Sunday, January 19, 2020

Bouillon Julien

The January 💌 map research (I'm late😳) entails eating out at art nouveau BOUILLON restaurants. Yesterday I went to newly-renovated heritage building, BOUILLON JULIEN at 16, rue Faubourg St. Denis, 75010

(From Wikipedia): the first bouillons appeared in 1855 thanks to butcher, Pierre Louis Duval. He proposed a single dish of meat and a bouillon (soup/stock) to market workers of les halles. By 1900, nearly 250 bouillons had sprung up in Paris. The idea was to serve good quality food quickly at affordable prices. They became the first popular chain of restaurants. 

Some other bouillons, more "upper-class", offered musical entertainment.Fernandel sang there in the 30s. There's a relaxed atmosphere at most bouillons today. 

The menu prices at Julien are unbeatable so the crowd is a good mix age-wise. 

My starter was a terrine de canard pistache, mesclun de salade(4,60€). 

I've never seen the classic bouillon dish offered on a Paris menu as a main so who could resist. A deeply satisfying beefy broth with beef slices, orzo and vegetables (9,90). 

Dessert I went for an old-fashioned meringue on top of whipped creme de marron. Total bill: a mere 18 euros. 

The interior is simply gorgeous. Pale sea-foam green walls with globe lamps, mosaics, stained-glass ceiling. 

And 'Mucha-style' figures. 

Flowered-tile floors. Eye-candy everywhere. I arrived at midi/noon. By the time I left at one the big space was full and lively. 

The 10th arrondissement doesn't attract many tourists like the 8th or 6th but its worth making the jaunt for Bouillon Julien. Excellent epicerie Julhés Paris is just up the street and not-to-be missed. Plus an Indian passage, Prada. Public transport is back today. Hooray Share PB with a friend and consider receiving Parisbreakfast in your real mailbox 📮. Back to work on the Jan Map💌 Cheers 🐻❤️


  1. What a gorgeous place! Thank you for bringing us along.

    1. Yr very welcome Jen ❤️
      Do go if you come to Paris !!!
      Bus 38 goes close by.

  2. Kathleen12:14 PM

    No bouillon for moi! (I don't eat beef) But, I really liked the look of that dessert! Watercolors (and old photos) charming, too!

    1. The creme de marron dessert was the perfect ending.

  3. We ate at one bouillon last trip and loved the experience,the food & the price so we plan to eat in several more next trip. Can't wait to see the map.

    1. Thanks Suki
      Its a complicated map...c'est la vie
      This week soon for sure 👍🏻

  4. Owl's Head ME2:13 PM

    Oh, Carol the interior! The stained glass ceiling. And the bouillon in the bowl, dark and sumptuous looking- Oh why does Paris have to be so far away!

  5. Lovely meal for 18€. Glad the Bouillions are seeing something of a resurgence. Goodness, one could spend that at McDo’s...without the ambiance and quality cuisine.

  6. Bonelle2:35 PM

    A good hearty soup, or bouillon, sounds perfect for a winter day. Nice menu. Love the mosaic floor tiles, paintings; wonderful.

  7. Oh I want to go there right now!

  8. Connie6:53 AM

    I am definitely going to look for this place as well as Epicerie Paris♥️

  9. I really enjoyed reading the history of this restaurant along with the vintage photos, your meal, the decor, and your review: Well rounded and quite Satisfying!


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