Thursday, November 30, 2017

Noel Spectacular Paris windows

Someone sent me pictures of Bergdorf's gorgeous sophisticated Xmas windows.
Paris windows for Noel are much more kid-oriented.
'Spectacular Spectacular' is Galeries Lafayette's title this year. Quite a circusy theme.
Always dancing bears. These in Printemp's windows
And moving trains
Paris pigeons?
Lots of colorful birds
At Galeries Lafayette
Including giant bath duckies.
Les grand magasins lights on boulevard Haussmann
Are magical as always.
Inside Maison Lafayette luxury holiday foods to admire.
The foie gras patés are coming
A Russian-themed Matriochka buche de noel from Dalloyau
No rides on the carrousel.
But the tree spins, balloons bounce, music plays and colored lights shine on this year's extravaganza.
New perfumes come out for the holidays
Hermes is trying out a new perf for the younger set. 
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  1. It just seems SO early to have all that elaborate decorating up!!

    1. But the windows go up NOVEMBER 5!!!
      I've been holding back. No Thanksgiving in France.
      In the UK it starts in late October I think!!!
      C'est la vie🥂

  2. Gorgeous array of colors!
    Thanks for the live videos!!

  3. It looks like magic, Carol! I love all the colors, the Lafayette tree and that exterior shot of Printemps is beautiful. Must feel like fairyland inside and out!

    1. You have to go at night for tne best views. Tuesday night was not so chilly!!

  4. Lois Bender Flowers2:47 PM

    Gorgeous Carol
    Thanks for all the Paris Xmas views esp gal lafayette tree ! Brings back great time
    Last year ! Enjoy all of festive December!

  5. GwenEllyn2:50 PM

    Merci. Thanks for sharing these. How fun!

  6. Someday I'll be there in Nov or Dec to see them.

  7. Love, love your sights of Paris people, yummy food/candy, shoppes and windows. Thank you! Thank you. Noel!

  8. I'm sorry to miss an xmas in paris this year….

  9. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Sooo beautiful. What a wondrous sight you get to indulge in every day in Paris. Still so sad we didn’t get to meet up last year. I will be back!!!

    Can you advise me on something. My granddaughter has suddenly blossomed as a wonderful artist, and is going deep at the moment into calligraphy. Her mother advises me that she would like a “dip pen and some colorful inks” as a Christmas gift. I thought I would ask your advice on what pens are good. Hope I’m not imposing.

    Hugs to you. Keep charming us with all your beautiful work.

    Christine G


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