Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Drawing the chefs

JAmes Beard House Events CalendarAnother PAST POST. Please note the date. I'm reposting tales from 1994, whilst at the James Beard House that I blogged about here in 2007. Things I did over 20 years ago. I still draw and paint (visit Etsy svp) but I am no longer painting chefs jackets.  I may re-post the rest of the week if you like. Enjoy! PS How did the birds get in here?
Becs said, How did you manage to land all these sweet gigs?
When you're known in the family as the "artist" it's a natural you'll end up doing caricatures at Sweet 16 Birthday parties. Better than baby sitting.

Julia Child Great Chefs Party at March Invitation
But I didn't know I was laying the groundwork for sketching chefs at fancy dos. Here's an invitation I did for a benefit party of Julia Child with Great Chefs held at restaurant March.

I proposed to FOOD ARTS MAGAZINE that I do some sketchbook pages for them at the Lyon Food Fair - also known as the Salon des Metiers de Bouche (meaning Salon of the Careers of the Mouth!) It's an international catering, hotel and food trade exhibition held bi-annually in January.

The French take it so much further than the Fancy Food Show Real fish mongers, crepe makers, cheese vendors - The WORKS

I illustrated an invitation for D'Artagnan's big anniversary party at Grand Central station for Ariane Daguin. Sketching the party was part of the fun of photographing and attending these events.

After Paul Bocuse's M.O.F. party, George Duboeuf gave a bang-up chef soiree... More doodles.
Sketching at the James Beard AwardsOut of these party sketches I ended up doing a series of ads for Restaurant Associates showing the Tropica chef creating in the kitchen. I went in, taped his conversation and made it part of the ads seen inside New York Magazine too.  Party sketching is a FUN career

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  1. Carol it must be so heartwarming to look back..for the memories and for the sheer gorgeousness of your work:) Honestly fabulous..The birdies wanted to take part in this post:)
    Love all of these.
    Sketching at parties..:)

  2. I've been so busy and not had much time for fun emails like yours lately! You are truly so talented! What wonderful memories!

  3. I feel like I am sitting across from a friend getting to know her better ....learning her story-THANK YOU FOR SHARING and I LOVE EVERY SINGLE BIT!!

    1. 😀 yr such a doll G❤️🍒🎈🍾

  4. Barry Lewis8:45 PM

    your drawings were a page out of history. especially w death of bocuse. i was never a foodie (more of a fresser) but i know the names & sometimes silhouettes of chefs u sketched.

  5. Enjoying the Past Posts!! These are fun.... looking forward to more!:)

  6. Carolyn8:53 PM

    Really fun drawings!! More please.

  7. Lynn S9:03 PM

    Wow....love this pictorial history. Thank you.

  8. Carol...une très cher histoire...c’est un trésor.

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  11. Mahlon9:21 PM

    As an artist stuck in snowy Maine I am seething with envy. My wife and I love paris and live there vicariously through you.

  12. Judy S9:23 PM

    Love this Carol! I’ll go back and read your old posts.
    I’m celebrating you!

    1. Oupla!
      There are 2400+ posts to read! I never have to worry about posting again..
      At least 6+ years of daily repostings Hmmm...

  13. Carol, I love these posts!! Learning so much more about you.

  14. I feel like I am sitting across from a friend getting to know her better ....learning her story-THANK YOU FOR SHARING and I LOVE EVERY SINGLE BIT!!



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