Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Le Salon des champagnes et des Patisseries Fines au Pavillon Ledoyen

Sunday, Monday was a lovely repeat performance at the two-day Salon des Champagnes et des Patisseries Fine at Pavillon LedoyenTop pastry chef Nina Métayer demoed her version of a
Cherry  cloufouti while everyone tasted flights from 27 Champagne houses.
This year was different. Entry was 10-15€
Children enter free. Tiny tastebuds need training.
An exquisite lunch was available at a reasonable 15€. And you could buy fabulous desserts if you missed out on the mini demonstration samples.
I had a ringside seat next to the pastry station.
No dessert went untasted after 4 days of abstaining in Cannes.
This is not a chunk of coal. But Yuzu ice cream 'enrobed' in dark chocolate chunks created by Ledoyen's fab pastry chef, Aurélien Rivoire.
Brut Rosé was the summer flavor of the day at Le Salon des champagnes et des Patisseries Fines
I had half a glass of 🥂 sparkling Delavenne, a house situated in Bouzy
 between Reims and Epernay. Did you know the US buys the largest quantities of 🍾Champagne? But only large brand names dominate. This is why attending a tasting at 
Le Salon des champagnes et des Patisseries Fines can be so informing. Meeting the Champagne makers of small houses is a delight. And yes they speak English. 
There are 2,000.000 bubbles/bulles in each glass of Champagne? And 60,000,000 bubbles in a 🍾 bottle. No wonder the French love ❤️ bubbles so much.
I painted this bottle from Joseph PerrierFilsetCo. Its an homage to the original owners' daughter, Josephine. Would you like your name or another personalized on the bottle? You can find it on Etsy. Please be like the French. Plan ahead. Book your vacance for early July next year. Come say hello at my painting station. This Sunday soirée, Le Salon des champagnes et des Patisseries Fines  is one of the best I've been to in Paris. I'll be waiting for you 😄 Thanks for reading Parisbreakfasts. Feel free to share. If you'd like a personalized🍾champagne watercolor or Paris letters let me know🥂🍾🍒. Love❤️ from Carolg 🥂 in Paris


  1. Le salon and you were made for each other:)♥

  2. Love that Josephine bottle and your watercolor of it. Such a delightful event - would love to attend.

    1. Please come next year Suki
      Simply the best ❤️

  3. Bonnie2:47 PM

    Yes, your life is a piece of cake...and champagne...and pastries! So lovely that this has become an annual event for you. Très glam!

  4. Lynn S2:49 PM

    I am watching like Tour de France which started in Belgium but then quickly went into the champagne country of France. The vineyards of course were glorious.

  5. Loved this post AND the delighted look on the pastry chef’s visage as she held up your watercolor. Had to make your day!!

  6. GwenEllyn11:14 PM

    I've gotta' plan a trip during this event! Champagne is my drug of choice.

  7. Lois Flowers11:16 PM

    Quite a champagne paint party !!!


    1. There is a red wine + truffles coming up in January too!

  8. Sally V1:15 AM


  9. Barton9:31 AM

    To bad we didn’t know about this....I think we were there!

    1. Sorry, I did make an announcement with links ;((

  10. Anonymous3:17 PM

    What a lovely post, Carol!
    I see your working station - like last year - so charming.
    Everything looks delicious, your watercolors most of all!


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