. You'll never guess which film inspired us to create that hot chocolate recipe!
    I'd give anything to have your talent as a painter.
    Can't wait to meet up in Paris!
    Shannon & Wlady


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