Saturday, October 19, 2019

Marie-Antoinette letter métamorphoses d’une image, La Conciergerie

The October Paris letter is in the post 📮 
On Monday I read of a new MARIE-ANTOINETTE EXHIBIT opening at La Conciergerie the next day. 

The prison is where Marie-Antoinette spent her last 6 weeks before being guillotined age 38 on 16 October, 1793. 

Its on Ile de Cité, not far from me but I haven't visited since I was 18. Tuesday morning I was there opening time. *Its always a good idea in Paris, to see something new as fast as you can, before word out and the long lines form. This will be a busy exhibit. 

It begins with her imprisonment. M-A's hair is said to have turned white overnight, true or untrue I don't know. The exhibit is terrifically interactive with audio. And famous film clips in a mini movie theater. 

Great for kids. I'm happy to say the exhibit is in both French/English equally. Hooray. There is tons of historic info, documents, her last letters, books written about her etc. But the main focus is on her image's influence over time as a celebrity in her day. And the  heroine she became post-death. She was, of course demonized during the French revolution. 

How to present her in the October letter? A montage of images? 

We know her well as the young Austrian archduchess thanks to Sophia Coppola's film. 

Then as the young queen painted by Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun. Later as la bonne maman. And enfin, as a prisoner of la Conciergerie. 

Her image is represented n Japanese manga,  Miss Piggy. Laduree has milked her style to the 9s in its packaging. Its all there and great fun. 

The gift shop is terrific. If you need a gift for a Marie-Antoinette fanatic get them a letter subscription. Why not? Thanks for reading and sharing Paris breakfasts.
 From Paris with love ❤️ Xxx🥂🐻

Marie-Antoinette monogram Limoges cup & saucer.


  1. Love that letter & the exhibit looks fascinating, just like Marie herself. Much better than apples.

    1. Yes, M-A over apples any day.
      What was I thinking? And I almost did MUSHROOMS!
      Can you believe it? The mind is a terrible thing to...

  2. Anonymous9:21 PM

    L'Autrichienne...her subjects's ill informed nickname evokes so much misfortune!
    As a direct descendant of Louis XIV, I suspect Marie Antoinette was more French than her own husband.
    Just came back from shopping on you site, Carol. Such delicious looking maps and letters!

    Love your post,

  3. Kathleen10:40 PM

    Miss Piggy as M-A - what a hoot!!! Love the watercolors!

  4. I was looking for Bear and thinking he may have been naughty,
    but definitely sulking somewhere for being left behind...when I
    found him quite content in the very first pic. I'm crazy in love
    with the darling cut-outs. So clever.

    1. Bear is Very much here.
      In fact he ate a whole box of chocolates the other morning while I was sleeping!

  5. Wouldn’t it be fun to make Marie-Antoinette paper dolls? Just the thing for Xmas in your Etsy shop!

  6. Bonelle10:53 PM

    Anything Marie-Antoinette is wonderful..
    Would love to see that exhibit.

  7. Judith2:34 AM

    Can't wait! I know it will be fabulous

    1. Now how to make the November Paris letter Fabulous???

  8. Oh my goodness, this is beautiful! You are so creative with the folds, and giving us the option of cutting it - just like paper dolls! So fun!

    1. Paper dolls...
      My favorite thing as a kiddie
      Hours and hours spent dreaming and cutting my Royal Ballet dancers...
      I had such big plans to become a top dancer/choreographer/set designer all in one!?
      But crayons won out

  9. MA had such a tragic end...her husband going to the guillotine before her, her closest female companion brutally murdered, her children taken from her and mistreated. A sad chapter in France’s history. That looks like an interesting, very well done exhibit at the Conciergerie. Thank you for bringing us along!

  10. I loved paper dolls too even later in life in magazines:)
    I say yes to you doing some.:)GReat idea..You could do so many cut outs..a panoarama.. of bouquinistes:)

  11. Marilyn S2:36 PM

    I hope the mail is fast want my October letter.

  12. Are the gowns shown in the photo's above from Sophia's movie about MA???

  13. Yes ! They are in fact. Good eyes


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