Sunday, March 04, 2018

Salon de l'Agriculture 2018

There are a lot of food fairs this weekend in Paris. Yesterday I visited SALON INTERNATIONAL DE L'AGRICULTURE at Porte de Versailles (ligne 12). Today is the last day so get over there vite.

Meet the star of the show, Haute, an Aubrac cow, on most Paris buses and in the Metro this week. She is 6 years old and grew up in Laguiole, Aveyron. Inquiring minds etc.

She's on the Salon's shopping bag of course.

I don't know the numbers of visitors but there are tons of people of all ages visiting SIA. Very well-behaved too.

I only made it to Halle 3 where 13 regions of France have their products on offer. Plus tourist info for each region.

A huge array of honey.

Maybe they should change the name to Salon de Confiture - so many jam makers. And the variety of flavors: Figue orange, blueberry citron, saffron apricot, apricot lime, strawberry get the idea.

A giant basket of products from Normandy i would have been happy to take home.

Endless cheeses

The French like their organic vegetables with the dirt left on svp. Proof of terroir?

No dirt on these veggies

Halle 3 has possibly 20-25 regional restaurants inside or just sit down on the floor and munch.

Lavandre from the Provence section.

Violet garlic from Cadours. I picked one up to inhale and was offered free samples to take home. No problem. Corsican stands were selling a kilo of almonds in the shell for 6€. I couldn't pass up their fabulous Clementine jam. Today I'm off to Omnivore Paris food fair, a rather more upscale event with top chef demos and lectures at Maubert-Mutualite. Mer et Vin is on at Champerret.
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Xxx Carolg et Yellow Bird


  1. Thanks for sharing this article about the agriculture, it's so important to support farmers.

  2. I'd love that:) Gorgeous garlic..which we bought while in Provence..and some jams..:)And cheese..and baguettes..and poulets:)

  3. The Salon d'Agriculture is such a fun event. I'm sorry that I missed it this year, but I enjoyed it vicariously through your wonderful post. Thank you!

    1. It is an annual of the best in Paris IMHO.

  4. Bonnie4:08 PM

    Is the sweet little yellow chickadee made of blown glass? He is precious. I love his orange feet.

    1. He's plastic and he has a broken foot
      Formerly A windup toy...

  5. I. Love. Your. Life. Carol.

  6. STARVING! I love the pictures on the cheese labels.

  7. Le sac plastique avec la vache est très élégant ;-))
    J'achète le sac d'amandes et les confitures corses ! Merci Carol

    1. Parisbreakfast9:28 AM

      You did!! I'm jealous ��❤️

  8. Anonymous11:12 AM

    What an experience that would be! I think I know how important real food is for you lucky ones in France. Was there any mention of NON GMO, no glyphosate, etc? I think France is pondering outlawing those terrible things or have they already done it? Hope so!

    1. Parisbreakfast9:26 AM

      I have yet to see mention of non GMO etc here Caterina.
      Though they love to say GLUTEN FREE on a melon ?!

  9. What great fun...those jams.

    Those cheeses.


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