Saturday, December 22, 2018

Bear visits Versailles

THANK YOU PBers for all your lovely letter orders. On Thursday Bear insisted we escape addressing envelopes briefly and do a quick run to VERSAILLES.

*ALERT! Do try to take the correct RER C to station VERSAILLES RIVE GAUCHE rather than station VERSAILLES CHANTIER. You will save oodles of time...over an hour vs. 38 minutes. We did get to sketch Louis-Philippe on the train to pass the time.

FYI bear in mind station Versailles Rive Gauche is a much shorter walk to the chateau too.

Since you'll be walking a hell of a lot anyway its best to take into consideration.

I always seem to hit the gift shop first. It puts you in a Marie-Antoinette state of mind don't you think? What we all need now is gold-covered chcocolate lollypops. A bright idea!
Someone in the comments asked about bougies. The French are obsessed with perfumed candles. The huge bougie on the left goes for 169€ Check out on Youtube, VERSAILLES' DIRTY SECRETS - TOUTE L'HISTOIRE, perhaps too much information on the use of perfumes in the 18th century.
Nina's fabulous Marie-Antoinette teas come in a luxe travel box. All you need take of you're flying over on Norwegian Air non?
Such pretty soaps etc. Perfect gifts for christmas if you're not sending letters from Paris...
Here is the top, top secret about Versailles! Go on a chilly winter day in the AFTERNOON.
You will have the place more or less to yourself. The morning mass of tourist coaches have left the premises.
When my back was turned (and the guard's) Bear hopped onto a l'interdit/forbidden settee.
We both would have loved to take a closer look at this gorgeous portrait but the velvet rope and the guard were looking.
No crowds. No one blocking your view. Definitely visit Versailles in the afternoon. And three hours is enough to see what you want before total exhaustion kicks in.
Besides you do not want to miss the town of Versailles a few blocks away on rue de la Paroisse.

Next year I promise to write JOYEUX NOËL on the Christmas letter and not Bonne Noël. Leçon learned.

Don't miss the big covered marché in town either, open everyday until 7:30 pm

I was compelled to buy the raspberry tarte on the right, since I resisted temptation in the gift shop.
Sketching another Louis on the correct RER train returning home...
You come out of St. Michel station to be greeted by the tree at Notre Dame!
Bear 🐻 wishes everyone all the best for the Holidays and the New Year !!!
From Paris with love ❤️ XXX


  1. NormaJean10:35 AM

    Beautiful email!! Brought back memories of my quick visit to Versailles.... I also got a giggle out of your forbidden pic of Bear on the settee!!....
    reminded me of when I snuck my dog Millee in to the Louvre to view the Mona Lisa!!....we bad!!

    Merry Christmas Carol and many Blessings in the New Year!!

  2. Your drawings are beautiful and your information always interesting. I teach French to adults near Chicago and recommended your newsletter to them.
    Joyeux is the correct spelling.

  3. All that pink packaging:) Fun on..glad Bear is getting out..wish him a merry plse:) Et toi..comme de raison..Mes Meilleurs Voeux.

    1. Think Pink = Marie Antoinette evidently.
      I dont own a single pink thing...guess I'll never be a queen...

  4. Happy Holidays to you and thanks for sharing your Paris love!

  5. Carol, You are definitely a sketch & water color queen. I think you might be a bad influence on bear as I'm sure he wouldn't have snuck across the ropes without your encouragement. Hugs and Merry Christmas to both you and Bear.

  6. Merry Christmas to you and Bear! I cannot wait to see your gorgeous apricot painting framed and in my powder room! Thank you for your talent and artistry! It arrived and I took it with me to share it's beauty in french class that very day! Lots of oohs and ahs and I gave you a full 5-10" of a scope of why I enjoy opening your blogpost and the beauty and excursions you share with all of us PBers!

    All the best for the coming 2019!


  8. Eugenia1:03 PM

    Bless you, Carol. I wondered where Bonne Noel came from and where Joyeux …. had gone. Now I can look forward with pleasure to your holiday greetings in 2019.

  9. Great idea to escape some letter posting and visit Versailles on a wintery afternoon, amazing to have it all to yourself and bear. Always useful to have some travel tips along with your great drawings. I'm glad you got the raspberry tart, I would have too. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019.

  10. your bear...!
    Joyeux Noel et meilleurs voeux pour 2019.

  11. Brings back wonderful memories of almost the same trip we took....
    Enjoy your Christmas in Paris.....

  12. Thank you, Carol, for another wonderful year of Paris Breakfast. Happy holidays to you and bear. It’s so good to see him enjoying the little outing. As my wife said,”I wish we could take a ‘quick run to Versailles.’ “. But, we may have rain on Christmas Day, and in LA, that’s the best gift we could have. You’re in Paris, and what better gift is there, as you are cozy in your apartment on your island in the Seine towed by Notre Dame. Joyeux Noel.

  13. Carole, Merry Christmas to you & Bear & much happiness & peace in the NewYear!

  14. Sharon3:43 AM

    Bear is so mischievous! As is his “Mom”! I assumed he was your BF for. long time!- I love that he is stripped...wishing you both joyeux holidays and new ans 2019! (despite the chaos, France/Paris is civil compared to U.S.
    Oui the tart! I would go for the chocolate creation!

    1. Ha ha I got a chocolate thing too...the only way to get the lovely patisserie box (2 pastries required)

  15. Seems like Marie Antoinette's personal charm was irresistible.
    Upon seeing her for the first time, John Adams, ambassador of the United States in France - described Marie-Antoinette thus:
    She was an object too sublime and beautiful for my dull pen to describe...Her dress was everything that art and wealth could make it....She had a fine complexion indicating her perfect health, and was a handsome woman in her face and figure....not a feature of her face, nor a motion of any part of her person, especially her arm and her hand, could be criticized as being out of order...
    What a beautiful post, Carol! Thank you so much.
    P.S. I'm in Paris right now, enjoying my sister's company, her family and many old friends. Looking forward to many parties this coming week. Love the food!!!

    1. Oh....what a lovely quote Maria
      Big Merci!
      Enjoy every minute of your time here. The lights and cakes stay up for a while..

  16. I love following along on your adventures! Versailles is a favorite place to visit but to be hones I have never explored the town! Now I must put it on my list.

  17. Joyeux Noel~ hope it is peaceful.

  18. Anonymous2:19 AM

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