Sunday, April 14, 2019

Salon international du livre rare et de l'objet d'art au Grand Palais

On thursday I was lucky enough to get an invite to preview the annual  SALON DU LIVRES RARES ET L'OBJETS D'ART at Grand Palais. Naturally I was thinking I'll just run in for 20-30 minutes and then off to the pool.
Ha! Two hours later I could have stayed and stayed. A veritable treasure chest of old books, art and and artifacts to linger over. This stripped tent from military dealer, BERTRAND MALVAUX contained Napoleonic medals, helmets, armor, toy soldiers. Was that the dealer's grass green shoes? Qui sait. 
160 exhibitors, 44 countries represented, 50 art experts to consult. 
What more could you want? A giant book store.
An area just for prints and small drawings amd watercolors. As if you are browsing a tiny shop.
Special invited guest, library, LA BIBLIOTHEQUE FORNEY brought treasures from their collections
There are small shops of jewelry, fabrics, watches as well...
Famous French 20s printer, DRAEGER had a big stand of old posters, fashion drawings
I was lured in easily and would have bought up everything in sight if I could have.
Still the fun of going to these big, glorious art shows is browsing up close things you would normally view only behind glass cases
Today is the last day of Salon international du livre rare & de l'objet d'art au Grand Palais. Run, don't walk to catch it. Thank you for reading Parisbreakfast. If you enjoyed this forward to a friend. Receive monthly Paris letters or maps in your mailbox + French souvenirs at ETSY.
xxx💋Carolg et Bear 🐻 in Paris


  1. Oh the peopnies and chinese vases..Looks like a great exhibition..something for everyone especially bibliophiles:)

    1. Exactly !
      And some things you didnt know you needed...desperately !

  2. Bonnie9:31 AM

    What a beautiful Salon, Carol. And staged in the Grand Palais! Is it an annual event? Yes, I too could easily spend a few days there.

  3. Sarah T12:36 PM

    How spectacular. Will try and copy with my watercolors (very novice ) your beautiful painting of jar. Miss Paris so much. First there in 68-69 in college, turbulent year.

  4. Sally V12:37 PM

    Peony buds like French bonbons.

    Thank you.

  5. Bonnie in CA12:39 PM

    So delightful to see this, Carol!
    Loved the Draeger booth - especially the bird poster. Wow.
    And your finale - the gorgeous flowers.
    April in Paris. Glorious.
    You lucky duck!

  6. Would be so fun to meander through all of this beauty- as if Paris alone were not enough. And your watercolors are spectacular, of course.

  7. Janine2:22 PM

    Les pivoines sont si jolies

  8. WineWalker12:55 AM

    We Love your new format !!

    1. Shorter, more concise posts? Cos Blogger app no longer works.
      C'est la vie ❤️

  9. Barbara L1:33 AM

    I love your new watercolor of the vases! What an incredible exhibition that must have been.

    1. I was very surprised how much I enjoyed it !

  10. Sharon T1:46 AM

    This Newsletter has to be one of the BEST EVER: FULL OF SO MUCH BEAUTY AND EDUCATION! merci Carol
    Loved the fashion posters, et many visuals in the sm 4 frames! (Tight pants and green shoes)


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