Monday, September 16, 2019

Bonne Maman, Maine

This is going to be short and sweet. Wifi is intermittent in my lovely, enormous room in Owl's Head, MAINE.  I've been here a week. When I arrived my host made a fatal error. They bought 5 BONNE MAMAN blackberry jam instead of hard-to-find raspberry. I took this as a sign to paint French jam instead of Maine rocks all week. Hooray. 

Meanwhile I brought them 4 boxes of divine French chocolates + some bars.
I can happily recommend Pierre Marcolini (yes, he is Belgian) if you need chocolate gifts. Perfect in every way: variety, color, flavor, number, price. 

My hostess Katherine in front of The Mariner's Grill in Camden. 

Where I ate a single blueberry pancake chock-a-block with Maine's tiny berries + real maple syrup. 

Of course I had a lobsta roll on a bun(?) and a pile of mayonnaise with some slaw included the day before. 

One cannot visit Maine without going for a whole lobster at Archer's. 

Oh and those rocks. 

I was attending David Dewey's Fall watercolor workshop

But mostly I was up at 3am painting jam jars. I stayed on Paris time (and got poked during class for snoozing. Zzzz)

Per usual I made a mess in my enormous bathroom with all my painting stuff. If you're into Bonne Maman there is plenty lurking in my Etsy shop. Is Lavender a flavor? It is now. Thanks for reading and sharing Parisbreakfast. Paris letter and maps subscriptions + jam watercolors are in my Etsy shop. With love💋from Paris (back on Wednesday)🐻


  1. What is not to love about Bonne Maman? Or, for that matter, your paintings? But I am glad you got out to paint a rock or two! Sounds like a lovely holiday. Enjoy!

    1. Oh how nice!
      Yrs I am soooo relaxed I dont feel like packing !

  2. A week in Maine...lovely! Doesn’t get better than French chocolate, blueberry pancakes, and lobster! Love your watercolor of the painter on the rocks❣️

  3. So glad you’re getting your fill of all the wonderful seafood Maine has to offer. Everything you’ve pictured looks wonderful...what a great breakfast place!

  4. If the weather is like here it's humidity..sunny skies etc:)Love BM love the paintings..I am tickled to have some BM kitchen things..apron etc..I look at them and feel sweet lol:)

  5. Bill Ternay12:35 PM

    You are one funny dude.Traveling across the ocean to Maine to focus on painting jam jars.
    Lovely paintings by the way.
    Love the variety of colors you pushed into the washes.
    Great very "Mainey" post.

  6. Looks like you are having a wonderful time.
    Your paintings are (as ever) beautiful.
    hugs, Bugs

  7. Kathleen H12:38 PM're in the U.S.! Love the pictures of the chocolates! I usually get raspberry jam but blackberry jam sounds good, too!

  8. Lois Bender12:43 PM

    Funny blog! Foodie in Maine. !!!!
    Jam not rocks spoke to you!!!

  9. The lobster rolls at Marriner's are amazing!


  10. If you're in Maine, mon cherie, then you should drive down to Valatie New York
    and get some farm fresh raspberry jam--we have red raspberry jam AND wild
    black raspberry jam (plus strawberry and wild blackberry)!
    Oh my goodness!
    It would be heaven to see you....

    1. On my way to Logan Airport at the moment by Concord bus...
      Do you give driving leçons too darling Jamie?

  11. Only ONE pancake!?!?!?
    Lovely painting as always.

    1. One pancake is already a killer for me...makes me comatose..

  12. Anne M4:41 AM

    Try Cafe Miranda in Rockland. Amazing food and very original!

    1. The workshop had their delicious pizza the last day !
      We got good taste 👍🏻

  13. Victor V6:05 AM

    We can find that preserves jar of many flavors in Ct and we buy it all the time.

    Love your work!!!!

  14. Deb in Australia6:19 AM

    Now I am searching where Maine is. It says the department of the Loire Valley...
    Oh Beautiful! I hope you are having a lovely time and managed to get some sleep!

  15. Maine, New England, USA
    I shoulda said...
    Funny I am going to the Loire tomorrow...I will look for it

  16. We spend July in Maine every year and visit often from our home in MA. Can an amateur watercolor painter take classes with David Dewey, or is it by invitation only? I have not been able to find anything online. Many thanks!

    1. Absolutely. David Dewey is a generous teacher. He has an excellent book out, THE WATERCOLOR BOOK. Look for the 1st edition printed on better paper.
      His website is currently being redone but should be up soon. Meanwhile you can find plenty on my blog if you put in David dewey workshop in the SEARCH BOX in the right sidebar Peggy.


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