Sunday, November 18, 2018

Imperial Chocolat Fontainebleau

I'm drawing in my hotel room in Clermont-Ferrand whilst at the 19th Rendez vous du Carnet du Voyage conference...remembrances of the fabulous 3-day IMPERIAL CHOCOLAT À CHATEAU FONTAINEBLEAU on Friday...Hurry up! You can still go today.
Friday was a tad misty, a tad gloomy but who cares when such beauty awaits inside the chateau (just 30 minutes from Paris c/o Gare de Lyon).
Forget the rush to Versailles
And the annoying crowds
And long lines.
Fontainebleau makes you feel like a princess (or prince) especially if you visit during the week.
Jaw-dropping splendid decorations
The current exhibit on..

Your reward after visiting the castle...a short walk through the courtyard et voila -Salon du Chocolat
Banks and banks of superb chocolate to taste
And buy
Some of tje best chocolate sculptures ever
Many created with Fontainebleau in mind like this stairway.
Perhaps the best chocolate box ever. Why didn't I get it?
Created by the one and only president of RELAIS DESSERTS, patissiere FREDERIC CASSEL. At the billetterie I said. I was the guest/invitée of Frederic and the ticket man said, "You know, I think he is the best pastry chef in France." I agreed. You must stop in on your way to visit the chateau.
Pastries made for kings and queens IMHO.
True I only got this viennoisserie because it was citron and something different. Utterly fab. Coming home to the Ile Saint Louis, crossing my bridges with an early departure for the RENDEZ-VOUS DU CARNET DE VOYAGE the next morning at 6am. I made it and bought THREE new sketchbooks I probably didn't need. See above picture.
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HELLO from Clermont-Ferrand in the Auvergne ❤️


  1. Miranda6:18 AM

    Gorgeous pictures!
    Gorgeous chocolate!
    Lucky you

  2. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Just lovely as always. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Maureen2:33 PM

    Merci! Tes photos sont incroyable!

  4. Kathleen2:36 PM

    Wow - fabulous (ncluding your watercolors!) - what is in the "patchwork au citron" - looks flaky delicious!

    1. OMG it was so delish. Crispy, lemony on the bottom.
      I could so go back for more...yum yum

  5. You live in a charmed place and you take advantage of the beauty that surrounds you. You give me courage.

  6. Breathtaking! Lucky girl!

  7. As always, thanks for giving us all these fab armchair adventures! Such a treat.
    I don’t know why you aren’t 500 pounds.......sooooo many incredible things to sample and buy......and eat!
    Thankfully, new sketchbooks aren’t edible, eh? Bet that was a fun venue to wander, too.

    1. A trip to the hairdresser just before acted as a strong deterrent!
      Must do it before next chockie salon...

  8. Et Voila...Superbe!! I love the Paris you bring! Merci bien Carol

  9. I've always liked Fontainbleu better than Versailles but would like it even more with all that chocolate- the stairs of my dreams and, being a lemon lover, that citrom patchwork looks heavenly - as does the one with the figs on it.

    1. One wonders where they came up with such a clever name...citron patchwork.
      Irresistable. Priceless.
      Yes Fontainebleau may be a too well kept secret...I must go back more often..just 30 minutes and the local bus takes you right to the doorstep!
      If you have a Paris metro card the train and bus are free being part of Ile-de-France!

  10. Just love your posts.
    Thank you for the wonderful work you do to bring France to us.

  11. Rob n Bonnie10:42 AM

    Fontainebleau looks heavenly, even without the chocolate! Putting it on the “must visit” list. I’m with you on the citron patchwork...miam...

  12. Anonymous2:58 AM

    Thanks for the trip to Fontainebleau and chocolate! I visited Fontainebleau castle abut 11 years ago, I went in the late afternoon of a week day and I think was the last person for the day, as behind me all the exhibit guards were packing up behind me, so by the end there was a whole group of French workers chatting and walking behind me, pretty funny! Alas no chocolate at the end.

    - Kirrabelle (for some reason it won't let me post with my google account)


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