Saturday, January 19, 2019

On the wall

J's workstation with PARISBREAKFAST LETTERS on the wall.
Please send pics of your walls of PB artwork so I can share them.
Bear is a LETTER SUBSCRIBER - his wall of PB art.

PATISSIER FREDERIC CASSEL of Fontainebleau put my watercolors on his stand at SALON DU CHOCOLAT a few years ago. Thrilling!

LA POSTE in Paris has me on the wall.
Eons ago I had a chef portrait exhibit on the wall at THE JAMES BEARD FOUNDATION. Everyone loved the painted chef 's jacket I wore. Orders came in from chefs of reknown like...
MOF PAUL BOCUSE! What an honor.
BOCUSE helped me get my artwork on CHAMPAGNE MUMM's bottles
Here is how my Parisbreakfast letters work in case you were wondering.. I sit at my desk (like now) burning the midnight oil while tearing my hair out, creating a letter and a Paris map each month for you while Bear placidly looks on.
Then BEAR takes them to La Poste and ships them out to your mailbox
Yesterday I saw my artwork for ATELIER CATHERINE MASSON on the wall at MAISON OBJET. Thrilling.
I came home and painted Notre Dame at night.
Thanks for reading PARISBREAKFAST dear PBers!
If you enjoyed this Paris post please consider putting my letters on your wall by buying my artwork and watercolors on Etsy. And do pass it on to someone else you think might enjoy it.BONNE WEEK-END!


  1. ND is beautiful..the walls are wow,I will share mine too..not sunny today..And I love seeing" L'alcove de l'artiste!"
    It looks great at maison really are Paris.

    1. L'alcove de l'artiste
      Always new French expressions to learn!
      Thank you Monique ❤️

  2. Bonnie in CA12:11 PM

    Hi Carol,
    Love this post! So awesome to see your studio space and its fabulous niche by the windows. You are living the dream.

  3. Sharon T12:16 PM

    I love this missive!!!loved seeing your studio/desk
    And Bear, naturallement! He cracks me up!
    How proud you should be to have some of the “Greats” display/love with your works!
    Bonne Annee Carol!
    PS I appreciate your emails, a distraction/joy from daily politics

  4. Barbara R12:22 PM

    Beautiful and joyous art work ! A delight !
    Bonne Chance !

  5. Notre Dame at night !
    that's the one I want.
    That was Always Christmas Eve with my
    Parents while living in Paris in 1957 - 62

  6. How exciting and fun to see your beautiful work displayed in so many places. I love it. Please thank Bear for those trips to La Poste.

    1. Xxxx
      M. Bear

  7. Notre Dame at night looks like a perfect Christmas card. Just sayin'... It would be a wonderful addition to your site! I have some of your smalls framed and not too long ago received a thank you note on a PB notecard from a friend I didn't even know followed you! But she loves Paris so of course!

    1. Excellent idea Jeanie!
      I will for next year (with the tree added of course)
      Cheers 🐻❤️💋

  8. Jane Gabin7:52 PM

    This is GREAT! there ought to be a feature on you (perhaps there has been) in glossy French magazines!

  9. I always look forward to your emails, they brighten my day and remind me of the City of Lights that I adore so much. Thank you for everything you do!

    1. Awww...Thanks
      Very sweet
      I appreciate ❤️

  10. Normajean11:49 PM

    Carol, I will be buying a little home in two weeks..... so excited I can finally display your letters on my wall!!.... I will send a photo once they are up!!:)

  11. Robin C1:07 AM

    Love seeing your maps etc on your PBers walls and in shops!
    Tres tres bon. Very satisfying too, for you, which is nice when you labor away so much in your tiny studio. I know how that feels. My work space is tiny too!
    How pretty is your cathedral at night!

  12. Marilyn1:28 AM

    Your Notre Dame water color is over the top. Made me start thinking about the Angelina with the faces of famous people. I think that is still my favorite. But that really starts the list.
    My favorites have been places I have been. Maybe have a series of cafes or museums or gardens. Cafe de Flore Les de Magots. Rodin garden. Just a few

  13. Love it when you're surprised seeing your art where you do not expect it.

    Maison Objet it was popping out.

    1. Oh I forgot to show the biggest surprise of my life...

      My artwork on the METRO walls !!
      The Top

  14. Kathryn7:32 AM

    How heartwarming and thrilling.
    You are touching so many lives. Yay!
    There is a reason you brave all kinds of weather to dive into Paris and bring it all to us.
    Merci !

  15. Carol P8:44 AM

    Wonderful examples of you artwork hanging.

    Now I just have to decide what to get. Very difficult.

  16. Great photos of your art Carol!

  17. You are so talented and your art is so inspirational.

    Thank you!


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