Thursday, November 22, 2018

19th Rendez-Vous du Carnet de Voyage, Clermont-Ferrand

HAPPY HAPPY THANKSGIVING Everyone! I'm still recovering from the feast of last weekend's annual. RENDEZ-VOUS DU CARNET DE VOYAGE in Clermont-Ferrand. Here's a few of the bits and bobs I collected at the sketchbook fair.
100 carnettistes or sketchbook artists have stands (on 2 floors) and trying to see every one of them can be wearing but immensely inspiring if you love to draw.
My teacher Jeremy Soheylian has 2 new books in addition to his Burgundy book.
All the artists present have books and hand-made items for sale.
Plus there's a huge book area to browse.
You buy the books and then come back to the artist's stand to get them personally signed
I was delighted to meet at last JULIETTE PLISSON, whose watercolors I've admired for ages.
Fun to see her paintbox
And colors
And exquisite, fluid landscape watercolors. She teaches every Monday in Neuilly and I'm going soon.
She makes these wonderful accordian books. I couldn't resist her Venice panoramic littlle book.
JOAQUIN DORAO has been at the fair everytime I've attended. Accordian sketchbooks are clearly very popular.
Behind him the map of his trip in Spain.
His printer takes apart his actual sketchbook painted on the trip and then stitches it back together.
His tiny traveling paintbox. Dorao does travel workshops in Crete etc.
I was fascinated by these tiny 3" sketchbooks of CLAUDIO BORSATO.
A whole box was filled with them
He said a friend sent them from Amsterdam. If they'd been available at the fair art shop i would have grabbed some. Borsato uses a BIC ballpoint pen to do these wonders!
Fortunately there were areas where you could sit and listen to audio travel adventures...and possibly catch a few Zzzs before looking at more sketchbooks.
Speaking of bits and bobs, I'm having a 🎨 water C O L O R - F R I D A Y sale on ETSY starting tomorrow...lots of watercolors sitting around here you might enjoy going for not much.
Enjoy your Turkey!


  1. Lois Flowers10:43 PM

    I must go next year!
    Happy Parisian TG!

  2. Juliette Plisson5:57 AM

    Thank you so much for stopping at my stand. It was such a Pluto meet you. I hope to see you again very soon.
    Bien amicalement,

  3. THis must be such an amazinng event..To see all the beautiful books..artists..etc..Love the one you bought.Very generous sale you are having!

  4. Wow, just looking at this I feel like I've died and gone to heaven. I can't imagine what it would be like to see it in person. You had some lovely finds. Now I need to check and see if I might find a lovely find on your site!

    1. I'll tell you what its like Jeanie
      Completelt exhausting but Very inspiring!
      I was a wreck on Monday and half of Tuesday..but that could be the 2 brats sitting across from me on the long train ride home. No children should be allowed to travel by themselves. Maybe all children should stay home period.

  5. Thank you, Carol.
    I have been wanting to buy some of your exquisite artwork for a long time. I just love to open up Paris Breakfast whenever you post!
    Each time I relive my moments in Paris and France!

  6. How can there be such people in this world? People who can create such wonders with their hands? Looking at you too, Carol!
    OMG !!!

  7. wonderful sketches.....

  8. It looks like lots of talent in that building & I'm sure you were completely inspired, but you should be exhibiting there yourself.

    1. They have sooooo many sketchbooks!
      I couldn't keep up.
      I scribble on scraps of paper...

  9. Kimberly Charles12:19 AM

    Thanks so much for this! I’d love to find out how to get a small version of the El Camino foldout?
    A friend did the Way this year and that would be a great present!

    Happy Holiday season to you!

    1. Check out his website:

  10. Barry and Maureen12:21 AM

    What a fun place for an artist to visit!
    Joaquin Dorao work was amazing! It looks like he made the pilgrimage , the Camino, to Santiago de Compostela. I love the accordion. I would have to find a way to suspend it so it was always visible.

    1. Dorao made all his drawings on site walking the Camino Saint Jacques (also the title of his book).

  11. Marvey in CA6:27 PM

    I teach a travel sketchbook class to seniors through the Osher Long Life Learning Program at Chico State University, Chico, CA. You may have read recently in the news that our area here in Butte County experienced a devastating wildfire that destroyed our neighboring town of Paradise. Over 12,000 homes and, so far, a count of 85 people were lost, the largest wildfire ever in California. Some of my students are now living as evacuees. Our whole community feels the incredible loss.

    With a heavy heart, we returned to classes yesterday afternoon. I had no idea of how to provide comfort to my class until I opened your recent email about the Rendezvous de Carne Voyage. It was such a nice distraction - a trip to France and sketching adventure all in one! When they watched it in a slideshow (I converted it into power point) the conversation was buzzing with ideas, one of which was to make a book of their sketches for classmates who had lost everything.

    One never knows when something they put out there will find it’s way to the perfect place. I just wanted you to know that this time your email did, right here in Chico, California.

    Thank you,


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