Saturday, March 03, 2018

Brocantes, Vide Greniers, Vanves, etc.

Some of you reading David Lebovitz' book L'APART said you'd love see his renovations. You'll see plenty at David's INSTAGRAM STORIES + recipe videos. By the way you will NOT see any Stories unless you sign in. Look for a red ring around the person's avatar. Stories stay up only 24 hrs and disappear. My Stories are usually Paris weather reports or pastry...

I found out about this brocante on David's instagram (David's photo) and ran there last Sunday. More flea info on EVOUS.

No matter how cold out, Parisians will come out to hunt through a flea market.

I could have used this old fur as a blanket last week. Paris reached single digits (18 degrees but feels like 8). Ouch. Ah the joys of living in a chambre de bonne.

Ready-to-wear hats for the cold on sale.

Warm up at the crepe stand in the flea

Or cross the street to Cafe Gaston jam-packed with coffee drinkers.

Blue workman jackets were 55€. I bot mine in the Deauville marché for 40€.

Valentino was way too high for me.

Just the ticket. What's more fun than a box of dollar stuff?

Tons of beautiful silverware. I'm always looking for still life material.

Wish I'd taken a closer look at this pile of glassware

Bright art deco tableware from a more high-end dealer.

A couple of Sundays ago there was a street brocante on boulevard Saint Germain.

I jumped off the 86 bus for a look. I really prefer the more casual fleas with simple card tables like this one and no glass cases. You can easily touch and pick up stuff for a closer look.

I found a child's lustre ware tea set for 7.20€ (all that was left in my purse). Now to find the little cups ☕️

This child's 2" cafe au lait bowl (4€) was at La porte de Vanves flea, held every Saturday/Sunday. Take Bus 58 from Odeon and you're there.

The demi tasse cup and saucer I got there for a fiver. Going late around noon at closing time makes bargaining easy. I don't remember which flea had Bear's brother. Too late now. For more tips see David's post on Paris brocantes and flea markets. 
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  1. FYI This looks like a good one on this sat/sunday:
    Vide-greniers Monge le samedi 3 mars 2018
    100 exposants de 7h à 19h
    Place Monge 75005 Paris
    Métro Place Monge (Métro 7) - Bus 47


  2. I love your piou-piou ;-)))

  3. Those children's still my your aquarelle..and I have not met a matket I did not find something interesting to look at..if even only the rotisserie chickens in one:)Fun Carol!

  4. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I loved that Valentino necklace, Ms. Carol!
    Would gladly kiss that frog holding onto it...
    Delightful post comme d'habitude.
    Maria O. Russell

    1. Sharp eyes! I completely missed the adorable froggie

  5. Very nice post!!! Thanks

  6. I was at the same brocante last weekend! I am at Richard Lenoir Blvd. We looked for the brocante on Beaumarchais this weekend. No brocante to be found!

    1. Check out the EVOUS link in the post.
      One is at Place Monge
      Go Adele!

  7. Bonnie4:03 PM

    Feel like I was there.

    On third photo from beginning, LOVE the fabric on far left billowing from lady shopper. Oh, those colors.
    Love the deco dishes, silverware, glassware.

  8. You had some marvelous shopping opportunities there! Love the tea set and the sweet chick, oh, and the deco and the glassware. Just about everything else. I've fond memories of brocantes and vides greniers from my visit to Paris. Now I'd like to go back and do some more!


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