Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Shopping at Marin Montagut, 48, rue Madame


Today is the Big Day. Toute Paris opens up! But Monday I got in on the ground floor🤸🏾‍♀️ as I was walking through the parc 

Sunny 48, rue Madame in the 6th

I spotted Marin Montagut shop and an open doorway. I’ve been meaning to visit since they opened.

Look! Don’t I need this pigeon’s dolls house thing for my guys🐦?

The Breakfast Club waits in the rain sometimes, poor guys, till I give them their oatmeal. And its getting earlier everyday...😳

(They were just airing the shop out after months of being closed up tight). 

Never mind. I sashayed inside.

They were very busy arranging things, hanging things, dusting things like all Paris is this week for the Big Opening !!

I begged them on bended knee, “Please just 2 minutes🙏 I won’t touch anything🙏 Just some closeups and I’m outta here. 

Just 5 minutes🙏Less! I promise🙏 La la la la I put my bag down to prove I was serious, which could so easily break many of their treasures. 

And aren’t they the best treasures ever? The curiosity shop you’ve been dreaming of. Montagut has a shop inside Le Bon Marché but this is so much better. Do come visit when you’re back.

 is pretty brilliant at everything. Not just designing interior decor. Remember those adorable shopping video’s with Ines de la Fressange? He drew and filmed them, plus started that map series.

Thank you Nanci for the ever so nice review in my shop 👏👏

Alison asked if I had a Paris park map with those nice green chairs?

I do and it goes perfectly with the 🌸 cherry blossom map don’t ya think? 
These berries look like blossoms no? 🌸🌸🐻🍓🤸🏾‍♀️


  1. Deborah10:31 AM

    Carol. You make life more beautiful for us as we share your adventures in Paris when we can't be there ourselves. Merci, Merci

  2. Oooh...M Montegut is so talented...such a lovely shop...”one-of-everything, svp”!...putting it on the list for next Paris visit. I’m off to Etsy to snap up your beautiful Paris Park Map...the next best thing to being there. ❤️

  3. I love your post so much! No... sadly I’ve never been.. but it’s on my list now. I’m sure my credit card will take a big hit when I go.

  4. Russell2:07 PM

    I’m kinda in love with everything here -especially the porcelain cups, bowls, plates ... sigh

  5. really appreciate all your links -I love those too.
    Profitez de votre réouverture!!

  6. What a fantastic shop! I thought that you would have certainly liked the tall white cup with the artists brushes, etc. It is next to the daffodils in the photo.
    Only in Paris is display and staging elevated to the highest form!
    Joie de vi-vre in Paris

  7. What artist
    rush cuWp GA?
    Ohhhhhhh Completely passed,me by
    I was smitten with the big’d never have to water them 🤸🏾‍♀️

  8. Glad you have the capability to discard comments at your discretion👍

  9. Darling shop..hope they see your review!!

  10. sooo exciting!!
    can't wait to return to visit family .................AND go shopping😁
    Love all your posts!
    Thank you ..............for your "service"😊
    So very much appreciated

  11. I love the way the French merchandise their wares - always so pleasing to the eye and inviting. Another shop to add to my list. Thanks, Carol.

  12. Between that green cabinet and the pigeon house, I would blow my entire travel budget!


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