Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Valentines Day menu for Russian Tea Room

I spent most of January Desperately seeking ❤️ Valentines ideas for THE RUSSIAN TEA ROOM menu cover.
The usual tearing of hair...
I studied RTR's Valentine menu. Yum.
Do I paint RTR scallops?
I looked at old PB Valentines posts
I went out looking for ideas and inspiration trying not to eat🍫😳

Look at this adorable et pas cher china at Monoprix❤️
RTR suggested something with roses🌹 Hmm...
Finally 6-7 heart/roses❤️🌹sketches. Ta Da The response: No, we don't like those and no, we don't have any suggestions but we know you will come up with something wonderful😳
Maybe the RTR facade like you did before(yoo hoo this was 10+ years ago). Wha'? More hair tearing.
Where Did I find  this photo of❤️ balloons in Milan and who did it?
Ta Da. We LOVE ❤️it. YAY But the boss isn't sure about the taxi🚖.
I did a poll on Instagram. The Taxi won🚖 YES! Isn't the creative process wonderful? If you go to the RUSSIAN TEA ROOM for St Valentines say "Parisbreakfast sent me" Maybe you'll get an extra glass of Champagne 🥂🍾🙏🏻
Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. Please share with a friend. Get a taste of Paris letters and watercolors in your mailbox 📮HAPPY VALENTINES DAY PBersxxx❤️Carolg🐻Bear  


  1. What a great team you and TRTR..♥

    1. It is a lot of fun and quite the challenge too 😄❤️

  2. I love it and the heart baloons make it so fun & special.

  3. Love it!! So whimsical

  4. Lynn C.1:25 AM

    This was fabulous.
    Happy Valentines Day.

  5. Kay Q.1:31 AM

    It’s great, as is the whole post!

  6. Bonelle2:26 AM

    OH! Love their menu...gotta go! And, keep the yellow taxi, it’s adorable! (the “I ❤️ NY“ on the door continues the valentine theme!)

  7. Dorrance3:33 AM

    Love the work you do for them. I think it’s quintessentially Carol Gillott...
    Beautiful, whimsical, joyful!

  8. Owls Head ME7:36 AM

    I LOVE IT! Particularly the TAXI! You are my Valentine Super Star. Love you, Carol

  9. I love it! And I love the taxi, too! Of course! Very NYC!

    1. Thanks
      NYC 🚖🚖🚖 are iconic ❤️

  10. Your work for RTR is wonderful. How DO you always come up with such wonderfully whimsical sketches?? Thanks for showing us all the Paris valentines paraphernalia.

  11. Marilyn S3:53 PM

    The taxi addedjust theright pop of color. Love your reds. When you see photos of downtown New York, there are so many taxis.


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