Saturday, December 15, 2018

A Rococo Christmas letter

For the rest of December you can BUY A SINGLE CHRISTMAS LETTER (Rococo style with your name hand-written on it), the NOV Advent letter or 'Have fun in Paris Noël map. Random Paris goodies will be included in the envelope of course. Bear dragged me over to the very rococo patisserie, MEERT on 3 rue de Jacques Callot 75006 just off rue Mazarine.
Some bears can not get enough Paris pastry. Some bears should be sleeping instead of drooling.
Well let's face it. Just about everyone is leché-vitrine (drooling) at Meert. And Saturdays their special pastries arrive fresh from Lille.
Put one foot inside magical MEERT and its like a time machine. Candies of yore beckon. And jams, biscuits and teas.
Lovely chocolate bears with marshmallow inside.
The packaging is so whimsical you find yourself buying boxes just for their beauty.
Well some people do...
Such eye candy with edible candy inside.
Big enticing jars of jam/confiture call out your name.
And don't forget their famous gaufres. De Gaulle's favorite cookie (delivered to him fresh every Friday). I wanted the yellow box even if I am a bit tired of the color yellow. No way José. You can only get lemon/citron waffle cookies in summer time if you please. Meert has rules and sticks to them assiduously. Perfection does not come wothout a few bumps in the road.
Bear insisted on a Selfie in Meert. Such a teenager...
Bear has been invited to the Nut Cracker suite the day before Christmas. He is thrilled to bits.
With our mutual obsession drawing loops and arabesques, the December letter had to be Rococo. Though first we tried three or four other themes. Adding in the fun tree ornaments from ASTIER DE VILATTE helped. Their boiled egg in a cup is on the letter art if not on my table...see top left.
Well thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. You can get the single December Parisbreakfast letter, map or watercolors in my Etsy shop.


  1. Adorable!! And the couple window shopping? i love too!

    1. The couple are PBers ❤️ Of course
      And they are taking me to the NUTCRACKER SUITE,!
      HOORAY 💋💋

  2. Thank goodness you have Bear to lead you on to such wonderful adventures. Surely Santa will bring him something special.

    1. Oh?
      Santa is too busy to shop for Bear ;((
      Bur we browse A LOT?

    2. PS Bear has awfully good taste being French 🇫🇷
      Whither he goest, I goest too...

  3. That was lovely

    Do you feel safe?

    1. Why not pray tell?
      Yellow jackets are not bothering with my island.

  4. Meert is one of my favorite shops in the world!
    Thank you for sharing

  5. Love the two of you in the window - would love to shop at Meert right now, I could use a few of their goodies. Miam, miam.

    1. Oh the reflection in the mirror over the waffles ? ;))
      Such a charming place, Meert.
      Paris is full of wonderful places 🥂🥐☕️

  6. Ah, it is not the year for me to be indulging myself with a gift....but I did anyway! Absolutely unable to resist your December letter and map, thank you so very much for this lovely treat! It is my Christmas present this year. You have made my noel complete!

    1. Thank you !
      And you are keeping Bear in baguettes ❤️
      Mille merci
      Most kind

  7. Love your Rococo!
    One of my downfalls is beautiful packaging. My dresser has stacked up boxes of soaps I NEVER use but BUY because the artwork on the boxes is exquisite.

  8. Eugenia P4:49 PM

    I love your Noel in Paris map, especially good old Santa Bear in the upper right corner. It will stay here by my computer through the holidays to make me smile and pretend.

    May the holidays be a joyful time for you followed by a fulfilling, peaceful and delightful new year.

  9. Janine5:27 PM

    Quel régal pour les yeux pour nous qui sommes si loin de Paris.
    Bon Noel

  10. Suzanne5:28 PM

    Anything from you is a joyous gift!!

    Mille Merci!

  11. Paristutti2:09 AM

    Thank you Carol,
    I’ve followed you forever. Just loved your blog.
    I love Paris and your post are just delightful especially since I
    Live on a mountain in Montana��polar opposite.

  12. Jill Colonna10:18 AM

    My goodness, I adore Meert - and had no idea that the Nutcracker was on in Paris. It's the kids' favourite at Christmas so have to check it out. Possibly only expensive seats, though. Lucky bear for the invitation! Enjoy yourselves and have a most wonderful Christmas, Carol. J x

  13. Pattie B12:55 AM

    Thank you for the joy of your work!

  14. Last night, returning to my hotel, I saw the Eiffel Tower. Nice show as always...and the color of its lights is...jaune!
    Happy Holidays, Carol. I saw you and Bear in one of the photos. You look great!
    Love always.


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